Monday, March 12, 2007

Sping-Inspired Business Look

Spring is here, and in honor of the season and warmer weather, I decided to start my work week with a spring-inspired business look:

It's an all Banana Republic outfit - I normally don't like to do outfits completely from one store, but I simply couldn't resist. I'm a big fan of accessories, so when I saw this scarf on, I knew I had to have it...and an outfit to go with it, of course. Would I be a true shopaholic if I didn't get an entire ensemble?

Anywho, for any gals out there shopping for some great work-gear, I highly recommend these wide leg pants. They're super comfy and the cut is awesome - very work-sppropriate! Oh, and the top is a great purchase - I have it in a couple colors. It's lightweight, sooo soft, and a steal at only $38.

Oh, and if you decide to shop for any of these pieces, I recommend trying the stores first - they're almost all sold out online...eek!

Top - Banana Republic
Wide leg pants - Banana Republic
Slingback pumps - Banana Republic
Scarf - Banana Republic
(see, I wasn't kidding)


Trendini said...

I am all about the scarf, it makes an outfit. You can live with few articles of clothing if you have the right accessories...but then we would need will power...which I don't have:P

ENID P. said...

so office cute... I need to go shopping with you. I never find anything at Banana Republic.


Shopaholic D said...

exactly, Trendini!

Really? I find too much there! lol

:) D

Jessorz said...

very cute outfit. I think the scarf definitely gives it a little extra needed flair. It allows you to have fun with the outfit while still being professional.

Shopaholic D said...

Why thank you, Jessorz! exactly...even my boss gave me a compliment and he seems kinda picky

:) D