Monday, July 21, 2008

Must Shop: American Apparel Black Mini Skirt

As I mentioned in my previous post, has a plethora of fashion inspiration, and besides those gladiator sandals, I've also noticed the black, strechy mini popping up quite a bit. After searching for one for a few weeks at places like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, I finally found a great black mini at American Apparel:

RSA7303 - Interlock Mini Skirt - $25

It's super comfy and super stretchy and while I'm hesitant to wear it without some sort of leggings under it (they don't call it "mini" for nothing!), I think this piece will transition nicely into fall. Should you dare, you could style it with bare legs for the warmer weather (be sure to put something with some coverage on top - preferably looser-fitting to balance your look), and then pair this mini skirt with leggings for the cooler weather.

Besides those on Style Diary who have styled this skirt quite nicely, I've also seen some pretty chic looks on Miss Ashley Olsen here and here. Oh, and if you check out the link to, click on the link for "Press" - there's a photo of Cameron Diaz rocking the skirt out with some big boots (I think the AO look is more up my alley, personally, though).

The look is a tad risque, but so chic if executed properly. What do you think? Would you wear a black mini?

PS Don't those shoes in that last photo of Ashley Olsen remind you of these Michael Kors Patent Sandals I blogged about awhile back?

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Amethyst said...

Unfortunately, my mini skirt days are gone, however I think I could sport this look with leggings and tall flat boots underneath it....maybe...

ZoesMom said...

I like the look, but it is a little too mini for me. I think I'm too old for a skirt that short! But maybe something similar, but longer would work.

Shopaholic D said...

Yea, I'm thinking the mini with leggings and boots is much more workable for me, too, amethyst. this skirt is really "mini"!

Zoesmom - they have another skirt like this, but longer, too!

:) D

kokostiletto said...


while I love American Apparel stuff - it's always so much shorter and tighter than other brands !

Yes I would wear a mini out - with sandals in the day to make it cas - and with heels at night - but i wouldn't wear a tube top or revealing shirt - just to make it less...... dressy??

Dawn said...

If you flip through the pictures of that same mini skirt, on that same model in different colors and angles - she doesn't look great in them all... and she has a great body and long legs - so what is the average woman going to look like in that dress. If I was going to go for a mini, I would not go for a stretch one, and I would try to find one that was a little longer...