Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vera Bradley Bermuda Blue Shopping Spree

Vera Bradley has retired their Bermuda Blue pattern - my fave! This means two things (good and bad):

1. Bad - they've retired my favorite pattern, so eventually, I won't be able to buy any more unless I scour ebay *sad face*
2. Good - most stores are putting their retired VB on sale - some at 25% off, so I can buy my fave pattern at a discount, giving me reason to buy more, of course *happy face*

Here's what I got when I found out about the sale:

So I went a lil' crazy - I'm just a shopaholic - it's what I do!

Laptop Bag - So I can look chic if I'm working with any jewelry clients - casual chic, that is. I'd need a Gucci or something for upscale chic (as well as an extra couple thou laying around with nothing else to spend it on so I could spend it on the Gucci)
Curling/Straightening Iron holder - A must-have for any girl! Not only do they keep your irons looking chic, they are awesome for the travelling fashionista. Even if your iron is still hot, you can put it into this heat-protectant case to save the rest of your luggage
Purse - awesome for toting around every day or for a fun-filled vacation - especially good for vacations, actually, b/c all the pockets and space allow you to carry all your tourist essentials - bottled water, digital camera, ID, credit cards, lip gloss, etc.
Duffel Bag - So I can look cute when I'm on my way to the gym. You don't want to toss your change of clothes in a ratty old bag, do you? Not that it's not acceptable, but why not look cute at all times? Think about what Stacy and Clinton would say!

Are you a fan of Vera Bradley? Hit up your local VB selling shop soon before all the good styles run out! I believe they also retired Nantucket Navy, Hope Toile (orange-y pink), and Citrus (read flourescent yellow-green). Click here to view the patterns

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Beach Cover-Up - Summer 2007

I noticed a trend this weekend related to my personal style. Of all the things I could have worn over my bikini as a beach cover-up, I wore soft, crinkly, cotton skirts again and again...much like this one:

This is what I wore to go on a sunset stroll with my honey. I had a white bikini underneath in case we decided to get in the water again (which we didn't b/c it got pretty darn cold at night), which I paired with a white, casual, cotton skirt and white cropped sweatshirt. It was super comfy and I liked how the wind would catch my skirt now and again - not a la Marilyn Monroe or anything, just a slight, girly swirl of the skirt. Anywho, I just wore the skirt because it was kinda cold...most days I paired my skirts with lightweight tank tops or simply T-Shirts.

Cotton Skirt - American Eagle
Bikini - Candie's
Cropped Sweatshirt - Gap

Cropped & Cute

Do you ever bring home something you just bought that you know is really cute, but you're not sure exactly what to wear it with, so you just start putting random outfits together? That's what I did with a new pair of shorts I bought at The Limited before my vacation a few days ago. The Limited was running a promo (not sure if it's still going or not) for 50% off select cropped pants and shorts, so these bad boys were only $22.50!

The shorts are a pretty, satin-y material with a removeable sash for a belt. I paired them with a camisole, cropped eyelet jacket, and simple black heels. The camisole is also from The Limited - they have the best camis! I love them b/c they're stretchy without being tight, they're tagless, they don't have a built-in-bra (I hate those), and they come in a ton of colors. They are a must-have in my book.

Camisole - The Limited
Cropped, Eyelet Jacket - lotus
Satin-y Shorts - The Limited
Black Heels - Enzo

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Charleston Style on a Budget

Here are some must-haves if you're headed for a warm-weather Charleston, SC vacation this summer 2007:

Cute Flip-Flops

J Crew Leather Capri sandals - $48

If you think you need to wear heels everywhere you go in Charleston, think again. Flip flops are not only acceptible, but pretty much the norm here - from day to night. Of course, if you're going to fancy-schmancy restaurant, you may want to take some heels in your tote, but with the cobblestone roads and all the walking, some comfy (yet still cute) shoes are a must.

