Thursday, June 29, 2006

Digital Camera Suggestions...Anyone?

Hey guys!

Sorry about the lack of "street style shots" with my jewelry recommendations. My digital camera has been on the fritz and I haven't been able to take any photos for the last couple weeks. I probably just need to buy some rechargeable batteries, but my preference is to buy a new camera. The one I have currently is a couple years old and though it works pretty well, it's fairly large and doesn't fit into all my purses (and is a bit heavy).

Anyone have any recommendations on cameras that are lightweight, compact, and takes pretty good shots? I'm not going to use this camera for anything too fancy, so just something mid-level should work. I'm looking to spend $250 or less.

Any ideas?

Green Goddess Dress

Sorry for the lack of post last night, but my SO was flying home all the way from San Fran (I'm on the east coast) back from a conference, so I thought I'd dress up to pick him up from the airport. I thought it'd be cute to look good for him, so this is what I wore last night:

Dress by Banana Republic

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just Cuz I'm Curious

In case you were wondering, I do already have a designer lined up to be my featured designer of the month (refresh yourself w/ previous post "Want Free Indie Designer Goods?")! However, I'm curious to know if anyone's been trying to guess what type of indie goods I'll be I made a poll:

What Kind of Indie Goods Do You Think Will Be Featured Next Month?
Handmade Jewelry
Handmade Stationery
Handmade Purses
Handmade Clothes
Free polls from

Sweet Summer Skirt

I'm so sad this isn't my size, because I would have totally purchased this already! However, if this is your size, you should get it...but hurry! BlueFly sells out quick!

*Diane Von Furstenberg skirt - image from

Monday, June 26, 2006

Want Free Indie Designer Goods?

Just in case you hadn't noticed, I'm an indie designer. Not only am I an indie designer, but I'm an indie designer supporter. I've been trying to brainstorm something fun for you guys lately, and I figured that I may as well kill two birds with one stone. So, with no further adieu, I'll let you in on my latest idea.

Each month, I will feature one indie designer who will donate some of their goods, which will be given away in a monthly contest to one of you fine shopaholic readers! No worries, this is not spam, a scam, or anything crazy like that. I just want to give my indie designer buds some exposure and get you guys some free stuff, too! The contests will be fun and shopping related. I'm just going to play it by ear and do whatever contest idea comes to me. I want this to be casual and fun for you guys. Oh, and if you don't win the monthly featured designer's goods, you can always find an excuse to treat yourself by using the special discount code they offer specially for my blog readers!

...bringing the freshest indie designers your way!

The first indie designer will be featured next month! Be sure to check out my blog at the beginning of next month to see the featured designer and hear the details for the contest!

Black is Back - You Know You Miss It - Fall 2006 Style

I know what you're thinking..."Why the heck is this girl posting about fall when it's so hot outside?!?" Well, I got curious this weekend and wanted to see what was on our way for fall fashion, so I scoped out I guess after a looooooooooong season of white, designers have decided to bring the black look back! I love the white trend...I'm all about it, really. But, I truly love the whole black look - so sleek and mod! I miss it...and shopaholic know you miss it, too! Here are some of my fave fall looks:

Michael Kors

Looks like the whole belt trend is going to carry over to fall...yay! I'm not over my belts just yet. And are those knee-highs? Sadly enough, I was in the Clueless era and actually kinda like knee-highs. Check out the black hose on the 2nd chick! I remember my mom tried to get me to wear these when I was a kid, and I absolutely hated them...but now, they look pretty good. Ooh, and the vest look I love, too!

Zac Posen

I want some boots like fact, I'd like to have the dress, too! And, am I the only one who thinks this all black suit is super chic? I'd definitely rock this look!

Bottega Veneta

Ok, ok, so these outfits aren't black. But the point is that in addition to black, designers are working with toned down and more mute colors, and I really love this charcoal-y color! The coat above is fabulous - anyone care to buy it for me? You know, Christmas in July present maybe?

* NOTE: Pictures from

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada Style

Doesn't Anne Hathaway look stunning in her Marchesa dress?

I've never really seen Anne wear anything that truly caught my eye before, but I just love this look!

Has anyone seen this movie yet and if you did, was it good?

*Picture from

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Be the First to Know! Subscribe Today ;)

Hello Darlings!

