Monday, July 31, 2006

August's Featured Designer - 2 Fresh Petunias!

August's featured designer is the creator of super-gorgeous handbags and other fine accessories, 2 Fresh Petunias.

From their lovely web site:

"Here at 2 fresh petunias we are inspired by all things floral. We like to say this is "where fashion blooms". We create elegant handmade handbags and clutches. We also design a wide variety of tote bags and ladylike accessories. For Summer we have designed a beach bag that is as beautiful as it is functional. Our designs are flirty and fun, floral and oh so very feminine."

A couple of my picks...

Grassy Mocca SassyMum Bag

Pink Mocca Scarf Belt

Sweet Deal for my favorite shopaholic readers - use voucher code "shopaholic15" at checkout any time this month to save 15% off your order at 2 Fresh Petunias!

Check back later this week to see how you can win a gorgeous clutch from 2 Fresh Petunias, but in the meantime, check out their designs online at:

NOTE: Pictures from 2 Fresh Petunias

How To Stand Out In A Crowd

Here's a great example of out to stand out in a crowd - wear something unique with bright colors. I went out with some friends this past Saturday and with everyone else in the bar blending together in jeans, I spotted these red striped pants a mile away - they were just so adorable...I had to ask for her picture. When she got closer, I realized that she and her friend looked oh-so-cute, so I asked for a picture of the two of them:

For the red outfit, I like the Sasha Earrings (click image to left or here for details). For some reason, I think the earrings match well with the semi-nautical look of the pants. The simple design of the earrings compliment the outfit without detracting too much from this already fabulous look! Coincidently, these earrings would also look pretty snazzy with the all black outfit, too!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

And the Winner of the July 2006 Contest Is...

And the winner of the July 2006 Contest is...

Kiss Me Stace aka Designer Ella with her vintage Gucci tote! Congrats Designer Ella - you just won a free set of personalized, handmade, indie-fabulous stationery by The Glam Boutique!

The winning entry

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest! To see the other entries, click here or go to

Remember, next month's contest and featured designer will be posted shortly! Check back this coming week to see how you can win indie swag!

NOTE: Winner was selected using a random number generator.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fall 2006 Must-Have

In keeping with the whole Black is Back theme, one of the things I've been looking for to update my wardrobe for fall 2006 is what I'd consider a fall 2006 must-have - a great pair of slim-cut black pants.

Zac Posen

Giambattista Valli

I haven't found any yet.....any suggestions?

Coincidently, if the cigarette pant is not your thing, I highly recommend the more-easily done peep-toe pump - go with patent leather or a platform style for something a bit more flashy or leather for something on the conservative side.

*NOTE: Pictures from

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Get Your July Contest Entries In!!

I've finally chosen an actual date for the drawing for the July 2006 contest (click here for contest details) to win free personalized, indie designer stationery by The Glam Boutique! The drawing will be on Sunday, July 30, 2006 around noon, so get your last-minute entries in quick!

Remember, you can get 10% off your order with The Glam Boutique by using voucher code "shopaholic10"!

Click here to see the current contest entries!

PS Posts may be low this week again because I have another jewelry show next week and I have lots to do! I never have as much inventory on me now that I sell in boutiques! Oh, and you have noticed that comments have been posted later in the day - my day job has sent me to a client site and I can't publish the comments at their office...sorry! You understand, right?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Guess What I Found?!?

I wanted these light brown, leather, strappy sandals when they first came out...I eyed them all pre-spring and spring, but for whatever reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to wait for them to go on sale. After patiently waiting and getting word from The Daily Obsession that these shoes had gone on sale, I rushed immediately to to order mine. Alas...they were gone. Heartbroken, I had to pretend that I'd never seen these gorgeous shoes....

...that is, until today. I was shopping with one of my bffs when we decided to swing by BR. I have enough BR clothes, so I decided to wander a bit without really looking at anything (otherwise, this shopaholic would surely have a tough time saying no). Lucky for me, I decided to check out the sale shoes because I found my shoes! They were size 6, and seeing as how it's been several weeks since these shoes originally sold out, I figured this was the only shoe left. Still, I decided to have the BR rep check in the back and would you believe they had my size! Best part - they're only $29.99 now! I guess the best things do come to those who wait!