Seersucker Anything

Old Navy Women's Strapless Seersucker Dress - $36.50

Seersucker is IMO a classic southern style fabric. Not only is it stylish, but it's super lightweight and comfy making it ideal in this very warm and very humid weather. I never see as much seersucker as I do in Charleston.

A Cute, Cotton Cover-Up

Old Navy Women's Strapless Crepe Dress - $34.50

For the beach, the pool, or just a comfy outfit to wear out-and-about, a cute, cover-up (like the one I found at Gap earlier) is a great item to bring on your Charleston vacation. I've been staying at the beach my whole trip and the cutest cover-ups have been little strapless dresses, not to mention I've seen these same dresses around town.

For anyone headed on vacation in the South (not Charleston), these same must-haves would likely work for any Southern vacation this summer. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Off to Charleston!

Well chicas, I'm off to the beach - Charleston, SC, actually. I'll post everyone's comments when I get back, most likely, since I'll have limited access to the internet while on vacation. If I see any good fashion, I'll try to get some shots to share with you, but I'm hoping to spend most of my time at the beach! ;)

In the meantime, I leave you with this:

Vera Bradley Capri Melon Straw Tote - $76

This is the beach tote I bought specifically for this trip. I'll let you know how it works out, but so far it seems pretty sturdy, and it's definitely super cute. I also got the
matching beach towel and flip flops b/c I'm just a shopaholic - It's what I do.

Tah-tah! Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

NOTE: Image and item from

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shop Safely Shopaholics!

I went with my SO to the mall tonight (just to look around...of course!) and something very disturbing happened - I think someone was following me for awhile. So here's what happened...

I had just picked up a cute tank top at Banana Republic and made my way to J Crew (meanwhile my honey was shopping Polo at Belks). Just as I stepped inside the store, I happened to look back and notice a man standing just outside the store (like two feet from the door) looking around kinda confused and kinda glancing at me. I started to look at the clothes at the front of the store and realized that the man had also stepped into the store - mind you, the women's clothes are in the front of the store. I looked at him again and he was looking at me. I started to slowly make my way further inside the store and would stop at every other rack turning to see if the man was still there. He was! He was still at the first round table at the front of the store, half-heartedly looking at the clothes on the table and I swear every time I looked at him, he was looking at me. Well, I decided to let him know that I'd seen him looking at me by giving him a couple glares. Then, I called my SO and by that time, the man was gone. Luckily, my SO was with me, so I didn't have to leave the mall, but how freaky is that? Call me paranoid, but I don't think there's anything wrong with minding your surroundings. In fact, this brings me to my point...

Tip of the Day - Pay attention to your surroundings and those around you when you're shopping - even in places you feel safe like the mall you've been going to for years. If you see the same person or persons seemingly in every store you go into, they may be following you. If you think someone is following you, don't freak out - stay calm, but try to go somewhere where there are lots of people - personally, I wouldn't leave the mall/store alone - I'd try to have security walk me out or have a friend pick me up. If you feel really threatened, see if a store associate can help you or possibly even call security/police. Anywho, I'm not the best resource for safety tips, so here's an article on general safety tips (click here - there are a couple pop-ups so make sure your blocker is on)

Anywho, one good thing that happened on this shopping trip is the purchase of some new J Crew heels. I bought the Phoebe peep-toe heels like these, but in off-white (yes, I have these shoes in flats but brown - I wouldn't be a shopaholic if I didn't, right?):

Phoebe leather peep-toe heels - normally $178
Can you believe these babies were on sale in the store for only $99?! To sweeten the deal, they were also an additional 25% off - that's a steal of a deal! Yay! Cute shoes on sale and my honey to walk me safely to my car!

Shop safely everyone!

