Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shopping Tip - Wait Out the Steals

Sometimes, the best things in life do come to those who's proof - look what I got tonight:

J Crew - Perry-stripe shirting skirt - Was $88 - Now $49.99 (click image for details)

This happens to me a lot. You see something in the really want to get it, but you don't "have" to have it. Do you splurge and let your shopaholicism kick into high gear? Well, it depends on your budget, your debt, and other stuff like that, but my personal shopping standard is to get stuff at full price that I love-love-love and have to have - I try to be as selective as possible with the full price stuff. If I really like an item but don't "have" to have it, then I wait it out. I figure, if I wait, and that item is still available when I go back to buy it on sale, then it's "meant to be." This policy has actually helped me a lot with not overspending b/c instead of buying something on a whim, if I'm not 100% sure that I love an item, I put it back on the rack and just wait it out. Once you see your "love" on a good deal, then it's time to pounce!

As they only had 2 of these left and I really love-love-love it, I bought this at full price:

St. Barth Bag - looks like it's sold out in the butterfly print, but click the image for details on the seersucker bag

With the shopping, at least for me, it usually depends too on what I have more of in my closet. For example, I don't have a really cute day bag (I mean my Chanel is gorge, but what if I go somewhere it might get messed up, like the beach?), so I've been on the lookout for a cute daytime bag for awhile and this fits the bill at a pretty reasonable price. On the other hand, I have a fair # of skirts, so I don't really "need" another one, but at a good price, I'm game!

NOTE: Skirt image and item from


ENID P. said...

I agree...cute, cute skirt. I would never think of buying that skirt but its very nice. I will scope it out..


Shopaholic D said...

The first time I saw it, I really liked it, but it seemed kinda boring to pay $88 - but then I saw it on another girl and it looked really cute and then it went on sale, so I was! lol

:) D

NY KAT said...

I love the shoes too!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks ny kat!

:) D

babe with the keyboard! said...

omg tht is THE most darling little purse...and it has butterflies on it :) it looks really sweet, and flirty in a way