Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blazer Up an LBD For Work

Remember this cute, cotton Gap dress? Add some sweet pumps and a dressy blazer (and a camisole, if your top is low-cut) to a simple, cotton dress to make it totally work-appropriate and 100% chic:

Besides the LBD, I highly recommend a simple, chic blazer to add to your collection. A great blazer, especially from a suit set, can make almost anything work appropriate (yea, not anything, but you know what I mean). Invest in a good one to get a good cut and a blazer that will last you awhile in wear and classic style.

Dress - Gap
Camisole - The Limited
Cotton Chino Blazer - Banana Republic
Linen Peep-Toe Pumps - Banana Republic
Vintage Lucite Earrings - D Celestine Limited

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Casual, Summertime Chic

The weather forecast for today said to expect sunny skies...lots of humidity, yes, but the sun was what I wanted to hear more about. I decided to break out my white pants. I don't think that you're "technically" supposed to wear this until after Memorial Day or something...but who really cares about that any more?

With all these Zumba classes, I'm finally starting to fit into my spring/summer pants from last year. I just had an hour long class tonight and it kicked my hiney. For anyone who goes to a Y where they offer Zumba, I highly recommend checking it out - it's super fun and a great work-out - better than running on a treadmill, so the teacher says...I think b/c in Zumba you move your arms and legs a lot and it's very cardiovascular, but I'll just trust my teacher since she's the expert! :)

Seersucker Jacket - New York & Co
White T-Shirt - Gap
White dress pants - Banana Republic
Belt - Banana Republic
Leather flats with bows - J Crew
Butterfly Purse - J Crew

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ladylike Chic

I work in one of the more formal high-rises in uptown, so I see lots and lots of suits. One thing that I've been getting into lately, that I didn't think I would, is the pencil skirt. Ok, so it probably helps that pencil skirts are all the rage, so in a way, it's kinda cool to have a good reason to wear pencil skirts to work. I love a feminine blouse tucked into a nice pencil skirt...especially paired with a waist-level belt to make the look a tad more modern and this belt is patent!:

You can't tell from the photo, but the blouse is actually off-white with mini-black polka cute!

Pencil skirt - Banana Republic
Black/Off-White Polka Dot Blouse - Banana Republic
Belt - Nordstrom (don't remember the brand)
Shoes - Michael Kors

Monday, April 23, 2007

Casual Chic - Dinner Night Out

I've been inspired by watching "What Not to Wear", so I've been trying to make more of an effort to try to dress up a tad...wherever I go. After a long day of the day job and a Zumba class at the Y, I didn't feel like dressing up much, so I just put on this:

Skinny jeans, a simple, long white tank, gold sandals, and a
blazer to dress the whole look up just a bit (as I've mentioned before)

Skinny jeans - Guess
Tank - Banana Republic
Blazer & Purse - Ann Taylor Loft
Gold Sandals - J Crew

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fashion Friend Finale - Week 4/21/07

Couture in the City gives you a wrap of of Life & Style's latest trend repots.

Catwalk Queen gives us another reason to leave the Crocs at home

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Friday, April 20, 2007

V-Tech Outfit Today

People everywhere wore maroon and orange today to show sympathy and support for the victims killed Monday on the day Virginia Tech is calling "Orange and Maroon Effect Day." My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims, so I wanted to show what little support I could. Here's what I wore:

I realize the sweater isn't exactly maroon, but I don't have anything that color in my wardrobe...nor do I have gold, so this was the best I could do last minute, and I did want to show support today. I guess the leopard print shoes have some gold in them...kinda sorta.

Did anyone else wear maroon and gold today?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chic Daytime Skirt

Check out this chic summer skirt I found while browing's latest wares:

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Cotton Tulip Skirt - $218

According to the web site, this skirt is one of their "Summer Chic For Less." I don't know about you, but this skirt is on the expensive side for my budget. Either way, I think it's either a good deal or a worthy investment (whatever your budget). Scoop one up today to take your outfit up a notch this summer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Awesome Aqua Dress

Wow, I think I'm in love with this awesome aqua dress: - London Times Ruched-Waist Halter Dress - $139.00

I love how pretty and flowy this dress is and how the ruched band around the waist breaks up the vertical fluidity just a tad, adding personality to the dress without the addition of another color...not to mention I just love turquoise, in general. This dress would make a great daytime or nighttime date dress - just switch out your accessories for the time of day. This dress would also work well as a wedding dress (for a guest, not the bride, of course) - especially for a fun summer wedding.