NOTE: Image and item from

Monday, May 21, 2007

How To Dress Yourself Taller

Shopaholic sweetie, Catlin, writes in a bunch of questions related to the same idea - how to make yourself look taller:

"I am only 5 ft 1 and I weigh 90 pounds.
Are there any clothes that are definite no-no's when you're as short as me?
What should I absolutely have in my wardrobe, to make me look a bit taller?
I really like prints but in lots of magazines they say that short ppl should stick to one color to make it more lengthy. What do you think about that?
Is a one piece swimsuit flattering for my small body? I just bought one but I really don't know if a bikini is a better idea. I took pictures but I still don't know if it's a good choice. I'm afraid it makes me look bulky.
The big bags are in right now and I do like them but I always opt for smaller/medium sized bags because I think a big bag will look too big on me. Do you agree?
I also think wintercoats a bit over the knee are not a good choice for me. I have a beautiful coat but I never wear it because I think it doesn't look as good as a short one. Do you think so too?"

As I've said before, I claim no fashion expertise, I can only offer up my personal opinion, and if any readers disagree, then comment on with your take on the question. Now then...

Hey Catlin,

This is a good question - I'm sure there are lots more petites out there like you who are wondering the same things. First of all, I think you shouldn't worry so much about being short. You can only cover up or hide so much, so sometimes you just gotta work with what you have and by that, I mean, rock your pretty petite figure, girl! After all, being petite isn't such a bad thing. That being said, there are definitely a few things you can do to add some height to your look. Let's go over your questions in order:

"I am only 5 ft 1 and I weigh 90 pounds.
Are there any clothes that are definite no-no's when you're as short as me?

I've heard before that shorter ladies shouldn't wear skirts that hit mid-calf or a bit below the knee - they cut off your leg line, making you appear shorter. Opt for skirts that hits at or just above (i.e. maybe a half inch) your knee.

What should I absolutely have in my wardrobe, to make me look a bit taller?
A good pair of heels - not necessarily 5 inchers or anything - go with your comfort level, but heels instantly add inches to your height.
Also, look for vertical stripes and V-neck tops - they add visual length and will make you appear a bit taller. For work, opt for a pinstripe suit - they'll lengthen you and they're super chic.
Shop for clothes that fit really well - While well-fitting clothes add visual length, baggy clothes add visual width, making you look shorter.
Look for accessories that add visual length - long necklaces, stiletto earrings, maybe try a long scarf? Play around and see what you really like.

I really like prints but in lots of magazines they say that short ppl should stick to one color to make it more lengthy. What do you think about that?
Again, you can only hide your height so much. If you are dying to wear some prints, I say wear them! If you feel haute in prints, then wear them - who cares what anyone else thinks? Just because you're short, you should be banned from wearing fun prints? I think not!

Is a one piece swimsuit flattering for my small body? I just bought one but I really don't know if a bikini is a better idea. I took pictures but I still don't know if it's a good choice. I'm afraid it makes me look bulky.
I just saw my friend (who is about 4'10") at the pool rockin' a bikini and I thought she looked good and would have looked equally chic in a one-piece. I say wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, but if you go for a one-piece, keep the previous tip in mind and opt for a V-neck top.
Here's a cute suit - slight V-Neck and vertical stripes in the bamboo:

MICHAEL Michael Kors One Piece Bathing Suit - $98

Here's another one - solid color (in case you don't want a print) - deep V:

BCBG Max Azria One Piece Bathing Suit - $138

Images and items from

The big bags are in right now and I do like them but I always opt for smaller/medium sized bags because I think a big bag will look too big on me. Do you agree?
I agree - I'd stick with the smaller/medium size. I think the super-huge bag isn't that attractive anyways.

I also think wintercoats a bit over the knee are not a good choice for me. I have a beautiful coat but I never wear it because I think it doesn't look as good as a short one. Do you think so too?
Same thing with the skirt (see above). However, if you have a beautiful coat and you love it, there's no reason to not wear it just because you think it makes you look a tad bit shorter. Of course, now that you know you don't like the slightly longer coats, you'll know better what type of coat to shop for in the future.

