Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Charleston Style

I fully intended to take lots of pictures of people in true southern attire...however, on the one day that we spent in historic downtown my camera died. boo. oh well, I did manage to get a couple quick pictures:

This couple is oh-so-cute in matching pink! I'm not sure how the rest of the country does it, but pinks and pastels are worn quite frequently by southern men, and they make it look good! Notice the bright colors in the woman's dress - her Louis, her fun flowery shoes, her gorgeous smile - how put-together! For more on the southern dress, see the post just before this one.
When not wearing their seersuckers, southern gentlemen also enjoy a classy hat. Button down shirts and khakis are classic. Not only is this man dressed well, he was a true southern gentleman when I asked about taking his picture. He and his wife were polite and friendly, and I even had a conversation with them about what areas of the Carolinas are good for art (his wife is a painter).

Next time I make it to Charleston, I'll either pay more attention to having my batteries fully charged at all times, or just maybe, I'll have a spankin' new camera!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Charleston Dress

Hello Hauties!

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Charleston, SC! I'll have lots of fun pictures and reviews up soon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post some pictures inspired by the dresses seen in Charleston. While out and about in the south, I noticed all the lovely dresses worn by all the southern belles. They were vibrant, bright, fun, and decidely gorgeous! Here are a few that remind me of the "Charleston Dress":

Notice the bright, vibrant colors in this lovely halter here by Anthropologie. The ribbon adds a ladylike touch.

This navy number by J Crew, shows the more classic and subdued dress style of the south. Strapless, with a simple pattern, but truly elegant.

This floral strapless would be perfect for the beachy cities of the south. This fun-colored dress is by Gap.

This dress is the epitome of southern, preppy style! Think super bright - super fun! Actually, any Lilly Pulitzer item is sure to please in the south! Dress available at Nordstom.

"Dress Tip" for travelers to the south: choose a strapless, lightweight dress in bright colors, but know that in the coastal towns, especially Charleston, you can get away with pairing your dress with flipflops!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Beach Trip This Weekend!

Hello Darlings!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'll be going to Charleston, SC this weekend for vacation. So, I won't be putting up any posts till I return next week. I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Diana :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hautie Hairdresser!

This is my good friend Rachael. She is a phenomenal hairdresser, and she works at Hair Color Experts at Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC (basically Charlotte). Not only is she fabulously haute, she's still accepting models (think free hair dos, cuts, and $20 highlights) until June 15th. Anywho, on the date of this photo, she was looking fab in black bermuda shorts with a flowly black top:

With this outfit being so simple, you could pair almost any design. I'd like to see some punches of color added with the accessories. Also, long necklaces are so hot right now, and would look great with the style of her outfit. I recommend the "Aquatic Aquamarine" necklace. She could wear this long, folded over once, or even over her shoulder like fashion designers are doing on the runway! The vibrant blue/green color of the beads will look great with the black! Click here or the picture to the left for details, an alternate view, and an additional outfit suggestions!

Remember the awesome hair deal! Call her today at (704) 659-2200 to schedule your appointment!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hauteness - Beach Dress

I saw this in the store the other day, and after checking it out on the web site, I've decided, I still want this!

Beach Blanket Babydoll by Anthropologie*

Another View*

Hmmm....I am going to the beach this weekend...perhaps I could squeeze in a quick trip to the mall?

Hip Chick in Gray and Black

This girl was just chilling on a bench when I was walking by...I noticed her fun gunmetal gray peeptoe wedges, yummy shades, and pinstripe pants (which I love, though I don't think you can see them in the picture).

For this fashionable ensemble, I'd go with something a little more trendy than classic. Since the colors are neutral, you can add almost any color you want to the outfit with some awesome jewelry! I'd love to see my Ios Earrings paired with this outfit - they're fun, funky, and I think they'd work perfectly! Click the picture to the right or here for details and an alternate view.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My White Gucci's!!! I splurged a lil bit this past weekend and got myself a lovely pair of white shades by Gucci

Gucci Shades

The picture doesn't really do the sunglasses justice, but let me assure you, they are gorgeous! The lenses are a semi-dark gray color with a slight green tint, the frame is (obviously) white, with a lil black/dark green stripe embellishment on each side, along with 2 overlapping G's for a Gucci emblem. I'll have to post some more of my personal outfits with these babies sometime!

