Monday, October 30, 2006

Last Call for Contest Entries - Win Indie Goodies!

So far, I only have one entry for this month's contest:

This is your last call to win fun indie goods, and all you really have to do is send in a picture of your latest shopping spree...anyone else care to try your luck? Win this breast cancer awareness themed gift set

Contest winner will be decided tomorrow night...get your picture to me before then to enter. Click here for details

Monday Poll - Best Outfit for a Western Bar

A shopaholic reader wrote in a bit ago, asking what she should wear to a western bar where she was meeting some friends. She said she didn't want to buy a cowboy hat and/or boots, especially if she was only going there that one night, so I was thinking jeans and a cotton top would be a safe bet, since people tend to dress relatively casual at most western bars, but what do you guys think? Would you go all out and get the whole western look? Would you play it safe like I would? Would you dress up your outfit a bit with a fancy-schmancy top and heels? Or, are you the kind of girl who dresses up everywhere she goes? Make your choice, and feel free to leave a comment with more feedback!

Best Outfit for a Western-Themed Bar
When in Rome - Cowboy boots, cowboy hat, jeans, and a plaid top
Play it Safe - Round-toe boots, cotton tank top, jeans
Dress it Up a Bit - Heels, dressy top, jeans
Uptown Girl - Heels, fab dress
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Starting to Dress for Cooler Weather

It's starting to cool down in the Carolinas...I remember one reader commenting months back that winter had arrived in New Zealand...we're not that far along, but the wind is getting colder, and it's time to break out the sweaters, scarves, and other such layers:

Cool weather outfit

Up-close of the plaid pants

I got these fab plaid pants at Loehmann's - they're by jaidan. I've never heard of the brand, but they were apparently about $300 full price, but I paid more like $60. They were paired with a sweet cowlneck, red sweater in the store, but they didn't have my size in the top. I had to have the pants though...the plaid is just so versatile, and like how you can add punches of red to the outfit and still match the pants. The red, cashmere scarf is also from Loehmann's, though I don't remember the name of the brand on that piece. The shoes are by Kenneth Cole, and the sweater is by Banana Republic. A warm, comfy, and office-worthy outfit...everybody

Friday, October 27, 2006

Great Breasts Are Worth Fighting For

Last year, I snapped a shot of two girls who had the best T-shirts, which read, "Great Breasts Are Worth Fighting For." I've had a few people write in asking where these shirts are available. So, I googled it, and found someone at a university who mentioned the shirts in some fundraising tips for an on campus event they were having to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. I emailed the contact listed, and sadly, I never heard back. So, the bad news is that I still don't know where you can get these shirts. I'd make a graphic up on Photoshop, have them printed, sell them, and donate proceeds to Susan G Komen or something, but I'm not sure if the phrase is copyrighted.

Does anyone out there know where to get these shirts?

Fashion Friend, Couture in the City on Plus-Size Fashion

Fashion friend, Couture in the City's jen, writes:

Double-Digit Divas: Plus-Size Fashion Around The Web

Hi Ladies!

What Couture In The City needs is some posts about Plus-Size fashion!

A friend of mine works retail at a Mall (she hates it) and when we get together she tells me all of her nightmares and struggles as a sales-girl. She told me (get ready for this) that any size in the double-digits, (size 10 and up) is considered "Plus-Size."

WHAT? I had never heard that before; I was under the assumption that plus-size started at 14W and up... What are your thoughts?

Click here to read more and share your thoughts

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jewelry Sale for Breast Cancer

This past weekend, I had a jewelry to help raise money for my friend who was doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It was a fab little event, complete with snacks, wine, spoon fudge samples (yummy!), raffle, goodie bags for the first 20 people to show and lots of fundraising! Here are some pics from the event:

Goodie bags full of indie goods!

Goodie bags waiting to go home

Delicious spoon fudge by Charssi - try the White Chocolate Rose!

Yummy snacks donated by Kabob Grill and Catalunya Cafe. Thanks guys!

Happy Party Goers

Handmade Carolina Panther's bracelets - let me know if you'd like one...they're not on the site yet!