Monday, July 24, 2006

SA Loves Hot Blogs - Designer Fashion Addicts!

There's a hot new blog out in the fashion blog world - Designer Fashion Addict - by the same sweeties who do Couture in the City:

They have great pictures, superb fashion tips, and lots of other fashion-forward fun! Check it out today: I heart DFA!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

SA Recommends - Hot Belts!

Shopaholic girlie Dinah writes, "I just got a polks dot strapless dress and now I just need a red belt....any suggestions on where to get one?"


Shopaholic sweetie ShopDiary writes, "i need a patent leather belt in white!!!"

I have a couple recommendations...when I'm trying to look for something trendy at a somewhat decent price, I like to check bebe, Guess, and Urban Outfitters first! Other great stores with trendy items are Anthropologie, Arden B, and Aldo. I posted some examples I found online (see below), but do be sure to check the stores, as their in-stock merchandise is often more extensive than their online. I happened to get 2 wide patent leather belts from bebe that I loooovvveee - they're not available online anymore, but I bet most stores will have a couple left. Anywho, here are some hot belt examples:

Like to tip toe into trends? Try this cute, red belt by Urban Outfitters - not too wide, but the red adds some attitude!

Feeling trendy but sophisticated? Check out this lovely, white, patent belt by Anthropologie

Like to multi-task? Combine two trends in one with this fun, red & white polka dot, wide belt by bebe

Looking for something simple that makes a statement? How about this sweet & simple, wide, white belt by Arden B?

Click here to see my previous post about belts

Click here to see a picture of my red, wide patent leather belt from bebe with a polka dot dress, along with a couple celebrities sporting the wide belt look

NOTE: All pictures from respective sites (in order): Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, bebe, Arden B

Thursday, July 20, 2006

SA Contest Entries - Preview

Hey guys!

Sorry to cut this short, but I'm ready for B-E-D! I threw together a web site for the contest entries...I only had time tonight to put the first 2 I received online, but I'll be adding the others this weekend.

Click here to see the first 2 entries!

Remember to get your entries in soon - the drawing will be during the last week of July to see who wins free personalized stationery! Be sure to check the contest rules for details (see right sidebar for the link to the details).


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SA Goes Preppy Pretty

Anyone out there who owns preppalicious Lilly Pulitzer clothes knows just how lightweight and comfortable the fabric is. So, when the weather channel announced that this week would be one of the hottest weeks of the summer (think southern east coast humidity paired with summer heat), I knew exactly who I'd wear this week....LILLY!

White cotton tank top: Brooks Brothers
Pink and white summer skirt: Lilly Pulitzer
Espadrilles: Banana Republic

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

SA Trend Prediction - Fall 2006 - Shoe Style

I don't know if this style is going to be big or not, but I'm seeing it popping up here and there - shoes with a V-shaped upper area instead of the usual semi-circle. Don't be surprised to see more of the V-top pumps (flat or with heels) around this fall/winter.

Mischa Barton - the face of bebe - rocks some sweet V-topped pumps - a perfect example of a possible fall trend
(photo from

The bebe photo is the only good example I could find this early into the fall season, but the next two are pretty close...

Bruno Magli flats have a slight V-top - photo from

Stuart Weitzman does platform with semi-V-tops - picture from and available at Neiman Marcus

Monday, July 17, 2006

SA Channels Celebrity Style

There's something about polka dots that makes the irrestitable...I just love them - in all sizes and all colors - on tank tops, skirts, sundresses, blazers - I can't seem to get enough of them! One of my favorite looks, as you guys may expect, is the polka dot sundress with a wide belt cinched at the waist. Soooo....I decided to try to channel some celebrity style:

Paris Hilton rocks dots on Getty Images

Glam showcases Carmen Electra's belt-tastic style

SA's Shopaholic D channels celebrity polka dot style
Black & White Polka dot sundress - Lotus
Wide, red, patent leather belt - bebe
White sunglasses - Gucci

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rock and Shop Market Success!