Add some dangly earrings and call it a day! Pair with silver strappy shoes to create an overall posh look.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gorgeous Grays for Summer 2007

ShopBop is having a sale for those tax blues. Treat yourself to some new chic sweets for getting your taxes done on time, and you may even save enough money to get yourself a spa pedi to boot.

Use code "TAXBREAK2007" on and save $20 off orders of $100, $50 off orders of $250, and $100 off orders of $500! Don't forget ShopBop offers Free ground shipping every day, so you can shop from the convenience of your couch without the yucky shipping charges.

Here are some of my fave picks in cool gray/silver hues for Summer 2007:

Young Fabulous & Broke - Racer Back Mixed Media Tank Top $92

LOVE from Ya-Ya - Rage Dress $198

Tashkent by Cheyenne - The Speedie Wedge in Leather $405

Pair these gorgeous grays with simply sweet metallic silver shoes and accessories.

NOTE: Images and items from

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chic Prom 2007 Dresses For Three Budgets

Prom season is here! It's that time of the year when girls everywhere are on the lookout for the hottest prom dresses so they can be the envy of every other high-schooler for at least one special night. Here are some haute prom 2007 dresses for you future-fashionistas - chosen for three budgets:

Surefire Steal - $73.50 - Trixxi Flyaway Gown with Rhinestones
As most of you probably already know, black is always a "safe" color...but more than being safe, black is always chic, slimming, and surefire winner. I like how the straps on this dress have a slightly Grecian feel, how the rhinestones add extra glam, and how the cut of the skirt makes this dress stand out from the crowd.

Slight Stretch - $136 - De La Ru Stretch Satin Halter Dress
The color red in and of itself is always a great attention-getter. The halter straps are great for showing off awesome shoulders, the satin makes the dress sassy, and the brooch keeps the dress from being generic. Overall, the dress is simply stunning.

Serious Splurge - $239 - 52787 (strange name, non?)
Pretty in purple! The crinkly/ruffly fabric makes this look fun but what I really love about this dress are the straps across the back. I'm such a sucker for this style...maybe b/c of my figure skating background, but I think criss-cross straps like the ones on this fab number are simply beautiful and add extra personality to the style.

Happy prom 2007 dress shopping, darlings!

NOTE: Images and items from respective web sites

Friday, April 13, 2007

Dress Up Your Look With a Chic Blazer

Ok, so my latest project (day job) is in a bank where everyone wears black/white/blue and every once in awhile, a couple other colors. Luckily for me, I'm just a consultant, so I like to try to bend the rules...just a bit, of course. Late in the week this week, the weather finally started warming up again, so I decided to bring some warm-weather attire to the bank with this outfit:

The skirt is probably a bit risque for a bank - not that it's tight or anything, but it is a bit on the casual side. Ok, it's pretty far on the casual side, but by adding a blazer to the outfit, the look becomes a bit more dressy. I actually didn't wear the espadrilles to the office...I need to see if any other girls wear them there first, but I think they look prety good with the outfit, overall.

Shopping tip for you hauties - invest in a couple really nice blazers. Pick out a really nice blazer here and there and use them to create outfits. Pull colors from the blazer and you can make a neutral, slightly dull outfit, more fun or dressy or sexy - all depending on what kind of blazer you pair it with!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sassy Swimwear for Thirtysomethings

Shopaholic sweetie, "Norma" asks, "I am the 32 yr old with a dressing young complex !! What bikini would you recommend for an older woman ?"

Well Norma, you act like 32 is old...I don't think 32 is old at all! As far as bikinis, you should be able to wear nearly anything you want (within reason, of course). I mean, take a look at celebs these days...

