Friday, November 30, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Dress Up Your Dinner Table

Don't you hate shopping for a dinner party, only to find the same, generic, boring stuff? Sometimes, you want to find something funky, unique...maybe even...dare I say "decorative and functional"?

Check out the household goodies currently offered by The Pear Project, which is an online boutique featuring "artisan goods for the everyday life." I adore these fab, handmade salt & pepper shakers with this sweet cherry blossom design:

Chiyogami Salt & Pepper Set - $18 (click for details)

I think this salt & pepper shaker set would look so chic with a black and white table setting with pops of coral-toned accents. Who's with me!? For those who aren't feeling this color-scheme - there are three other patterns available in the same salt & pepper design.

Don't stop with just household goods - The Pear Project also features other handmade goodness in the categories of jewelry, bags & purses, paper goods, and fine art.

Click here to start shopping The Pear Project now!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The First Sign of the Return of Pink?

I saw this tonight while browsing the web:

Dior Ethnic Large Hobo Bag (image/item

Is this the first sign of pink making a comeback? Do you miss the color pink being trendy or are you happy it's still "out"?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Fab Zebra Clutch

Looking for the perfect present for your fave girlfriend...or maybe if you're like me, you're always on the lookout for the perfect present for yourself?! I mean...while you're shopping for other people, of course. :) Anywho, why not take a gander over at 2 Fresh Petunias where you can get great gifts for all price ranges starting with yummy belts and headbands for under $25 and even more scrumptious clutches and purses for under $45.

If I wanted to pick out a present for myself someone I love, I'd be all about this fab zebra-print clutch for a mere $32 - that's $32 for this handmade goodness:

Zebra Romance Swifty Chick Clutch (click for details)

Did I say handmade? Yes, this clutch is not only gorge but is made with the careful hands of a fabric artist! What are you waiting for? Head on over to 2 Fresh Petunias to start shopping for your fave fashionista (even if that's you!)

Click here to shop 2 Fresh Petunias

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sephora Stunner

Did anyone else see the intriguing "Looks" that Sephora came up with for their most recent catalog? I'm so loving the "Brilliant Sorceress" look.

I mean, sure, it's out there, but this isn't the kind of look I would wear to work. Actually, I'm not sure I'd ever have the guts to try to pull this off in public, but every once in awhile, don't you just want to play dress-up with your make-up? I know I do...heehee

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Holiday Party Invites in Style

Are you gearing up for that perfect holiday fiesta that you're hosting all by your little-self? If you're like me, you love to get all the details worked out and add lots of pizazz with accessories, decor, and of course, fabulous food. With all of these details to consider, why not think about having some nifty, personalized stationery created to make your guests feel extra special? Nothing says, "This party is going to be sweet, so don't miss it!" than these beautiful cards.

Cupcakes & Cocktails features hand-drawn stationery designs in all shapes and sizes, but for this time of year, you'll especially love her holiday designs - here's a peek:

Click here to shop cards

These cards are available in multiple sizes and styles, which you can choose to fit your fancy. Let Cupcakes & Cocktails personalize your cards or have lines left empty so you can hand-write the details, yourself.

Don't stop with just cards. Cupcakes & Cocktails features all sorts of other goodies, like gift enclosures, bag tags, and even fun stickers you can put on your wrapping for those yummy holiday baked goods or presents.

Click here to shop stickers

Click here to visit Cupcakes & Cocktails

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Part Wedge, Part Heel, 100% Sexy

Check out these hot hot hot shoes by Miu Miu from their resort collection:

Miu Miu Whips Slide (image/item Neiman Marcus)

Part wedge, part heel, 100% sexy! It's not too early to start shopping for spring, is it?

Sorry for the break in posts...

...I took a longer Thanksgiving vacation than I anticipated...Oopsie!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Urban Outfitters Does Dresses

I get in such a rut sometimes with shopping...scouting out the same places over and over and over again. I guess on the one hand, you could say that I just know what I like, but on the other, it wouldn't hurt to venture out more now and again. Urban Outfitters is one of those shops with really cool stuff that I always manage to forget about. At the local mall, it's kind of way down on one end away from all the other shops I frequent, so I never remember to hit it up. A shame because they have such pretty dresses this season:

Lux Divinity Dress Online Only! $98.00

Lux Black Tie Optional Dress $78.00

Lux Prismatic Dress Online Only! $58.00

Lux Striped Sweater Dress Online Only! $58.00

Kimchi & Blue Sweater Dress $68.00

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Skin-Lusciousness

Speaking of keeping your fashionable self hydrated and happy, while you're waiting for those lip dews to arrive, take a gander at the uber yummy whipped body creams by Winks & Company.

These body butters have been whipped to be as light as air and they don't go on all heavy and oily like some lotions can. These whipped body butters are more like the consistency of the most decadent mousse and are made with extra-special natural ingrediants that make even the smallest application the biggest treat for your skin. With all that hard work you've spent shopping for holiday presents for every one else, I think it's important you take at least a couple minutes every day to relax and spend some you time and what better way than to take care of your mind and body with these deliciously unique smelling whipped body butters?

