Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gap - Early Spring 2010

As I blog in front of my space heater for extra warmth on this extra cold day, Gap reveals it's early Spring 2010 collection. While I don't have any intentions of actually wearing these clothes yet in these frigid conditions, I don't mind shopping them online.

Here are my faves:

Chambray drawstring shirt dress - $59.50
Ahh...the classic shirtdress. This one seems to have a nice, roomy cut with a flirty edge.

Hip slung easy flare denim pants - $54.50
A nice pair of denim is a must in my wardrobe. If I didn't already have a pair, I may scope these out.

Floral cardigan - $44.50
I love cardigans, but this floral number will add a punch of fun with the pattern and colors. The blue-green one is really nice, too.

Double-breasted shawl cardigan - $69.50
I don't love the colors of this (for my skin tone), but I do love the cut. Also available in navy.

Button cuff roll-up T - $19.50
I need t-shirts. I NEED them. I can't find any I like. Gap typically has nice ones. I like the cuff details on this number.

The ultimate cardigan - $49.50
I'm a cardigan-olic. You can't have enough, really, and this number is available in a plethora of colors.

Button detail boatneck T - $22.50
Like I said...I NEED t-shirts. I love the boatneck cut and button details on this one. I have a couple from a few years ago with long sleeves and those little shoulder buttons and they are some of my faves.

What are you shopping for this Spring 2010?

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Dress for Any Occasion

So...I haven't been shopping. Not. At. All. Not really in stores and not really online, save an occasional browse or pass-through. I'm trying to save money for other things (like our new house) and can't really put money towards clothes - ESPECIALLY not when I already have so much I can barely contain it all!

However, I think some window shopping here or there would be healthy and help me see how people are styling clothes so I can style what I already have. I will be making purchases once in awhile, but not like I used to.

Lately, I've been craving dresses. I've decided I need a single red statement dress for holiday parties. I browsed online today in search of dresses and though I didn't find any red ones, I did find lots of other pretty ones.

A Dress for Any Occasion:

New Year's Eve Party

J Crew - Silk taffeta Karyn dress - $295
This metallic number will help you be the life of the party. So festive!

Classy Night Out

Banana Republic - Colorblock Dress Waist Dress - $130
The classic lines of this dress help you look sexy and appropriate.

Daytime Dress-Up

Modcloth - So Chic in Batik dress - $54.99
Pair this with tights and slouchy boots for a fab daytime look - shopping with the girls, getting groceries (what? some people dress up even for grocery shopping!), or running errands

Date Night

Anthropologie - Abstract Adornment Dress - $248
The deep winter hues of this fun pattern paired with the simple lines and fun jeweled necklace of this dress make you sophisticated-sexy.

What types of dresses are you shopping for (if any)?

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