Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suri Cruise is Getting Big!

I can't believe how big Suri Cruise is getting...and how well-dressed she is all the time! I bet her closet's bigger than mine and I've been collecting clothes waaaaaay longer than she has!

Katie looks fab, as always, but isn't it cute how both Suri and Katie have matching shoes? Aww...

Photo/Info from SplashNews:
Caption: Katie Holmes celebrates her 30th Birthday with Suri Cruise by visiting a private school in the Upper East Side. Holmes also visited 37 ARTS on 37th Street.
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Credit: Doug Meszler / Splash News

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Banana Republic Chevron Striped Sweater

One of my favorite buys from last weekend's shopping spree is a simple black & white, chevron-striped cardigan from Banana Republic. I wore my new sweater to work last week, then switched out my black skirt for skinny jeans to go shopping w/ hubby.


I also got this large, floppy hat from BR during my spree. At $16 after sale price and reward points, I couldn't just leave it there!


I don't think I'll actually wear this hat with either of these outfits, but I had fun playing around with the hat for the photos. I also am not loving those boots paired with that sweater. I just wore them b/c it was raining outside. When I tried the sweater on at BR, I was wearing my BR jeans and simple black pumps and I like that look muuuuuch better.

Either way, I am loving this stripey sweater! This was a good buy at $40.99 - I'm sure to get tons of use out of it whether for work or play!

Have you found any good buys in the Christmas sales?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Out to Dinner Outfit

A good friend of mine, M, was getting people together to have dinner last night at Maggiano's (yum!) to celebrate her b-day. I wasn't sure what everyone was wearing, so I figured it'd be better to be overdressed rather than underdressed, so I started selecting an outfit with a dress in mind. My dinner outfit came down to a choice between two black dresses - one a little reminiscent of one of those Roland Mourets and one with a turtleneck and short-ish skirt. The weather was cool, but not too cold, and I always get cold inside restaurants that seem to have their AC jacked up a notch too much, so I went with the turtleneck dress by Juicy Couture. I couldn't really get a good photograph of the dress, so you'll have to excuse the one I've uploaded to this post.  The shape of the dress is a bit odd to photograph with bell sleeves, a loose body, and fitted hem that hugs the legs. I paired the dress with my pink pumps to add some personality to the look. All gussied up, hubby and I headed to the restaurant.

The restaurant was attached to the mall so I spent the previous night and the hour before dinner choosing, finalizing my selection, and actually making returns on those items I mentioned yesterday. My method? Last night, I gathered everything together and sorted the group one item at a time. I selected one item to keep and then one item to return and repeated till I had sorted the entire batch. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting rid of so much! "Old me" would have rationalized every single purchase and paid the punishment later with too many bills and not enough money. I have all my "keeps" laid out on my couch right now and when I look at everything, I realize in my head that I still bought too much, but I just can't bear to part with the rest. It was hard enough giving up half!

Hubby did reward me for my efforts, though. When we went to Gap to return stuff, the girl at the counter told me that one shirt in particular (a red/black ruffled button down - can't find the photo online) that I was returning was sold out at their store and likely unavailable at the others, which I interpreted as, "Quick! Grab this fabulous shirt and run. Run! Now! While you still can!  Before I buy it when you leave...bwa ha ha!" However, I fought my instinct to take off in my pink pumps, red plaid shirt in hand, and still returned it. Hubby actually found a men's shirt at Gap to buy, so he checked out while I went across the hall to Banana to make a quick return. When we met back up, he showed me the red plaid shirt, which he bought back for me. Awww...what a sweetie!?

Dress: Juicy Couture
Pink Mary Jane Pumps: J Crew

Monday, December 08, 2008

Shopaholic Regresses

So, I've been super good about not shopping least, that was until I ventured out to the mall to get some stuff for hubby this past weekend. While I was out, I figured I'd take a quick peek at some stuff in my fave stores and would ya know it...a quick peek turned into a weekend-long shopping spree. Tonight, I'm having to go through my goods to decide what I absolutely can't live without and what can be returned. The problem is, that I don't actually want to return any of it. Out of everything I got, I only got two trendy items and the rest I feel are classic items I can wear to work or play.

So, fellow shopaholics, I have two questions for you...