Like what you see here on Shopaholics Anonymous? Be the first to know when my blog is updated by subscribing to my Feedburner feed! I've added 2 buttons you can click on to subscribe:

My favorite:

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As this post will (most likely) soon be in the archives, these buttons will be available in the lower area of my sidebar. Your subscription is just a click away!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Confetti in Ocean Necklace

Remember these? The turquoise strand was my favorite so I had to do something with those beads first! What do you think?

I called it "Confetti in Ocean" because of its asymmetrical design and random pattern of beads in a variety of turqouise-y colors! Click image for details.

Coincidently, this necklace would look great with what I wore today!

Turquoise top by Banana Republic (currently on sale for about $20)
Skirt by American Eagle - a steal at only $19.99
Shoes - Guess ( can't see them, but they're silver flip-flops)
Jewelry - me! See web site for details -
click here

Thursday, June 22, 2006

SA on a Budget

Hello Fellow Shopaholics!

If you haven't read my "Shopping Revelation" post, then you may not understand what my recent deal with budget shopping is...not that that's really important, but I've been on missions lately to get super cute clothes for not so much cash.

A week or so ago, I decided to scope out Forever 21 (notorious for having cheap, but pretty trendy and pretty cute clothes). Forever 21 is similar to H&M, but I don't think it's as hip. Of course, I don't have an H&M in town, so I guess I'm stuck.

I put a couple outfits together, just for fun, using some of the new clothes I got. Quick warning - some of these are pretty "funky" and I don't know if I'd actually wear them in public...but I had fun playing with the clothes.

Gray tank with metallic foil - Forever 21 - $13.80
Leggings - Nordstrom
Belt - Kors by Michael Kors
Shoes - Nine West

Red/White Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21 - $29.80
Shoes - Banana Republic
*I did get a wide, white belt from bebe that would be awesome with this!

Gray/Silver Dress - Forever 21 - $27.80
Belt - Aldo Accessories
Shoes - bebe

Star Tank - Forever 21 (hmm...threw away the tag already...but I'm guessing it was less than $20)
Belt - Kors by Michael Kors
Skinny Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Nine West

Black/White Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21 - $27.80
Belt - Forever 21 - $5
Shoes - Vintage Ferragamos from
*I also got a wide red belt from bebe that would be fab with this!

All in all, pretty good for just under $150, eh?!

SA Obsession - Christian Louboutin Shoes

Hello Shopaholic Girlies!

Hope you're all enjoying the summer weather. I just wanted to share my thoughts on my latest obsession. I'm pretty picky about my shoes, so I usually don't obsess over one style or brand, but I'm currently drooling over Christian Louboutin's shoes. Yes, I realize they've been out for some time now, but sometimes a style doesn't catch your eye right away. If you're lucky, a style this expensive doesn't catch your eye too often so you don't have to worry about breaking your bank, but sometimes you just can't help it.

I love Nicole Richie's style, and she wears her CL's so well*!

Stuart Weitzman makes a similar style shoe that is much more affordable - still expensive, but half the price of CL*.

I actually tried on these CL-esque shoes at Aldo* last week. They were relatively comfortable, and much more affordable at just under $100. I dunno though, I'm just not a big knock-off person. I'd rather have the real thing or just not have it at all, usually. However, since this style seems to be so trendy, it may be worth caving in and getting the aldos.....though the SW's would be a nice compromise! Hmmmm....what would you do?

* First picture from the Glam Network -; Second picture from Nordstrom's -; Third picture from Aldo -

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can You Say Preppaholic?

There's a store in the shopping center where I work called Miss Priss....oh yea.....and it's closing. They sell primarily Lilly Pulitzer, but they also have some clothes by other designers. Anywho, since they're closing, the entire store is 75% off - yes, 75% OFF! I decided that before they fully closed to take advantage of this sweet deal. I've always liked the look of Lilly Pulitzer, and it's especially popular here in the south (some of you may remember my posts about the Charleston Dress). I've never actually owned any Lilly Pulitzer, but that's most likely because it was always too expensive for me....well, not anymore....not with polos that are normally $70 - now $17.50, skirts that are normally $130 - now $32.50, etc. Thanks to this super sale, I've taken my wardrobe to a whole new level of preppiness.

I love how lightweight the skirts are - no wonder it's so popular down here in the hot & humid south! Also in this picture are cable-knit sweaters - so comfy! Unfortunately, you can't see the scalloping on the collar of this pink polo - it's super cute!