Black & White Style - Cute Doggy Carrier!

This lady is oh-so-cute, especially with her adorable doggy carrier! You can't tell from the picture, but the doggy carrier is a light tan color with leopard print! Her outfit, equally adorable, is from White House Black Market.

Dressy Doll
Since there's a pattern in the top, I'd like to keep the jewelry relatively simple. Since the neckline of the top is semi-low-cut, a necklace would fit well with the outfit. The "Dressy Doll" necklace has flair with the 2 hoop sizes and the large onyx briolette, without being over-the-top. Maybe when I start designing doggy jewelry, I'm come back to this photo with a jewelry suggestion for her pup! ;-) Click the image to the left or here for more info and an alternate view.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Michael Kors Shoes in Tan

I got a hot pair of Michael by Michael Kors shoes a couple weekends ago that I've been meaning to share with you guys! They're a deep tan, almost caramel, color with silver stud accents. My favorite part of the shoes is the way the top piece of leather is cut - so unique! They look great with skinny jeans, too!

Playful Purple

This cute girl was chilling by the fountain when I approached her for her photo. The top and skirt are simple and pretty enough, but what really caught my eye was her adorable shoes with the whimsical flower accents!

The outfit has a slightly funky edge to it, so an equally funky necklace would work well with this style. I recommend the "Ariel at Dusk" necklace for her ensemble. This necklace has asymmetrical lines, and a fun purple jade drop with sterling tassel accent. Click here or the image for details and an alternate view.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hot New Designs!

After a couple weeks of technical difficulties with my web site, I finally (hopefully) fixed it! I've added a handful of new jewelry designs to the D Celestine Limited web site, and I'm planning on adding more this coming week! I also have lots of fun new designs in the works, so once they're ready, I'll be sure to share with all you darlings!
Hot New Designs!

Click the image above or here to go to my latest creations page!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Black & White Beauty

Isn't this girl a doll?! I love the elegant cut and pattern on this awesome dress - so ladylike! The shoes are super cute too!
Black & White Beauty

For this dress style, I recommend an equally elegant necklace. I had a lovely Y-shaped sterling necklace with Swarovski crystal dangles in jet. The necklace is simple yet beautiful enough to work perfectly with this dress! The little crystal dangles give the necklace a dainty feel, with the large crystal drop balancing the design. Unfortunately this necklace is sold, but if you'd like one made similar, just let me know and I'll hook you up!

For another interesting blog post on black and white outfits, check out Kiss Me, Stace (click here for direct link).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Shelly in Rose

I made a mini version of my Shelly Earrings for a friend, and thought they were too adorable to keep to myself (and my friend, of course). These were made for her daughter, so they had to be small hoops (they're 1/2 inch):

The hoops are sterling with small sterling round beads and Swarovski crystals in Rose. Just too cute!

Crafty Synergy Interview!

Check me out on Crafty Synergy and read my interview! From the Crafty Synergy web site:

"Crafty Synergy is a place about crafty women and their businesses. It's about understanding a little more about what we do and maybe a place to inspire others to move forward with their dreams as well."

I had a fun time answering the interview questions, and I hope you enjoy them! Click here to visit Crafy Synergy

Going Vintage!

I stopped by a fun vintage store this past weekend and purchased my first ever vintage dress! I swear, people were made differently back then....they must have all had tiny waists! Anywho, I thought the little bows on the straps were adorable and that the pattern was fun. I updated the outfit with some gold espadrilles from Banana Republic.

I had a good time vintage shopping. It's definitely a good way to get clothing that's unique, because it's almost impossible to find the same item twice! Vintage shopping is certainly a venue I've never really explored before, but boy was I missing out!? I mean, I've done the Goodwill thing and all, but this is so much more chic! Here are some of my Myspace friends who sell vintage goods if you'd like to see more vintage clothes:

LOVE this picture!