#1 - How do you make yourself return something that you don't actually want to return? You only feel obligated to return it because you spent too much?

#2 - How do you keep make-up off of cream colored coats and collared-shirts, like this:

J Crew Class Peacoat with thinsulate - $149.99 (from $250)

I got this coat yesterday at J Crew, plus I got an extra 20% in the store! Woohoo! Only problem is...I noticed that the collars graze my jaw and cheeks every now and again and I'm wondering how on earth my make-up (Bare Escentuals) will stay off!

Any ideas?

:) D

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Banana Republic's Amazing Upcoming Sale

You guys know how infatuated I am with Banana Republic, so it brings me great pleasure to announce that BR will be having the most amazing, upcoming sale!

“Life of the party luxuries. No splurging required.

$25 off your purchase of $100 or more

In-store only

December 5-17”

Click here for holiday offer

As usual, there are a million things I'd love to have and now have more incentive to actually buy:

Cashmere argyle sweater - $160

'Olive' cutout oxford pump - $89.99 (from $150)

Cowlneck knit dress - $110

Long tie-front cardigan - $64.99 (from $98)

I've been really good about not buying any clothes lately, so perhaps I'm due a little splurge? *wink*

Anyone else out there as excited about this sale as me?

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Steal of the Day: DVF Heerlen Wrap Dress

I wanted to quickly share this Diane von Furstenberg Heerlen Wrap Dress on sale from today's Shop it to Me email:

Diane von Furstenberg Heerlen Wrap Dress (from - $172.50 (from $345)

I love the colors and the cut is so ladylike!

NOTE: Image from

Britney Spears Does Womanizer on ABC

Britney Spears has been doing a flurry of performances of her new hit "Womanizer" recently. Britney performed on ABC's Good Morning America earlier today with a performance themed for her upcoming CD - Circus.

I have to say, I'm proud of her for straightening up. I like to be a positive person and always wish the best for everyone, so, Britney, you go girl!

What do you guys think of her comeback?

Photo/Info from SplashNews:
Caption: Britney Spears Performs on ABC'S Good Morning America.
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Credit: CB / Splash News

Shop it to Me = Great Deals

So, I bit the bullet and signed up for Shop it to Me today. I've been trying to avoid signing up, not because I don't like the site, but because I'm afraid I will end up buying more clothes than I should due to having so many amazing deals delivered directly to my inbox.

You may have noticed I'm a Shop it to Me Trendsetter by the image in my sidebar. Yup...I am...and I've been so good about not signing up for the service, but today, I caved. I think I've been showing an abnormal amount of self-control in my shopping lately, so I think I can finally handle the Shop it to Me emails. Can I tell you I didn't buy a single article of clothing last month? Not one! I can't remember the last time I didn't buy any clothes in one month.

Anywho, part of the reason I signed up for Shop it to Me today was because of my friend, K. K sent me an invite a week or so ago, which I promptly ignored (still fearing the amazing deals and what not). Today, I called K to catch up and she tells me about how they have Joe jeans on sale for $89. $89!!! I asked her to forward me the email. In the email were not only the Joe jeans, but a whole slew of fabulous sales of super cute stuff. After browsing the email a bit more, I promptly accepted K's invitation and signed up for my very own Shop it to Me Sale Alert. I've already received my first official Sale Alert email with my customized sizes and brands and you'll be happy to know I haven't purchased anything...yet. I'm due to buy something soon, but not today.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Katie Holmes is Classy Chic in Black & White

I think I am getting more monotone in my outfit selections as I get older. I used to like to wear super-fun, uber-colorful clothes, but lean towards classic silhouettes in basic colors, nowadays. I can't help but love this classy-chic look Katie Holmes sported recently:

I wish I could get a better look at the dress because it looks to have some detailing near the top. Either way, I like how Katie plays up the simple black & white ensemble with some patterned pumps. I also love the double-skinny-strap belt she has cinching in the cardi. Very chic, Katie!

Photo/Info from SplashNews:
Caption: Katie Holmes leaves her New York home for the theater dressed in a stylish black and white outfit. Katie unexpectedly had a Marilyn Monroe moment when an upwind lifted her skirt revealing a black slip underneath.
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Credit: New York Life / Splash News