Love these lightweight pants! Also in the picture - cable-knit cotton sweaters, polo, and fun green and turquoise V-neck sweater - the white sections have little hole details - so fun!

In this picture - lightweight pant and skirt, polo, and pink and green argyle sweater (my FAVORITE!) What's more preppy than pink and green? Umm.....not much!

Super comfy terry-cloth sweatpants, polos, and a kelly green polar fleece round up this preppy collection.

I've never seen such bright colors in my wardrobe before, but I feel really good about the stuff I got. Sure, the skirts and pants are super bright and the patterns are a bit busy, but you only live once, right? I think they're pretty! Plus, it's fun to dress preppy!

PS Designer Ella....did I say 50/50 to #5 on your lil quiz? Perhaps I'm not always as good as I'd like to be....maybe I should change that one to!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yay! I Got Accepted to a Hip Craft Show!

Woohoo! I'm super happy to announce that I've been accepted to the hip craft show, The Rock and Shop Market in Raleigh, NC (yep, where the Stanley Cup champions reside).

According to their web site:
The Rock & Shop Market is a designer market in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina showcasing the products of local & national designers in a flea-market style setting. Since 2004, The Rock & Shop Market has promoted local designers by given them a forum to sell their products. As always, there will be a live band, djs, and a silent auction with proceeds benefiting The See Saw Studio in Durham, NC. The first 50 attendees will receive a goodie bag filled with great swag!

This year's show will be on July 15th, 2006 from 1-5 PM. Check out the web site for details: If you're in the area, stop by and say hey! They're also looking for volunteers - should you volunteer, you get great perks. According to my acceptance email, "We are always looking for volunteers so if you know of anyone who might be interested in helping support our event send them our way via email Volunteers get free admission, a t-shirt and other great swag."

Wooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I'm psyched! Gotta get some great designs cranked out for the show!

Beadalicious! Hot New Beads!

I love shopping bead stores whenever I'm in a new city. I really like to see what the local bead shop has on hand, because each bead store always has a unique selection. Here are my latest finds:

In this group, I have: glass stars, red coral pendants, brownish/goldish shells, amazonite nuggets, white jade, and turquoise dyed jade. I'll be sure to post the fun jewelry I make with these!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pretty Peacock Top

I saw this fun girl out for a casual Thursday night at the local, popular bar. She had on the cutest top with a nifty peacock as the focus. She said she got the top from a boutique in NC - gotta love that one-of-a-kind novelty! This top, paired with Seven jeans and (I think) BCBG shoes, made for a great "casual night out outfit."

I'd like to see fun earrings with this outfit. A necklace may be too much, since there's a lot going on with her shirt. Simple earrings would match well, as I'd like to keep the focus on the pretty peacock on the top. I recommend the "Summer Bloom" earrings for this outfit - the color is bright and summery and compliments the outfit without being overwhelming. Fun earrings for a fun outfit! Click image to right or here for details.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

SA Poll - How Would You Blow an Entire Paycheck?

If you read the previous post, this may make more sense. But if you don't care to read it, then.......Say you were able to spend an entire paycheck on a shopping spree and buy whatever you wanted. How would you spend it? Go ahead and vote, then check the results to see what others would do!

How would you spend an entire paycheck on a shopping spree?
Buy one designer item (i.e. Louis purse, YSL dress, etc.)
A few expensive items (i.e. designer shoes & jeans, etc.)
A mixture of low and high priced items (designer & Gap/Target)
Buy lots of lower-priced items (Gap, Target, etc.)
Free polls from

Project Debt-Free

For anyone who actually read the really long post, "A Shopping Revelation," you'll have heard me mention "Project Debt-Free" before.

My Mission: To pay all my debt off as soon as possible.
My Tasks: Spend as little money (or preferably no money) as possible per month on superfluous expenses (shopping, eating out, etc) and put that extra money towards debt.
My Reward: (should I succeed): One full pay check to be spent however I'd like.

I've actually been participating in Project Debt-Free for several months now, and I'm almost there! Can't wait to get my shop on again, though now that I'm at the tail-end of things, I've been caving a bit (as obvious by my recent posts on my latest splurges). I'll be posting a fun poll related to this in the next couple days to see what you guys would do with an entire pay check!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Serious Case of Class

This young lady was standing next to me in Bath & Body Works where I had stopped to stock up on some lotions and wall flowers during their big sale. I loved the simplicity of her outfit paired with the playfulness of the lime green skirt. The entire outfit is just super classy!