Penelope Cruz is right around your age, and she looks great! You even have some celebs well into their 40s and 50s still rockin the bikini, which means at your young age of a mere 32, you're good to go! I'd say that when shopping for bikinis, there are a couple things to keep in mind when you're wanting to dress age-appropriate.

1. Mind the stores you're shopping - If you're shopping in "teeny-bopper" shops for your latest summer 2007 bikini, then you're probably going to get something a tad too young for you.
2. Pick a classy pattern - If you're really worried about looking "appropriate" in your bikini, then you may want to err on the side of conservative when it comes to patterns. Stick with stripes, florals, polka dots, and, of course solids, but shy away from all-over metallic or super flashy prints, like leopard-print.
3. Same goes for the cut - Shy away from too skimpy a cut. I mean, you don't want to wear the two piece that is practically a one piece, but I wouldn't do a string bikini top AND bottom. It'd probably be best to go with a string top and a slightly more covering bottom, like Penelope' know...balance everything out.
4. Get a cute cover-up (like this sarong) to match your swimwear...or at least one that matches your favorite bathing suit. I love my cover-up that I got from Victoria Secret...they're great for those moments you're feeling a bit self-conscious, but they look hot too!

Here are a couple suits I found online to give you an idea:

Hot Mama!

Guess - This suit is a tad more risque than the others, but would be great for those days you're feeling extra sexy or want to look great for your next vacation with your SO

Just Beautiful

La Blanca via - this suit offers more coverage in both the top and bottom, but still looks great. It's just beautiful! This suit would make a great addition for those days you're feeling extra classy.

Simply Sweet

Lilly Pulitzer is the queen of southern charm and southern class when it comes to dressing...I mean, I wouldn't say Lilly has the most work-appropriate stuff if you work in a bank, etc., but especially for daytime or beach wear, her styles are just fun and classy! This pink, polka-dot suit is simply sweet for those days you're feeling cutesy.

The middle one is probably my favorite for you, just because it has a little more coverage, while still looking young, fresh, and oh-so-beautiful! Of course, all the tips here are just my personal opinions, and you may have to switch them around a bit to fit your body type and personal style, but hopefully, they help a bit. Happy shopping!

:) D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Red Haute Swimwear for Summer 2007

Check out all the gorge swimwear I found on the web for my favorite hauties!

Sexy Zebra Striped Bikini

Guess - $96 for both (click for details)
Animal prints are almost always hot, but for some reason, zebra stripes seem just a tad more classy than some of the others out there. Pair with some black, over-sized designer shades for sizzling swimwear style.

Adorable Floral

Betsey Johnon on - $144 (click for details)
I think I'm in love...this bathing suit is just so cute...florals are a classic swimwear pattern, and just look at those adorable ruffles! I think this suit would look good on my ghetto booty, which Anonymous from my last post so "kindly"!

Decidely Designer

Emilio Pucci on - $360 (click for details)
Beach chic with a designer pattern to boot - this suit is super gorge for summer 2007 and is sure to get attention of guys and girls alike! Guys will love the sexy cut and girls will ogle over your obviously Pucci-patterned suit!

Happy swimwear shopping, ladies! It's time to get your swimswear-shopping on!

NOTE: Images and items from,, and, respectively

Monday, April 09, 2007

Beating the Chill in Style

There's a cold front coming through our area, so I'm pulling out my sweaters and warmest pants to beat the chill.

These pants are lined and super warm...perfect for these cooler days. The pants are black/white herringbone with lavendar stripes, so I paired the pants with a comfy, cozy 3/4 length turtleneck in lavendar and some black heels.

This is normally one of my fall/winter looks, but considering the temps, I think it was a good choice for this cooler than normal, spring day.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Reader Question: Semi-Formal Dresses

Shopaholic sweetie, Corine, asks, "I'm about to graduate, and after my school's graduation ceremony, we'll be invited back to a semi-formal. I know I won't have a date for that, but what can I wear? I usually go to extremes-I either over or under dress for events like these. Does a happy median exist?!"