Alexis won a gift certificate to Zen Asian Fusion from the raffle!

Tiff won a fab scarf by Shattered Glass

Another fab scarf by Shattered Glass

Melissa won some "Megan in Pink" earrings by moi

Gorgeous handmade necklace by Isabel's Rose

Who was the big winner of the party?

All in all, the party was not only a fun time, but a success! Thanks so much to all my sponsors and my super generous indie designer friends who helped me fill my goodie bags and donated gifts for the raffle:

Kristine's Shower - Handmade bath goods - bath bombs
Isabel's Rose - Handmade Jewelry
Shattered Glass - Handmade Clothing & Accessories
Charssi - try the White Chocolate Rose! - Delicious Spoon Fudge
Plays With Mud - Pottery and other fab handmade goods
2 Fresh Petunias - Yummy handmade fabric goods
Sweet As You Please - Handpoured soy candles
The Glam Boutique - Handmade Stationery - Personalized
Mi SPA - Handmade Natural Soaps
Jenny Lou - Handmade Jewelry
A Planet 4 Creation - Handmade Jewelry
Teacups and Tadpoles - Clothing for Children

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Poll - Must Stop Shop in London

Attention readers in London (or those who have visited London), shopaholic girlie Hippa has asked where to go shopping in London. Since I've never even been, I'll leave it up to you guys...the experts! So, where do you guys shop in London? Where's your must stop shop, and if you don't see it on the list, just select "Other" and leave the name in a comment.

Which Store Is Your Must-Stop-Shop in London?
Top Shop
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Friday, October 20, 2006

Manolo Me Likey

Sometimes I like to browse the expensive shoes...not b/c I'm checking to see what I want to buy next (I don't even have one pair of designer shoes...yet), but to see what I would buy if I had the money. I'm still on project debt free, and once my debt is paid off, there will be a shopping spree...I'm thinking of either getting a Chanel purse or a couple pairs of designer shoes...until then, it's window shopping for me. Here's my latest drool fest:

Velvet Cutout d'Orsay by Manolo Blahnik - $585 at Neiman Marcus

I know I'd get good use out of these babies. Such classic lines...I wonder how the velvet would hold up over the years. Anyone out there have vintage velvet shoes?

NOTE: Image from

Calling for entries! Send Me Your Shopping Spree Pics!

I'm still calling for entries for this fab gift set below by A Planet 4 Creation:

Just send me a picture of your latest shopping spree to enter. It's as simple as that!

Click here for full details

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Coach Shoe Trends for Fall 2006

Is it just me or does Coach have some of the best shoes for fall 2006? I don't actually own any Coach shoes...yet...but maybe it's time to add a pair or two to my collection? Here are my top 3 picks:

Vivanna Pumps - $198 - these are perfect work shoes, the heel is not too tall and the round toe will certainly make for a better day on your feet. I love the warm brown color, but I'm sure the black would be nice too. It appears this is almost sold out, but maybe try calling to see if they can locate a pair for you.

Keira Slingbacks - $228 - The steel color makes a great statement this fall 2006 - try a new color, metallics are still in either way. Not to mention the platforms are hot.

Randie Boots - $598 - There's definitely something to the person who can walk into any store and pick out the most expensive thing w/o even looking at price tags. That's me, and, unfortunately, I don't have an infinite source of funds to purchase all these wonderfully expensive items. This, of course, means that this pair of boots is the one I want the most out of all three featured. I love the straps and buckles on this pair, and I think they'd look fab with jeans tucked into the tops!

le sigh.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fashion Friend - Couture in the City on Boots

Fashion friend, Couture in the City, writes:

Fashion Designer Tip of the Day, Warm Winter Boots, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

Comfy as they may be, UGGS have been out for quite awhile now. I'm sure sometime in the near future they'll experience a resurgence but for now, they are minus zero on the trends scale. Not to worry though as there are plenty of other more stylish substitues out there.