Check Lace Vintage out online at: or find them on myspace at

I want this dress!

Check Adore Vintage out online at: or find them on myspace at

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Perfect Simplicity!

"Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."
~ Albert Einstein

Polynesian Princess Necklace

Sometimes you just want to have one of those necklaces that goes with everything! I love my new Polynesian Princess necklace design - it's perfect simplicity! One white, large (and it's pretty darn big) freshwater pearl with natural rings is hand-wire-wrapped onto sterling chain with a fun sterling bead top. I named this necklace Polynesian Princess because it seems to have a slightly tropical, yet regal feel. This is a great go-to necklace because it will match nearly all your outfits! There's also some really cute earrings that match:

Polynesian Princess Earrings

Orange & Summery

I saw this girl the other day when I was on my way to Maddi's Gallery to put my new sterling, personalized tags onto my designs in the boutique. I love her little sweater...I've been wanting to get one like this, but haven't found the right one yet. Hers is actually from Old Navy! I loved this beachy-looking outfit:

To match, I just happen to have a beachy looking set in orange tones. This is the Tahitian Glow set:

I recommend the whole set, as the necklace would fit well with the neckline, the earrings would show well since her hair is pulled back, and the bracelet would look oh-so-pretty with her cropped sleeves. The Tahitian Glow set is made with red carnelian and Swarovski crystals in light Colorado topaz and topaz. All the stones are hand-wire-wrapped on sterling wire. Only one set available!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Red, White, Black - Elegant Fun

I was getting some upscale Chinese take out the other day and was waiting for my order when this lovely lady waltzed in to pick up her order. I've always been a fan of the black, white, and red combo, so I was uber happy she wanted to be featured in the blog!

Can you believe her shoes were from TJ Maxx? What a savvy shopper! This outfit already has a lot going on with the contrasting colors and flowery pattern of the top, so a simple piece would go best with this outfit. I suggest the Gorgeous Onyx Necklace. I originally designed this necklace with my lawyer friend in mind, so she'd have something eye-catching but classic, and gemstones dress up an outfit wondefully!

Hot Pink Fun!

I saw this nice lady as I was leaving the post office the other day. As I'm a sucker for pink, I just had to stop her to see if she wanted to be on the blog. She did a great job putting this outfit together, especially since none of the pieces came from the same store or shopping trip! I love a lady who can coordinate!

I'd really like to see this outfit with my Hot Pink Taffy set. The V-shape of the necklace would fit perfectly in the little dip at the front of her shirt and, with the matching earrings, would help bring that lovely hot pink color into the upper area of her look!

Hot Pink Taffy Set

The Hot Pink Taffy set is made with dyed quartz and is accented by Swarovski crystals in Crystal AB. The AB finish will also help the fun pink color glow by reflecting in all the facets!

Feeling Preppy

I found out about a super sale at Brooks Brothers late last week, so I had to take a quick shopping trip to check out the deal. How could I pass up 3 polos for $99??

Kinda Preppy

Kelly Green Preppy

Super Preppy in Pink and Green!

This sale is still going on, so be sure check it out quick! For more preppy fun, check out the Preppy Cafe (click here)!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Lovely Neutrals, Awesome Textures

It's taken me a couple days to get this outfit up but with good reason! Rather than just selecting one of my current designs, I actually designed a necklace to go with this outfit:

The first thing I noticed about this outfit was.....well....everything. The jacket and skirt had lovely textures - completely different - but lovely all the same. The jacket had a great knitted texture while the skirt had a pretty, contrasting flowly texture. Everything on this outfit was well-put-together - from the color scheme, to the fun shoes, to the perfectly manicured toes and fingernails! I considered recommending the "From the Tana" necklace, but I really would like to see the warm peach colors of the skirt pulled up to balance the neutral colors in the tops. So, I had to design something new:

Orangeade Cascade

This lovely necklace is made with peach chalcedony, peach freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals in Padparadscha. The necklace features an elegant cascade design to match the elegant feel of the skirt in the above outfit. Also, the outfit looks really expensive (I believe she said she got it from some boutique in Las Vegas), so an expensive necklace is a good fit at a retail value of right around $100. I know, it's pricey, but chalcedony is expensive!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Be My Myspace Friend!