Yes, Corine, a happy medium does exist! Since this event will happen after a school-related event, I recommend staying on the conservative side. You can wear pants if you want, but if I were you, I'd go with a dress. Also, you never know who you may be networking with in the future - your teachers, your classmates, their guests - so make a good impression now with a super ladylike know...just in case. I recommend keeping the length around the knee since a long skirt says "formal" to me, and this is more "semi-formal." I, also recommend shying away from anything too low-cut or tight...if you want to go for a more classy-chic look, that is. Finally, a "LBD" or "Little Black Dress" is always a good choice. The LBD is a classic style you'll be able to use the rest of your life...making your purchase for the event a smart decision, if you get one with a classic cut.

Here are a few LBD's I found on the web, for four different budgets:

Forever 21 - Ramona Dress - $27.80
This dress kinda reminds of Breakfast at Tiffany's

Gap - Silk Voile Pleated Dress - $69.50
If the V-neck is too low-cut for you, add a cami for some extra coverage

Banana Republic - Linen Ribbon Tie Dress - $148
Super chic - the ribbon tie gives it a lil something extra

Anne Klein Dress Crepe Dress - $170
The belt makes this dress perfectly chic for 2007

Well, these are just my personal opinions for your semi-formal event, not hard and fast rules. Use them as you see fit and as they fit your personal style.

Shopaholic readers, what would you recommend?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sweet Summer Sandals

While browsing the web tonight, after seeing the hilarious Blades of Glory, I found these babies on

Sofft - Ria - $90.95 (click for details)

These shoes are super sweet for Summer 2007. They'd look absolutely gorge with white capris, cuffed shorts, or even a pretty, flowy skirt - especially with that new French pedi you got in time for sandal-season.

NOTE: Image and item from

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Haute Summer Top

Darn you shopaholicism...I think I have to have this:

Anthropologie - Grape Fizz Halter - $98 (click for details)

This top would be so cute with some white capris or even just jeans. Ooh, it'd be so haute w/ my
Gucci shades! My friend and I saw this top at Anthropologie this past week when I was shopping for my new Gap dresses, and it was the only thing in the store that made my inner shopaholic start reaching for my credit card. Unfortunately, I'm already well over April's budget, but I just don't know if I can resist. I actually don't have much from Anthropologie b/c I think it's a tad over-priced, especially considering the fact that I can find just as cute stuff for less, but there's just something about this top...hmmm...maybe I'll make a trip tomorrow. You know...just to try it on...


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chic Home Retreat

All this talk of updating wardrobes for spring reminds me of another, often-overlooked item, which is equally important to update (IMO). Remember to update your home decor this season to welcome the warmer weather.

Check out this haute bed set:

Pier 1 - Mod Coverlet Set Blue on sale for $160

(I think coverlet means duvet cover?)

Anywho, this bedroom set is soooo summery and just plain pretty and is certain to brighten up the dullest bedroom. They look great with this vase style, which I actually have at my home now:

Pier 1 - Teal Shimmer Ceramic Vases - on sale from $14.59 to 22.74 (more than half off!)

So pretty!

Hmm...unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the Pier 1 links b/c Blogger won't let me submit them. Click here to shop Bedding & Throws

NOTE: Images and items from

Monday, April 02, 2007

Guess Who Else Has Great Dresses?

Gap does! Have a Gap card? Shop the first Tuesday of every month to save 10%...I think I may be heading over to the mall after work tomorrow...hmmm

Silk voile pleated dress

Cross-back empire dress

Embroidered empire dress

NOTE: Images and items from

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Another Haute Summer Dress

I bought this today from Arden B:

Silk Blossom Shift Dress - Regularly $138.00 - Now $110.40

It's sooo pretty on. I almost didn't try it on b/c it looks kinda "eh" on the hanger, but it's just so much cuter once it's on. It kinda reminds me of Nicole Kidman's recent red elegance - except with a real-sized bow for us real-world people. Ooh, and the silk is sooo soft against your guys know I love comfy-chic!

NOTE: Image and item from