Woohoo! I had a blast at the Rock and Shop this weekend! There were great bands and lots of awesome indie designers! I even got to meet some designers who are on some online indie groups with me! Sales weren't quite as high as I expected, but overall, I'd definitely say it was a success! Here are some pictures:

A picture from behind my table of some surrounding designers

Another picture from behind my table

Picture of my gorgeous booth!

Another picture of my booth

And one last one

Wish you guys coulda been there!

PS Remember to get your entries to the July contest in by the last week of July to win your free stationery personalized and hand made by The Glam Boutique!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So Swamped!

Sorry for the lack of posts....I'm super swamped as I'm currently prepping for the fabulous Rock & Shop Market this weekend! I'm going to be one of 30+ indie designers featuring all kinds of high-quality, handmade goodness! If you're in the Raleigh area, you should stop by!

Here's the official Rock & Shop Market web site for details:

The good news is....I bought a new digital camera last night! Woohoo! So, lots of fun pictures will be headed your way soon! Hopefully more outfit/jewelry suggestions...I miss doing those! In case you're curious, I got the Sony Cyber-shot. Oddly enough, it's the same camera that I have now, but a couple years younger, so much smaller and with cool features! Here's a picture of it from
Best Buy (which is where I got it from):

After getting a new memory card, carrying case, & the warranty plan (a good idea for digitals), I ended up spending twice as much as I had originally intended to! Argh! It's ok, I just charged it.....Oh, the debt, you ask? Oh yea....ummmmm....still working on that one. It's a minor set-back in the name of fashion and shopping! Right? Right! :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July Contest - Win Personalized Stationery!

Ok, I told you I'd post the details of the contest soon, and here they are...

Theme: Shopping Trips! Perfect for us shopaholics, right? I want to see your latest shopping splurges!

Who: Anyone! This contest is open to anyone, so get your digital cams out and take some pictures of your shopping splurges!
1. Prize will be personalized stationery thanks to the lovely and very talented "
The Glam Boutique".

Win this stationery personalized just for you!

2. To enter, simply email me at diana at dcelestine dot com with a picture of your latest shopping trip - what you got - whether you got only one item or lots - I'm not picky about quantity. Send as many photos as you'd like.

For example, send a photo with your new shopping splurges like above.

3. Each photo received will count as one entry.
4. Photo must be your original work, please don't send me copyrighted material.
5. Photos will be numbered as they are received, and a random number will be selected as the winning entry.
6. Photo must be received before the winner is selected (sometime the last week of July, so get your entries in quick!
7. If you don't want any of your information displayed (i.e. name, city/state, etc.) please tell me so in your email. Likewise, if you do wish for any of your information to be displayed, please provide any information you'd like me to show with your entry. If you have a blog (with appropriate content, i.e. no adult and no spam), let me know your URL and I'll add a link back to your blog.
8. Unfortunately,
The Glam Boutique does not ship internationally at this time, so if you live outside the US, I'd love for you to enter, but your winning stationery will have to be sent somewhere in the US (maybe to a friend or relative?).

I think that's about it. Feel free to email me or drop a comment if you have any further questions. I can't wait to see what all you guys have been buying lately!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

SA Dream - Marc Jacobs Quilted Patent Tote

A shopaholic's dream - Yes, please!

This Marc Jacobs Quilted Patent Tote would make a great addition to any shopaholics collection! Especially with black emerging as a strong color for fall 2006!

NOTE: Image from and purse available at Neiman Marcus:

Yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss!!!!! I'm moving!

So, I've been living in a small 2 bedroom townhome with my boyfriend and his friend, who actually owns the townhome, for far too long. The townhome is nice, but just too small, and I'm ready to get out! It wouldn't be quite so tight in here if it weren't for my jewelry business and the lack of storage in this place, but the good news is that I'm getting ready to move! My boyfriend and I just signed a lease on a sweet, new 2 bedroom apartment (one room for us and one for my jewelry biz), and I'm soooooooo excited!!

