Saturday, March 24, 2007

Luxurious Day Clutch

How's this for a day clutch?

Why have the
$200 Cole Haan day clutch when you can have the $1000 Nancy Gonzalez crocodile day clutch? Ok, so maybe if you're super rich or just got a big bonus check you're taking me seriously now, but either way, is this not a smokin' haute day clutch? I'd love to see this clutch rocked with a gorge white dress or maybe a Spring 2007-inspired bright colored outfit.

If you can afford the $1000, the $200, or a $10 clutch, the way I see it, you should spend your money how you want and buy what you long as it doesn't put you into debt, of course ;)

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Jen - Shop Happy said...

Who knew sea foam green could make a comeback? I actualy looooove this color! Personally, I think $1000 is too much for a clutch (especially if it can't be used on a regular basis). ...but it really is something special.

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Jen,

Sea foam and all turquoise-shades are my fave color! I love them, so if they make a comeback, then I'm happy. $1000 is a lot for a clutch. I thought the $200 was pretty expensive too, though...hehe.

:) D