Live & learn, but rock those looks you love in the meantime! I think you should wear the clothes that make you feel fabulous. If you're super self-conscious about your height, then maybe stick to the fashion rules you've heard, but if you're so-so and just trying to add height, in addition to some of the tips you've heard before and read here, I'd stick to clothes that make you feel confident and happy. Afterall, you can't please everyone, so why not make yourself happy?

Anyone else have any tips for looking taller?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Super Sexy Stilettos - Summer 2007

How haute are these stilettos?

Jimmy Choo Disco Sandals - $750

A great addition to any fashionista's Summer 2007 shoe collection (for those lucky ladies who afford them). Theses sexy stilettos would be the perfect compliment for your favorite LBD.

If you like the look, but not the pricetag, these are still expensive (in my book), but less than half the price of the Choos:

Stuart Weitzman Dressmaker - $285.00

Btw, not sure how long it will last, but Zappos is offering Free Overnight Shipping! How sweet is that?

NOTE: First image and item from; second from

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Casual Chic

It's Friday! Yay! Friday means you can dress slightly more casual than you usually do at the least it does in my book - there are still people who wear suits at the bank of Fridays, but overall, the dress code goes down a slight notch. It's funny how different the dress codes are between the different bank buildings. For example, at one building, people wear khakis and polos every day, but at the building I'm in, you can't wear polos...period. I guess that's what happens when you work in the same building as the traders, investment bankers, and even the CEO. Anywho, this is what I wore today:

I made this necklace a couple nights ago and wanted to wear something to match my necklace :)

3/4 Length Brown Top - Banana Republic
White Skirt - Banana Republic
Peep Toe & Bow Leather Flats - J Crew
Mica Quartz & Freshwater Pearl Necklace - D Celestine - that's me!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hair Salon Styling - And I Don't Mean Hair

Today was just hot...after I left the bank (in my long pants and long-sleeved button down shirt), I wanted nothing more than to change into something more lightweight to offset the warm weather. Not to mention, I had a hair appointment and I remembered the last time I went to the salon it was on the warmer side. Anywho, I wanted to wear something cooler and on the chic side...afterall, I was on my way to a hip hair salon here in town. I decided to do something in black:

I love this tank top - it's kinda edgy, yet girly, and even sparkly all at the same time. It's also super comfy, which you guys know, is always a plus for me. I wore some simple black shorts and heels.

Blank tank top - bebe
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Black Heels - Enzo Angiolini

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chic Beach Cover-Up to Cute Dress

I think I may need this for my Charleston vacation coming up in a couple weeks - a cute cover-up is a must-have for a beach vacation:

Convertible Bandeau Dress - only $34.50
Image and item from

Used as a bathing suit cover-up, this dress would be great for those days you want to go straight from the pool or beach to a restaurant/bar

Monday, May 14, 2007

Adorable Loose-Fitting Dress for Summer 2007

I want this dress:

Velvet - Gretta in Midnight
Image and item from

It's very Nicole Richie, no?

...on drawback - the web site says this is a top, yet it comes up when you click on Dresses. I wonder if this would be too short to wear as a dress if you aren't a super-rich celebutante? Hmmm...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Haute Date Night Dress

After spending the weekend away, my SO surprised me with a date night to The Melting Pot, meaning not only would I have a great dinner with my sweetie, but I'd also have the perfect excuse to wear that new dress I bought awhile back:

I love how the look is slightly reminiscent of Nicole Kidman's infamous huge bow/red dress look earlier this year (except not nearly as statement-making).

Dress - Arden B
Shoes - Cole Haan

Friday, May 11, 2007

Haute Flats For Work-Chic Style 2007

Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to find cute flats for work?