For this particular outfit, I recommend my necklace, Laughing Leaves, which is part of my Old-School Cool collection. I'd rather see silver with this outfit, but I think the lucite green leaf bead of this necklace would look great with the skirt! Additionally, I think the pendant style of the necklace and shorter chain will fit well with the V-neckline of the top! Click image to left or here for details.

SA Review - Eyebrow Person & Beauty Products

It's so hard to find people who do well. I got my eyebrows done for the first time by Rhonda at Potion at Birkdale Village, and she did a phenomenal job! She was very careful, took her time, and was almost a perfectionist about how they looked, which I loved (most likely because I'm a perfectionist myself). Anywho, for anyone reading in or around the Charlotte, NC area, do go see her! She also does facials and other aesthetician stuff if you don't need your brows done.

The store where she's located, Potion, also has a great assortment of beauty products, including a couple cosmetic lines reportedly used by celebrities (sorry, can't remember the names of all of them). Today, I purchased a lip gloss by Wallett in Melon. I love it...and I'm picky about my lip gloss! Even though it looks way too bright in the tube, this lip gloss is super sheer, lightweight, and goes on perfectly! I'd put Potion's web site here, but I don't know it and couldn't find it via google. If any Potion people are reading this, feel free to leave the URL in a comment. Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm a Princess Cut! What Are You?

I was going to wait awhile before posting another quiz, but seeing as how I could get engaged in the near future, and since I was browsing & thought I might not remember to take it later, I figured I'd just take it now. Apparently, I'm a princess cut. I actually want a round cut, but oh well. These things are just for run anywho, right?

What kind of diamond are you? Post your type in a comment! :)

SA Obsession - Belts

Ok, so when the whole belt-on-top-of-shirts/dresses look came out, I really didn't like it. But, bit by bit, it's grown on me - so much, in fact, that every time I see someone with a simple strapless dress, I think, "That would look so much better with a belt." I've been hunting for some good ones for awhile with no success, and I finally caved and stopped by bebe (one of my fave stores for "trendy stuff" and one I racked up a lil debt with last summer). Bebe always has the latest look, and sure enough, I was not disappointed. I bought 2 patent-leather-looking belts in white and red like this:

Wide belt by bebe*

And, just for kicks, this is one of my favorite belt/dress looks so far....good for you Tori! Anyone know who makes this dress and/or belt? I would so rock this entire outfit!

Tori Spelling on

*First image from; second image from

Post 100 - Let's Celebrate!

Holy wow, I'm at post #100 already! To celebrate, I'm offering 10% off anything on my website for the next 10 days! Simply use voucher code "post100" at checkout to get your discount - shipping and gift wrap is always free!

Click here to see my latest creations!

Post100 voucher code will expire 6PM EST on Saturday, June 24th, 2006.

A Shopping Revelation

The other day, I had a total shopping revelation. Many of us have these every once in awhile, and these revelations give us a new perspective on how we shop, what we buy, and what our style is. Let me start from the beginning....I'll keep this semi-short so as to not bore you with all the details....I wasn't sure if I should post something so personal, but....well, here goes....

I was one of those kids who moved around a lot because of my dad's job. Anyone who's ever moved around, especially during childhood, will know how hard it is to fit in at a new school. At some point, clothing became one of the ways to try to fit in, so I tried to dress like the other kids. Now, growing up, I didn't have a lot of money to blow on clothes - I'm not saying we were destitute. My sister and I were actually a tad bit spoiled - if we wanted something, we usually got it, so long as it fit my parents' budget - some kids ask for new shoes and get designer, we got nine west. Anywho, it was during my teen years that I learned how to bugdet shop - how to scout the thrift stores, the sale racks, the "cheapie" stores to find the inexpensive clothes that still made me look well-dressed. It was during these teen years that my love for shopping really started to take off.