Here's why:
1. More space
2. More privacy
3. A bigger kitchen (yes, I love to cook!)
4. A whole room just for my jewelry biz
5. A storage room (I have a lot of stuff)
6. My furniture that's currently in storage will finally see daylight again (it was only a few months old when we put it up)
7. Slightly more convenient area of town
8. Still near uptown
9. So many more reasons I can't remember right now, but mostly...
10. A walk-in closet! I'm almost embarrassed to show the hellacious closet I've been living with for the last year, but here goes (keep in mind this is shared with my SO):

And these are just my hanging clothes. I have more under the bed, in various shelves, etc around the room....a shopaholic needs more space than this! I can't wait to have a walk-in again! Yeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Who's Your Celebrity Hair Match?

You’re Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair match!

Through thick humidity and thin flyaways, your bountiful locks and Sarah Jessica’s carefree curls are happily coupled. Whether styled into tight tendrils, tousled into loose coils, or flattened out to straight sleekness, your hair has potential as wide-ranging and envious as SJP’s wardrobe. Try these enhancing treats to keep your twists in top shape.

I think I'm probably most like Sarah Jessica because we both wear our hair curly and straight from time to time...though who know how they really program these quizzes.

Take the quiz (click here) and leave a comment for which celebrity hair type you are!

PS I'm not sure what's wrong with the code they gave me, but it's making the "quiz results" display funny...sorry!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So Close, Yet So Far Away

I went to Best Buy yesterday, fully intending to purchase a brand-spankin-new digital camera so I could start doing "street style shots" again. Of course, the one that I've decided is perfect is sold out....apparently, they won't be getting any more until next Tuesday at the earliest...*sniffle*

...sorry to keep you guys waiting...

Monday, July 03, 2006

[Shopaholics Anonymous - Indie Designers] July Designer - The Glam Boutique

I'm super proud to announce the first ever Shopaholics Anonymous "Featured Designer" is The Glam Boutique, a company specializing in personalized stationery. I actually own a few designs by this awesome shop, so I can attest that the quality of craftsmanship is superb!

Special Offer: Check out The Glam Boutique, and be sure to use voucher code "shopaholic10" at checkout to receive a special 10% off your order through this month!

A special design was created for this month's contest:

Check back later this week to see the details for this month's contest so you can see how you can win a matching notepad and notecard set in this design, personalized just for you!

Check out The Glam Boutique online today at

Product review to be posted later this week.

Posted by Shopaholic D to Shopaholics Anonymous - Indie Designers at 7/03/2006 08:48:00 PM

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Haute Hair

I was browsing the web today when I stumbled upon photos on Getty Images from the World Hairstyling Championships, hosted in Moscow.

Something about this one just caught my eye. Obviously, I'd never actually wear my hair like this, but from an artistic standpoint, both the hair and the photo are brilliant!

Now this is more like something I would actually do with my hair. Does this mean that the "sleek straight" look is coming back? Good thing I have a great straightening iron - the Chi!

NOTE: Images from Getty Images


Hey Shopaholics!

Sorry for the lack of new posts...more to come soon...oh, and the "featured indie designers" will be released on the first Monday of the month, so check back tomorrow to see who the surprise designer will be!

Anywho, I apologize for not having posted the last couple days, but I am simply exhausted. For my day job, I'm a consultant, which means that my company sends me from project to project. Last week, I was assigned to a project waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay north of where I live, changing my drive to work from 20 minutes to 45 minutes to an hour long, depending on traffic! It wouldn't be so bad if the traffic weren't so terrible (the drivers are crazy and almost run you off the road)....very stressful. The longer drive cuts time out of my nights to get work done for my jewelry biz, so things have just been hectic. Anywho, I took Monday off so I'm just trying to relax a bit over this long weekend.

Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Fashionably Yours,


PS Anyone have tips on unwinding & relaxing? I'm thinking bubble baths, but I'm open to suggestions! ;) I'd love to just go shopping, but I'm still trying to pay off that pesky debt! grrr