Here are some simple but super cute options to make your business casual outfit a tad more on the comfortable side, while still maintaining your style:

Report "Cassie" Peep-Toe Flat - $49
Image and item from
Not quite as dressy as the next two, but certainly easier on the pocket.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Open Toe Ballet Flat - $97.95
I love MK, not to mention you can rock these metallic cuties with black or brown - who doesn't like a lil' extra versatility?
Image and item from

Phoebe Leather Peep-Toe Flats - $148
I actually have these in brown and I love them! Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Most definitely - they are so chic and comfy!
Image and item from

Anyone else know of some cute flats for work?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Reader Question: Peasant Blouse

Shopaholic sweetie, NormaGail, asks, "Where can I find a pair of wide leg trousers or jeans, am also looking for one of those blouses that have a peasant look with the big sleeves and that are meant to be tucked into the wide legged pants ?"

(For my "I'm-no-fashion-expert-disclaimer", click here)

Hey Norma, Since I wasn't sure about your colors or budget, I found three options for you. The tops I found are slightly modernized peasant tops, which I think will add some extra chic to your peasant top and wide-leg look:

Banana Republic Jersey Peasant Top - $44
Probably the most normal-peasanty-looking top of the group - simple and comfy

Kenneth Cole Reaction Swing Top - $99
I love how this top is lacy b/c lacy looks haute with wide leg pants - the femininity of the top balances out the menswear-style look of wide-leg-pants.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Broderie Anglaise Top - $268
Clean lines with ornate details that add extra style to the overall look

Happy Shopping!

NOTE: Images from,, and, respectively

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Louis Worth Loving

Ahh...the Louis Vuitton purse - one of the classic It Bags - a must-have for every fashionista's wardrobe (I don't have one yet...I bought my first LV for my mom's b-day this year instead of for just myself...though I did get the Chanel a few weeks later - it was her first Louis and I was proud to give it to her). I have to admit...the LV can be a tad boring and overdone at times...sometimes you get sick of looking at all those LV's everywhere - especially with all the fakes out there. Personally, I'm not a fan of the fakes...I guess b/c I usually buy the designer goods as a way to treat successes, not to impress random people. I'd rather have one real designer tote than 10 fauxs, but that's just me.

Anywho, while browsing the web tonight, I finally found an LV tote with the classic monogram that is truly chic and relatively affordable (for designer, of course). For anyone shopping for their next It bag, or even their first It bag, check this out - one of Louis's latest looks:

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Beverly MM $1,090.00 (for Mother's Day 2007)

I love, love, love this! C'est chic, non?

NOTE: Image and item from

Monday, May 07, 2007

Reader Question: Stockings

Shopaholic sweetie, Tina, asks, "Is there any rule to wearing stockings with skirts? Should it be with a skirt of a particular style/length only? Is it too mature for a 27 year old?"

Before I answer, let me preface this with a couple "disclaimers". I've seen some nasty comments on blogs by people who get all pissy that the bloggers are claiming to be experts (even though most of them aren't). I am no fashion expert. I have not gone to fashion school and have no formal training. I can only say what is my opinion and talk about my personal style and if you don't agree, please feel free to leave a comment. I never intend for my answers or styling tips to be the final say whatsoever...In fact, I'd love to hear what some other readers think, so feel free to comment on!

Phew! Ok, that being said...

I've never actually worn stockings. I wear knee-highs nearly every day I wear dress pants to work (unless I'm wearing peep-toes, b/c you just can't really wear hose/knee-highs with peeps IMO). If I wear a dressy skirt to work - a pencil skirt or A-line skirt - I usually wear hose (again, unless I'm wearing peeps). It seems common practice at the bank (a location of pretty formal dressing) for ladies to wear some sort of leg covering under skirts, and by "ladies", I mean well-dressed sophisticates of all ages - recent college graduates to those about to retire. Come to think of it...maybe I should get some stockings - I bet they'd be more comfy that pantyhose!

