Sunday, July 20, 2008

Must Shop: Bakers Gladiator Sandals

Since signing up for my Style Diary account, I've been scoping out lots of super cute and super haute outfits. It's funny how sometimes you'll notice the same things popping up on different peoples' diaries. One thing I've seen all over are these Gladiator Sandals by Bakers:

Bakers Dorian - $49.95

I've seen so many cute outfits done up with these sandals that I'd really like to get a pair, but I will have to wait for August at the soonest to snag my pair. My July budget is fini!

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WendyB said...

My YEAR budget is fini!

Shopaholic D said...

lol, you are too funny, Wendy!

:) D

kokostiletto said...

okay - I think you finally sold me on these gladiator sandals. ever since the spoilers from sex and the city from the beginning of the year have come out... i was not a big fan. but i def want a pair now!

Fashion Prince said...

I dont know if that was really cute one, i find it average IMO. But for its price, its definitely a snatch.

Honeymoon said...

I luv these sandals !

Thank u for the link and the comment !

See u !

Shopaholic D said...

I know, Koko! I liked Carrie's heeled gladiators - Bakers has a similar pair - very cute and much less expensive.

Looking at just the shoes, I wouldn't love em either, but you should see the outfits I've seen! They are the reason I even paid these shoes any

You're welcome, Honeymoon!

:) D

Amethyst said...

I bought a pair of gladiator sandals from Nine West and I've been wearing them every weekend so I think they're definitely worth the investment. I scored a pair on Ebay since Nine West was sold out. Check out their version called "Jobilyn" - I think Zappos carries them since Nine West is sold out.

shopdiary said...

i got this in brown a few months ago!

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Amethyst! Thanks for the tip! I just found out that there's a Baker's in driving distance so I think I'm going to check these babies out in person, but I'll be sure to look for the nine wests, too!

ShopDiary - how do you like them?

:) D

Modelizer said...

I have the original version from Enzo, they are so comfortable and totally versatile. A very worthy investment and are perfect for almost any outfit this summer.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks for the tip, Modelizer - if I find those while I'm out, I will def check them out, too!

:) D

Pinky said...

I’m a huge fan these shoes