Saturday, March 28, 2009

Infatuated with J Crew Spring 2009

I am so in love with J Crew's spring collection. I want one of everything, but since I'm not independently wealthy, I'll have to settle for none or maybe 1 or 2 things (since I know I've already purchased some other things that were such good deals, I couldn't pass them up).

Statement Necklace

Sunray necklace - $150
Would it be wrong to spend the majority of my shopping budget on this gorgeous statement piece? I'm thinking it could be a good investment if I can use it to dress up a lot of my spring '09 outfits. With this baby, you can make a T-shirt look fab!

Girly Top

Viscose ruffle-sleeve tank - ON SALE - $29 (from $42)
Besides cardigans, my other clothing staples are tank tops. I don't like sleeves, so cute tank tops are a must for me! This one, with the adorable ruffles, is a winner and the price doesn't hurt. Hmm...Maybe I should hit up the mall today before this baby gets snatched up?

Bright Bottom

Metallic-silk mini - ON SALE - $58 (from $78)
I feel like I'm finally getting my staple bottoms down, so now it's time to play. I normally don't do orange in my wardrobe (I have nothing against it, it's just not the first color I'm drawn to) but there's something about this skirt that I simply love!

Cutesy Cardigan

Cotton-cashmere ruffle cardigan - $68 love. I don't have any...wait...I only have 1 short-sleeved cardigan and this cutesy, ruffly one would make a great addition to my current cardigan collection. I also this this cardigan would look awesome with that sunray necklace I'm currently craving.

Perfectly Pastel Pumps

Joley patent-leather peep toes - $198
I think I've mentioned before, but J Crew is one of my fave brands for shoes - they are so comfortable. I have learned the hard way that only their round-toe or peep-toe shoes are comfortable for me, personally, because I have wider feet. How gorge are these baby-pink pumps!? Love them...want them...

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Want: Gap - The new V-neck cardigan

My dress code at work is business casual and my fave article of clothing for such a dress code is the cardigan - the ultimate layering essential, IMO.

This one by Gap is so cute - especially those little buttons on the cuffs!

Gap - The new V-neck cardigan - $44

I want one in every color, though I think I'll have to settle for just adding 1 or 2 to my wardrobe. I'm feeling the black and turquoise colors.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dinner Date Outfit with Hubby

It's been a bit of a struggle for me to post as often as usual since I've been working on paying off my credit card, my laptop died, though I replaced a few months later with a Mac, and because I lost my photo editing software and can't afford to buy it again. Phew! It's tough to get in the mood to shop when you're trying to save every penny to get rid of stupid debt!

The good news is that I paid off my credit card (Yay!), but the new bad news (bad for shopping) is that we're saving for a house, so I'm still going to have to be tight on finances. I know I can still get some good shopping in on a budget, so I'm hoping to rekindle my love of bargain shopping.

Hubby and I went out for a simple date night a couple weekends ago so I got a little dressed up but not too much.

I got to wear some new booties I purchased recently. I almost wore skinny jeans so I could show off the shoes more, but I didn't feel them that night. At least you guys can see them. :)

Jeans - Banana Republic
Tank Top - Forever 21
Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
Booties - Forgot the brand...will have to update later