I'm actually not a fan of hose/knee-highs in general b/c I don't think they're very comfortable, but I find them very appropriate for work and they seem to make the non-peep-toe heels easier to wear. Pretty much the only time I wear hose/knee-highs is to work. If I'm wearing a daytime skirt, I'm probably wearing sandals (from Rainbows to strappy heels), meaning I couldn't really wear hose, even if I wanted to...which I usually don't. Also, when I wear semi-formal to formal dresses - for special events or even dressy-dinner-dates, I don't usually wear hose...just my personal preference and really more of a comfort thing than anything else. answer your question, no, I don't think stockings are too mature for 27. I just think they need to be worn on the right occasions, which in my book are usually work-related. For daytime or nighttime looks, I prefer to go without. If you do want to wear them to work, which I find 100% appropriate, you're probably not going to wear anything about your knee (at least not too far above your knee) anyways, so a length just above the knee and lower should be just fine - I wouldn't go much higher don't want the stockings to show.

Here are some modern stockings for you working women:

SPANX via (photo and item) - 'Her Thighness' Thigh High Stockings

So, shopaholic readers...what do you guys think?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

From Work To Play - 3 Skirts That Transition Nicely From Day to Night

Here are three skirts that you can wear to the office and easily transition to a more nighttime setting...selected for three budgets:

3.1 Phillip Lim Rosette Detail Skirt
Image and item from

Banana Republic - Cotton/Linen Textured Pencil Skirt
Image and item from

Women's Essential Pencil Skirt
Image and item from

Cocktails after 5 anyone?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fashion Friend Finale - Week 5/5/2007

Couture in the City shows us we're not the only ones adoring gray - including Ashley Simpson and Pete Wentz - Source

Much props to So Fash'on for pushing the style envelope in her town - something you guys know I like to do every once in awhile ;)

I want the Charlotte Ronson top that The Daily Obsession found online recently.

Frugal Fashionista shows us how to style an outfit like one worn recently by Rebecca Gayheart (an outfit I just may have to try myself sometime soon - b/c it's super cute and Simply Chic)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pushing the Biz Casual Envelope

Most people who know me would probably say I'm pretty conservative. For the the most part...this is true. Sometimes, though, with certain things, I like to shake things up a bit. For example, for some reason, I really like to try to take things a person may not normally wear to work and make them work appropriate. So far, the one key that seems to work best is pairing a nice blazer with a look. I think besides that, the key is keeping your outfit edgy while still looking appropriate. For example, you can wear a casual skirt like the one below a lot easier than you could wear a mini or super tight pencil skirt, or a low cute button down shirt.

Here's what I wore earlier this week:

This skirt is probably more likely to be worn to a casual outdoor event than to a bank for a 9-5, but for some reason, it seems to work. I think the longer length of the skirt paired with the blazer and the neutral heels make the look slightly more appropriate than how I would wear it during the day - with a white tank top and espadrilles.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who's That Necklace?

Shopaholic sweetie, CTPrep, asks "I like the color combination. What kind of necklace are you wearing?" in this picture (click).

I made it! It's one of my jewelry designs that I created using a vintage gold-plated pendant with 14/20K gold-fill chain and gemstones - amazonite and bronzite. It's a great necklace because it's super versatile, and the longer length is one of the trendier accessory looks this season. Here's the larger photo:

D Celestine Limited (aka me) - "Pocket Change Necklace"
Click for details

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Running Errands in Style

Oh yea...I've definitely been watching too much What Not to Wear. Stacy and Clinton, you guys really get me thinking before I leave my house...which I think in the end is a good thing. Here's what I wore to go out for pizza with my SO and to pay my Neiman Marcus bill (yea...I had to go to the mall to make my payment on time)

The green and gray are an unusual color-combo for me, but I'm trying to create some outfits outside of my normal comfort range:

I love how comfy-chic this outfit is - the wide-leg pants and the loose-fitting tank are nice and flowy!

Wide-Leg Pants - Grey Ant
Basket Weave Top - Banana Republic
Gold Espadrilles - Michael Kors