Winks & Company offers many fantastic flavors, but if I were you, I'd pick Frosted Sugar Cookie (to make that special someone want to kiss you all over), Rice Petals & Coconut Milk (if you prefer a lighter but still yummy scent), or Pink Snowflakes (to be extra-festive). At only $10 per jar, you can easily afford to try a couple of your fave scents.

But why stop with a couple? With the "celebrate with us!" package, you can get six scents (yes, six!) for the price of five so you can get a couple for you and a couple for friends and family. These would be great gifts or even stocking stuffers!

Click here to shop Winks & Company now!

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Best of the Blogs: Week Ending 11/18/07

ShopDiary shows you how to get the Erickson-Beamon-necklace-look without the Gossip-Girl-price-tag

Flair shows her picks for scarves for this season

Fabulously Broke in the City interviews Meg from The Bargain Queen

The Glam Guide wants you to rate the latest celeb red carpet styles

Couture in the City has a special free shipping code for foul-mouthed shirt designer, Locher's

NOTE: Photo source: CW

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dog Walking Outfit

Dog walking outfit? Just kidding. I wore this today b/c the weather turned out warmer today than normal for this time of year. Nothing is easier than putting on a comfy jersey dress and some relatively comfy heels (can heels be comfy?) Anywho, I took Bailey to a canine cafe today and got him a special puppy tart - it looks like a dessert, but it's for doggies - so cute! And he just loved it!

Dress - local boutique
Cami - bebe
Linen Peep-Toe Pumps - banana republic

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ooh...A Sparkly!

How festive are these shoes? They would be great for this year's holiday parties...ooh...or just to dress up!

Manolo Blahnik - Shiny Sequin Pump, Oro & Black - $575 (image/item Neiman

They had me at "sparkle"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Lip-Lusciousness

Every day (besides those random fluctuations in temperature) the weather gets colder and colder, which means that for us fashionistas, we need to stock up on good moisturizing goodies to keep us looking refreshed and healthy all year long. Besides lotions and maybe even new shampoos/conditioners, one thing you'll definitely want to stock up on this season is a good lip gloss. Well, good news, ladies! Beauty Looking Glass, an online boutique of handmade awesomeness, has the perfect solution!

Check out their Lip Dews by Rosie Jane:

These delicious glosses are specially created to moisturize and make you look fab. Available in three colors, these lip dews are infused with moisturizing goodness, including shea butter and beeswax. Pick your color: Tara Totterglass (clear), Apple Blossom (hot pink), or Elderberry (bronze) - each made with super yummy scents: vanilla, apple/raspberry, or berry, respectively.

Heck, with a special discount code, you have the perfect excuse to get all three! Or, get one for yourself and one for your picky-beauty-supply friend as a stocking stuff. Use discount code 15OFF to save 15% on your order through 12/31/07. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

Click here to shop Lip Dews

Click here to shop Beauty Looking Glass

NOTE: Images/items by Beauty Looking Glass

Early Christmas Present

Sorry for the non-post tonight, but I've been busy with my early Christmas present!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Best of the Blogs: Week Ending 11/11/2007

The Glam Guide has the scoop on being glamourous at any size

Flair found an awesome vintage vendor on Etsy and shares her finds

ShopDiary has the scoop on Cavalli for H&M hitting stores

Fabulously Broke in the City has tips on eating out the healthier way

Couture in the City has the scoop on winning the ultimate bachelorette party in Las Vegas...hmmm...maybe I should enter?

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gorgeous Gucci Pumps - On Sale

Wow, these gorgeous Gucci pumps would go great with that purse I was eyeing awhile back. Too bad I don't have the funds right now for either...le sigh...

Gucci beige GG canvas logo crest 'Shield' pumps - $384 (down from $480)

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sephora Newbie

I went to Sephora for the first time last week. I wanted to go there Sunday night after shopping Neiman's pre-sale, but ran out of time, which sucked b/c all I wanted to get was one thing - the famous Nars blush in Orgasm, but I couldn't get it since the mall was closing.

I've heard such great things...I knew I had to have least...I thought I had to have it. All week, I'd been wanting to go to Sephora to pick up my blush, so when I got to the store, I was stoked to see it was actually in stock. Thrilled, I decided to try it on...I had a sales guy aka stylist help me and he carefully brushed the shimmery Orgasm blush across my left cheek and put the cream version on my right cheek. "Go look in the mirror," he told me. Well, I did...and you know what? I couldn't see anything - no glimmer, no color...nothing. I was so bummed...especially after having built it up all week. But, why buy blush if you can't see it? I mean you don't want clown cheeks or anything, but my skin is pretty dark, so I need a little color or you literally cannot see a bit of the color on my face. Luckily, my new friend, the Sephora sales guy/stylist was nice enough to help me try on a couple more blushes. I finally settled on getting Smashbox blush in Stylist.

I also got a blush brush since the one I have is actually more of an all-over brush for Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, etc.