Click here to read more at Couture in the City and see more warm boot pictures

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I saw a couple clips of the young, trendsetting celeb crowd on TV a couple days ago, so I thought I'd hunt down some pictures. Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan were especially looking great, but I just have a picture of Lindsay to share today. I picked her outfit b/c Paris's was pretty but kinda boring. Nicole's was super cool but kind of a weird combination - it worked, but I could never pull it off. So, here's Lindsay Lohan looking fab as always:

I love the whole outfit she's wearing - the tights, the (looks like) ankle booties, and especially the dress - it's gorgeous!

Um, Lindsay, since I've never seen you wear anything twice, can I have this dress now that you're done with it, pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee? :)

NOTE: Image from Getty Images

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Poll - Should You Have to Squeeze Into Your Skinny Jeans?

Chip & Pepper Skinny Jeans available at Neiman Marcus (see below for link)

A question I've heard a lot lately is, "Should you have to squeeze into your skinny jeans?" My take on it, is that they don't necessarily have to be skin-tight. Most skinny jeans are made with strech fabric, so of course, you don't want them loose-fitting, but they don't have to be the kind of jeans you have to lay back on the bed and suck in breath to get into. I've worn some pretty tight skinny jeans, as well as some that were a tad loose - almost one size too big, and both looked pretty good. So, for Monday's poll, leave a vote - leave a comment if you feel like it! Let's see what you have to say!

Should You Have to Squeeze Into Your Skinny Jeans?
Of Course!
Maybe just a little bit...
Heck No!
I Don't Wear Skinny Jeans
Free polls from

NOTE: Image from (click to see jeans details)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jessica Simpson - Almost Cute Outfit

For anyone who's read my blog for awhile now, you may have noticed that I don't really like to talk bad or "talk smack" about any of the people/outfits/styles/etc on my blog. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with some constructive criticism. I found this picture on last week in a section where they were making fun of her outfit. It was almost cute...almost.

For me, the top is a little too tight and the bottom is a little too long (and large), and the boots are a tad too clunky. I'd rather see a slightly larger, cotton knit turtleneck for the top. The pants would look better a bit shorter - just under the knee, and I think they'd look super cute with cuffs. I think the boots are pretty good throughout the calf area and the heel height doesn't bother me, but I think a more narrow heel would look much better.

What are you thoughts? Feel free to post a comment on how you'd improve this outfit.

NOTE: Picture from -

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Quiz - What's Your Red Carpet Style

I'm not sure why the quizzes keep displaying funny, but here's my result:

Classic Siren

Your style is so glamorous and seductive that you could step into any era and rule the red-carpet runway. Whether you’re harking back to Hollywood’s golden age or slinking onto the scene in modern glam-slam style, you always turn heads. Ever ready for your close-up, you can quiet a crowded room with your entrances. Not to mention those sumptuous fabrics and cuts make you feel so darned sexy.

Take the quiz and post your style in the comments! Click here to take the quiz!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Dress - Cocktail Style

Here's another dress I got at Loehmann's. It wasn't nearly the deal that the last dress was, but I fell in love with the vibrant, jade green of the dress and the flower-sequin embellishments. It was love at first site - I think I almost knew I'd buy it when I saw it hanging there on the rack in the "Back Room" of Loehmann's. I just had to take care of the technicalities, like making sure it fit ok. You know, the stuff that sometimes breaks your lil' shopaholic heart!

I think I could lose a couple pounds before wearing this bad boy, but I'm still so glad I got it!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Introducing - Designing Sass

When I first started blogging, I did it to talk about my jewelry designs, but when no one really read it, I converted it to a blog to talk about another one of my loves - fashion/shopping, now known to you guys as "Shopaholics Anonymous." I've been missing my jewelry blog though, so I decided to start a new jewelry blog. Thus, "Designing Sass" was born:

Click here to visit Designing Sass

Monday, October 09, 2006

Steal of a Deal - Fabulous Dress

I have a new love in my life, and it's called Loehmann's. This fab store isn't available in all fact, it's not available in most. But, if you're lucky enough to have one in town, you probably already know about it. I am one of those unfortunate souls who doesn't have a Loehmann's in town, however, I visit lots of friends who do, and I take full advantage of this bargain-shoppers' paradise every chance I have.