Once I got to college, I was flat a$$ broke. I had enough money to cover bills and what not, but I didn't want to work during the school year because I really wanted to focus on school. Instead, during the summers, I worked as a waitress to earn money to live on during the school year. One summer, I worked at J Crew (in addition to the restaurant) at the ritzy mall in town where I was constantly taunted by the Coach store (which was across the hall), and all the rich women coming in with their designer bags and clothes, who blew through money like it was nothing. It really only made me want to work harder in school so I could get a good job after I graduated so I could one day afford designer goodies. Of course, I was still broke in college and couldn't even afford to budget shop - I couldn't shop at all - anywhere - period! Yea, it really sucked. I kept thinking, once I graduate, I'm going to get a good job and buy whatever the heck I want!

Well, after I graduated, I got a job with an ok pay...not enough to shop like I really wanted to - I could buy a couple things here and there, but it was no biggee. Then I got my second job, the one I have now, and I felt like I had really made it! I shopped like a madwoman, and oh was it fun! I started shopping at Banana Republic, which had been too expensive for me before, but now was juuuust right. In fact, for awhile, I only shopped at Banana Republic because it's right next to our office. I started going back to that ritzy mall - this time as a customer - and I shopped the stores I couldn't afford before: bebe, Guess, Banana Republic, Cache...the list goes on. Course, after racking up a couple thous in credit card bills, and tiring of paying the bills every month, I decided to take on Project Debt-Free.

For Project-Debt-Free, I decided to pay off as many of my bills as quickly as possible. This meant, if at all possible, to not buy anything until my debts were fully paid off. I actually did pretty good – it was just like being in college again. I had a few slip-ups, but I'm proud to say that I'm almost there! My Gucci shades I posted about a few weeks ago were a treat to myself for having come so far along in my quest to pay off my debt. Actually, lately, I've been slipping up a lot - as obvious by my posts of my latest shopping splurges, but I can't wait to reach my goal! Maybe because I said after I've paid off my debt, I'd blow the next paycheck?

Anywho, I had my shopping revelation a couple weeks ago. I had been thinking that once I pay off my debt, I could say goodbye to budget shopping and sale racks - that I could start getting more designer stuff, etc. Well, I had just purchased my Gucci shades, so I was feeling pretty good about my "spending ability." I decided to check out the designer section at Nordstrom to see what I could afford. I looked at a couple dresses - just simple dresses, nothing too fancy - they were like 4 thou each (I think they were Ralph Lauren). I found the Missoni rack and took a look at one of their tank tops - $400 a pop. It was about now I had my lil revelation....$400 for a freakin tank top?? No way. Maybe one day when I win the lottery or become a celebrity, but I just couldn't fathom spending $400 on a tank top, I don't care who makes it! I decided that while shopping, I needed to incorporate a little of who I was (in college) with a little of who I'm becoming (designer shopper), and that I needed to start integrating budget items with designer - that sale-rack & budget shopping isn't bad shopping, but rather it's smart shopping. So, one thing you may notice in my future posts is the mixture of designer and budget – I like to think of it as a challenge to look good on a budget. At least I've always believed in one thing - buy trendy cheap, buy classic expensive.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gorgeous Power Suit!

I spotted this lovely lady at the Post Office and the first thing I noticed about her outfit was, well....her gorgeous suit! It was a plain tan suit, but so well cut! I love how she wore semi-dressy sandals with the suit - is it only in the south where you can get away with this?

My first instinct was to add some color to this suit through accessories, but there's something to be said for keeping all neutrals in an outfit. I'd like to see this suit paired with a darker-toned necklace, like my "The Bronze Age Necklace," to pull the deep brown from her shoes upward to add balance. This multi-strand necklace would fit perfectly in the round neckline of her top. The necklace is simple, but definitely a statement-maker! Click image to right or here for details.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SA Impulse Buy

I've been carrying around the crappy checkbook cover that I got for free with my checking account for fooooorrrreeevvveeerrr! Guess I just never thought to replace it....or maybe I didn't find anything I really liked? Anywho, I was in Bergens in G-vegas this past weekend checking out their collection of Vera Bradley when I stumbled upon their super-cute checkbook covers. How could I say no?

Vera Bradley in Petal Pink

My Purse-O-Nality

You’re a Classics Lover

For you the perfect purse is a timeless piece that will look just as chic decades from now (with the right care, of course) as it does today. In general you’re not one to splurge on the latest look, unless it’s a new rendition of the Kelly bag. Classic, elegant, quality, and tried-and-true are attributes that apply to your bag and your character.

