Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BR Does Business Chic

Anyone remember this outfit from a post about Banana Republic for work awhile back?

I suppose most of you already knew I'd buy the top from this outfit, but I paired it with a white Banana Republic skirt from last season and neutral linen peep-toe pumps (also BR last season) to re-create the Banana Republic outfit I was drooling over all pre-spring:

Hmm...the outfit looks better on the model...but oh well, I just love how feminine and spring-y this outfit is! At least I was comfy all day! Wearing this skirt is like wearing PJ's to work...and who doesn't want that?


dexiejane said...

I love the whole ensemble. I love the orange polka dot top. NICE.


Debbie said...

Very cute, great idea with the last season's skirt no one would ever know.

And no, I think you look better than the model.

Trendini said...

The top looks so springy, I love it! Some dark denim jeans (not skinny) would look really nice with that top as well :)

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Dexiejane!

Thanks Debbie...awww....you're too sweet!

I agree, Trendini! I have some cropped dark wash denim jeans that would look fab! I just have to drop a couple pounds to fit back into them!

:) D

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