Here's my best deal from my most recent trip. It's a lovely, flowy dress by Laundry by Fred Segal. The dress retails at $300, and though this particular one was a couple sizes too big for me, I figured it'd be worth it to take a chance with it for the price I paid. Guess how much this was:

Drumroll please...............................this dress cost me only $28. I's crazy! It's crazy good!

D Celestine Designs Available at

Attention jewelry lovers!! D Celestine Limited artisan jewelry designs are now available at I've selected some of my most hip designs to be featured at the awesome indie shopping site Click here to see my designs on

From the web site: proudly offers Independent designer fashions, designer jewelry, designer apparel, designer accessories, stylish pet accoutrements & fabulous home d├ęcor.

I want all of our valued customers to think of as their personal online, Indie shopping resource. I started in 2005 out of frustration; I couldn’t find haute accessories & designer fashions that weren’t “mainstream,” and “trendy.” has been featured in several mainstream magazines, including US Weekly, most recently. Don't stop with the jewelry, features indie goods in almost any size, shape, and category imaginable!

Click here to visit

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Win This Prize Set by A Planet 4 Creation

Winning this fabulous indie designer Breast Cancer Awareness-themed set is super easy! Just take a picture of your latest shopping spree and email me the photo - limit 3 entries per person (see full rules below). The lucky winner will receive this set by A Planet 4 Creation:

Pink Pinwheel card, BCA Little Charmer Clip and Cyndi's Angel Earrings

Click here to see last month's entries to get an idea of what to enter

Here are the rules:
Theme: Shopping Trips! Perfect for us shopaholics, right? I want to see your latest shopping splurges!
Who: Anyone! This contest is open to anyone, so get your digital cams out and take some pictures of your shopping splurges!
1. Prize will be super cool Breast Cancer Awareness themed set pictured above thanks to the wonderful indie designer
A Planet 4 Creation.
2. To enter, simply email me at diana at dcelestine dot com with a picture of your latest shopping trip - what you got - whether you got only one item or lots - I'm not picky about quantity. Send as many photos as you'd like.
3. Each photo received will count as one entry and each person gets 3 entries total.
4. Photo must be your original work, please don't send me copyrighted material.
5. Photos will be numbered as they are received, and a random number will be selected as the winning entry.
6. Photo must be received before the winner is selected (sometime the last week of September, so get your entries in quick!
7. If you don't want any of your information displayed (i.e. name, city/state, etc.) please tell me so in your email. Likewise, if you do wish for any of your information to be displayed, please provide any information you'd like me to show with your entry. If you have a blog (with appropriate content, i.e. no adult and no spam), let me know your URL and I'll add a link back to your blog.
8. I need to check on their "international shipping policy" - but no worries non-US can always donate your gift to a US friend or family member.

NOTE: Image from
A Planet 4 Creation

Friday, October 06, 2006

Check Out Shopaholic D on SheFinds!

That's right - I'm now an official writer for! Many of you regular fashion blog readers probably already know about It's an awesome site that has the punchline "We shop the web so you don't have to." The writers research various fashion/beauty/etc finds online and bring them to the readers' attention. Posts include news on popular stores, sale notifications, contest notifications, and a slew of other useful tips. If you haven't seen the site before, I definitely suggest you check it out now and add it to your list of regular reads. Oh, and if you do check it out, be sure to look for my posts - they're under the name "SheFindsDiana." I already have 3 posts out!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Warm Fall Night Outfit

We went out to dinner with a "couple-friend" a few days ago, and while it's technically fall now, the weather that night was pleasantly warm. I decided to do a sorta dressy/sorta casual outfit, but what I definitely wanted to wear that night was the Michael Michael Kors blue sandals I bought while on vacation in Miami.

One great thing about these shoes is that they were already comfortable when I bought them - maybe it's just the wide straps...I'm not sure, but comfy heels are hard to find! I especially love the blue color of these heels - they're not quite "cobalt" but I think they'll fit in well with the spring 2007 color scheme!