*Marc Jacobs Purse - photo from

What's your Purse-O-Nality? (leave your purse-o-nality in a comment!

I Love Bob & Sheri

Anyone else out there listen to the Bob & Sheri show in the morning? For those who don't know, it's a hilarious radio show that is broadcast nation-wide featuring two radio personalities: Bob and Sheri. They come up with a new topic every day and have listeners call in with related stories (usually the first half is just the two of them chatting and the second half is the listeners calling in). They always have the most random stories, and they always get the most random people calling in. I find their show so amusing and it definitely helps the drive to work in the morning go by smoother.

Today.....while talking about the new flat screen TV that turns into a mirror with the flick of a switch, Bob says, "Now I can watch my two favorite things: The Sopranos and ME!"
(you're a riot, Bob)

Note to critical readers (because I've seen your posts on Style Bubble and some other fashion blogs) - I do not promote vanity, I just thought what he said was funny.

Monday, June 12, 2006

SA's Going Glam!

I'm very pleased to announce that my blog has been invited to join the exclusive Glam Network, and I've accepted. Woohoo! For those who aren't familiar with Glam (, Glam is a web site for all things fashion - the latest trends, celebrities, fun quizzes, fashion photos, and of course, a network of the best fashion blogs!

According to their web site: "The Glam Blog Network is the premier network of editorially independent bloggers who possess unique points of view about fashion and style. Glam blogs cover a variety of topics, including apparel, accessories, beauty, trends, industry news, sales, and more!"

Check them out today:

Sea Foam Sweetie

I love the beach, blue/green colors, soft cottons, and as you've likely guessed by now, I love this skirt. The skirt is a lovely sea foam green color that reminds me of ocean waves on a sun-kissed day at the beach! I also love this style of skirt - it's simple, it's lightweight, and it's comfortable (looking) - I have a couple of these myself, though not in this hue:

For this semi-casual outfit, I recommend a simple, gemstone-cluster necklace on sterling chain, like my "Bay Aqua" necklace. The colors will bring that pretty sea-toned green color upwards, while the gemstones give the necklace an earthy/beachy feel. The shorter length of the necklace will keep the cluster fitting perfectly in the scooped neckline. Click image to left or here for details.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Graphic For My Banner!

Yay! I got a new graphic for my banner! I'm so happy with it! Hope you guys like it!

Much thanks to the very talented Jenn!

:) Shopaholic D

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Folk Art Festival - Huntersville, NC

I work in a shopping center....very dangerous for a shopaholic like me...but getting to the point....

There is a Folk Art Festival, sponsored by Maddi's Gallery (who sells my jewelry), going on at Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. Since I work in that shopping center, I took a quick trip over to see what was going on. I met a bunch of very talented, and very nice, artists. Since I'm an artist myself, I thought I'd highlight some of my favorites, along with their contact information in case any of you shopaholics out there see something you want to here we go!

Kimberly Dawn
Gorgeous and unique paintings with some mixed media

Check her out at the arts festival at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC June 23-25th, 2006!

Kimberly Dawn's Booth

Painting by Kimberly Dawn

Painted Window by Kimberly Dawn

Inside of Kimberly's Booth

Close-up of My Favorite Kimberly Dawn Painting

MDS Designs
Super-cute stationery

Fun Notebooks & Wall Art by MDS Designs

More Fun Wall Art & Cards

Close-up of My Favorite - Love that Quote!

Fine Folk
Lovely paintings & pottery

Penny Dobson Painting with Beads - Yes, beads! So Clever!

Inside Penny Dobson's Booth

Driftwood Art by Philip Simmons
Nifty creations made from driftwood

Meet Philip Simmons's pet, Damian

Inside the Driftwood Art Booth

Close-up of Some of the Driftwood Art Creations

Noel Mays
Lovely, Bright, Colorful Glass Art

Gorgeous Noel Mays Design - the inner section is painted!

Awesome Mirror by Noel Mays - I want this! :)

Noel Mays's Booth is really quite refreshing!

Up-close with Noel Mays Designs

St. Peter's Farm
Artwork that makes you feel happy

Inside the St. Peter's Farm Booth

Outside shot of St. Peter's Farm's Booth

Close-up of my favorite painting by St. Peter's Farm

If you saw anything you like, be sure to check out the artists' web sites or email them! Many designs may sell during this show, but artists as talented as these will have new stuff for you to check out!