"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend."
~Robert Louis Stevenson~

I've had a personal myspace for a few months now, and for those who don't know, let me warn you that it truly is addictive! I spent hours looking for lost friends and seeing what people were up to, and I was utterly amazed at how many people I found on there - I'm talkin friends from middle school!

Apparently the new thing to do is have a myspace for your business, so I've caved and created a myspace for my jewelry biz! Check me out: Find me and be my friend! I plan on posting info about new designs, specials, and all kinds of fun stuff! And do feel free to post comments - I love them!

Feeling Bubbly

Let me tell you...when the "tulip" skirt, or bubble skirt, first came out, I was NOT a fan. But yesterday, I was on my way to pick up lunch when I passed Miss Priss, a Lily Pulitzer store, that happens to carry some other hip designer clothes. Right there in the window was this black bubble skirt with a peachy colored bubble tank. I thought, what they heck...I'll just try it on for fun. I know what you're thinking....those are dangerous words, right? Needless to say, the skirt and tank came home with me:

Bubble Tank by Bordeaux

Bubble Skirt by Notice

The stand in the window had this skirt and tank worn together, but that's just too much volume for me! Yesterday, I had on some cute, black, slim capris by Banana Republic with some nice round toe heels by Kenneth Cole that looked great with the tank in the fitting room. I also had on a nice light pink cardigan set by Ann Taylor Loft that looked pretty darn good with the skirt. I'm sure I'll post these again with some outfit suggestions....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Jewelry Toy

I'm super pumped about my latest jewelry toy - a stamp to make my own personalized jewelry tags! Take a looksee:

I tried to fit "D Celestine Limited" on there....I really did! I even tried just "D Celestine." Sadly enough, "Celestine" is just a really long word! So, I went with just "DCL". I mean, I know you guys don't want to be walking around w/ a 1 foot tag on your necklace or bracelet! lol! That's crazy talk! Anywho, all new orders will come equipped with the first batch of my DCL tags! Hope you all like them!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Trendy Cinco de Mayo Celebrator!

I met this trendy gal on the bus to the Steeplechase a couple weekends ago. After seeing tons of girls in simple jeans and tank tops all Cinco de Mayo night long, I was so happy to see this girl wearing a funky and unique outfit:

Since the neckline isn't too high, and the outfit isn't, itself, too flashy, I'd love to see this look topped off with a unique necklace to continue the base theme. How about the Ios Necklace? A light green stone won't distract too much from the outfit as far as color goes, while the funky design of the piece will match the outfit well!

Great Shirt for a Great Cause

So, I was out for Cinco de Mayo at La Paz, a restaurant in town, when I saw these 2 girls walking around collecting money for some sort of breast cancer awareness event. When I saw the shirts they were wearing, I knew I just had to post them! Their shirts read, "Great Breasts are worth fighting for":

For these shirts, I recommend (obviously) my breast cancer awareness necklace. No further explanation really necessary, but you should know that I can make some super cute matching earrings and really fun bracelet!

For info on how to support their cause, go to In fact, they gave me a little info sheet after I took their picture, and here's what it said:

I'm walking 60 miles over three days to fight breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer 3-Day is a remarkable journey designed to raise funds and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Philanthropic Trust Breat Cancer Fund. I must raise at least $2,200 in order to participate, but I hope to raise much more! I invite you to support me and join the fight against breast cancer.

Register to walk or donate today:
(800) 996-3DAY

To donate, go to, select my 3-Day location, and click "donate" to search for my fundraising webpage. Or call (800) 996-3DAY.

Name: Laura LaPaglia
3-Day Location: Boston, MA
Supporter ID: 119016407

I took the liberty of looking up Laura's personal donation site, so you can go directly there by clicking here. As of today, she has raised $645, so help her out, donate a little, and support a good cause! Donations start at a mere $5!