Heels - Michael Michael Kors
Top & Skirt - Banana Republic

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jessica's Cute Blazer - Shop the Style

I love the green blazer that Jessica Simpson wore on TRL with Dane Cook. I'm also a big fan of the boots-over-skinny-jeans look, but I don't quite like these boots as much as others I've seen lately. Still, it was a cute, casual look, and I adore the green color of the blazer.

Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook on MTV's TRL - Image from Getty Images Editorial

To shop this style, check out Nordstrom, where I found the super cute blazer below - it doesn't quite have the same ruffles, but it makes up for it with the bows - this just may be cuter! It also share the same green tone, is cropped, and looks great with jeans!

Image and blazer from (click for details)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Style Bakery's Designer on the Rise

Guess what? D Celestine, my jewelry company, is one of Style Bakery's fall 2006/winter 2007 designers on the rise for jewelry!

From Style Bakery's site:

Welcome to's sixth installment of Designers on the Rise, the ultimate directory of our favorite rising stars. We've spent months compiling the hottest emerging designers and the hippest independent boutiques to bring you the best of the best for the Fall/Winter season.

Click here to see the other fabulous designers on the rise

Fashion Friend - Couture in the City on Sunglasses

Fashion friend, Couture in the City, writes:

Fashion Designer Tip of the Day, White Sunglasses, Couture in the City Fashion Blog by Jen

Mary-kate Olsen has recently been seen sashaying around town with these cool plastic white frames. Guess that means everyone and their mother will be seen in white sunglasses too

Read more and see some white sunglasses options at Couture in the City (click here)

Guess I'm just on top of things

Monday, October 02, 2006

October Featured Designer - A Planet 4 Creation

October is breast cancer awareness month, and who better to be this month's featured designer than A Planet 4 Creation, who is donating 20% of sales during the month of October to Komen Southern Arizona.

A Planet 4 Creation features handmade paper goods, as well as jewelry. From their site:

The A Planet 4 Creation mission is simple. To create chic, simple jewelry from high quality materials. From the unique 'little charmers' which clip onto handbags, zippers and cell phones to birthstone earrings and eastern-inspired pendants, each creation is handcrafted by Wells from carefully sourced materials. As a trainee silversmith, Lilie uses sterling silver findings in all her pieces, and charms are strung together with hand painted beads, Swarovski crystals and other beautiful materials to ensure a high-end, luxurious feel you won't find in stores.

I love A Planet 4 Creation's Cards-To-Go-Organizer available:

A fabric carrier for your cards and other stationery necessities - keep one of these to get your multi-tasking on!
(Click image for details)

I also love their Breast Cancer Awareness necklace:

Show your support with this super cute necklace!
(Click image for details)

Stay tuned for more info on how to win great swag from this awesome indie designer!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Festival Style - Casually Cool

My SO and I went to the Charlotte Shout last night - a festival with cooking classes outdoors, wine tents, baked goods, and representatives of several local restaurants selling tapas-sized samples of select menu items. With the weather turning cooler and fall clothes coming out of the closet, there was a huge variety of style at the event. I love the outfit below. It's a slightly dressy, slightly casual outfit - perfectly layered with a nice color palette:

For this outfit, I'd go with something that wouldn't clash much with the pattern in the top, and something to pull the greens from the top. I'd go with the "Miss Mossy" necklace, which features a vintage gold-plate pendant, hand-wire-wrapped with a moss green freshwater coin pearl, for only $45. Click image to left or here for details.

Introducing - The Chic Life

Sometimes, there are things I want to post about that have nothing to do with style, fashion, or shopping. There are lots of things that I find interesting or pretty or whatever, so, I've started a new blog called "The Chic Life" where I can post about anything and everything. Don't worry, Shopaholics Anonymous is still my passion, but I plan on posting on The Chic Life whenever something interesting comes up. The Chic Life is going to be quite the eclectic blog, without any main theme, but I'm planning on just having fun with it. Click here to see The Chic Life.