Anywho, I can definitely see why people like that place so much...I think I still prefer going to the Bobbi Brown or Mac counter, but I have to say I was definitely impressed. One great thing for Sephora over a specialized counter is that the people in the store know about more than one brand and can get you an eye shadow from one brand and a foundation from another and pull it all together for a cohesive and beautiful look. I think I'll be back soon...but hopefully, not too soon! This place could easily be addictive!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When Geek Went Chic: Winter Accessories

If you're like me, you may remember your mom wrapping you up for your walk or bus ride to school...or maybe she just wrapped you up to walk from the house to the car. Either way, I distinctly remember how hideous I thought so many of things were that she was layering on me to keep me warm. Think of it as the typical kid taking a mother's caring for granted ...thanks mom - I know better now. Anywho, as I grew up, I thought those silly winter accessories would grow on me...but, alas...I still hated them. Even today, I was walking my three blocks to work in the chilly gusts of fall/winter air thinking...I'm so cold - maybe those ugly earmuffs wouldn't be that bad? Well, I have good news for anyone else out there who is easily chilled by this chilly weather and looking for a fashionable compromise.

Companies have finally learned to create items that will not only keep us warm, but that will look chic, too!

Forever 21 - Herringbone Tweed Hat - $9.80

Old Navy - Women's Cable-Knit Gloves - $10.50

Gap - Hand-crocheted beanie - $19.50

Banana Republic - Houndstooth scarf - $49.50

Neiman Marcus - Mink Earmuffs - $100

*my fave - can you believe there's such a thing as chic earmuffs?*

Burberry - Check Earmuffs - $135

Macy's - Coach Heritage Signature Stripe Scarf - $148

I'm seriously eyeing those Burberry earmuffs - too cute! I never thought I'd say that about earmuffs!

NOTE: Images/items by respective web sites

Yummy Burberry Strappy Shoes

Update on Those MK Pumps - remember how I was drooling over these before?

I found something better (and of course more expensive):

Burberry Perforated Platform

I think one of the Olsen twins have the studded version:

Burberry Studded Platform

Now we're talkin! Style, that is...price is...out of my reach, unfortunately.

NOTE: Images/items (non-studded version is only available via UK web site)

Monday, November 05, 2007

D Celestine Jewelry - One Day Sale - 30% Off

Hey guys!

I'm having a one day sale on my handmade jewelry designs for my jewelry biz, D Celestine Limited, so for you, dear readers, you can save 30% off anything on my web site by using discount code fall30 during checkout. I like to think my designs are "classy chic" and are great pieces to dress down or up! Also, I use only the best materials in my designs and make sure I put my heart into each creation so that they're all special beauties.

Here are my faves:

Silver Skyline - $42 (sterling silver, onyx gemstone, swarovski crystal)

Grecian Goddess - $32 (sterling silver, hemimorphite gemstone, freshwater pearl)

Skyline Drops - $26 (sterling silver, onyx gemstone)

Simply Sleek - $30 (made with a vintage component, sterling components, onyx gemstone)

Ooh La La in Tortoise - $26 (vintage lucite, 14/20 K gold-fill components and chain) I wear these mostly during the fall when I'm rocking the brown boots and neutral sweater looks - they are so versatile!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions at ShopaholicD at gmail dot com. This special voucher is good only till tommorrow night (it expires Tuesday, 11/6/2007 around 10 PM EDT). Subscribe to my newsletter for more deals and highlights! Click here to start shopping my latest creations - Happy shopping!

Neiman Marcus: Last Call Time!

It's Last Call time, ladies! Neiman Marcus' Last Call sale that is (click here to shop). Pre-sale started this weekend, so shop now to get the best finds. Additional mark-downs will be added either Wednesday or Thursday and that will be the same day cards are charged. Although I'm not supposed to be shopping, I decided to just take a look at what they had on sale. Big mistake...I mean, "just to look" or "just to try on" are dangerous words for a shopaholic, no? Well, needless to say, I ended up putting three black dresses up for my pre-sale items. I couldn't put them back...all great purchases...I literally could not put the clothes back. I had to have them. They were pretty decently priced, though. Actually, I had been looking for a black jersey dress to be my personal "It" look for fall/winter this season, and what do you know...they had the perfect Vince dress on the sale rack. I can't wait to pick up my finds later this week!

Oh, and I definitely suggest shopping in the store. I browsed the web site today and it didn't have nearly the same collection or options. Still, here are my picks for the online sale:

A breezy trapeze style dress:

Diane VonFurstenberg Minidress - $104 (down from $298)

Gorgeous back-cut-out jersey dress:

Christopher Deane Brocade Jersey Dress - $136 (down from $388)

Skinny Gray Jeans:

J Brand Peg Leg Jeans, Gray - $72 (down from $160)

Beautiful, classic, knee-high boots:

Cole Haan Leather Knee Boot - "Special Price" $299

Classy chic white leather tote:

Cole Haan Village Drawstring Tote, White - $244 (down from $325)

Happy shopping! Let me know if you find any good deals! I'll post pictures of my buys as soon as I pick them up later this week.

Oh, and remember, unless you can easily afford it, buy trendy cheap, buy classy expensive. Now is a great time to stock up on your classic styles (unless you find an amazing deal and your trendy item is now on sale and cheap, of if you simply have to have it and can afford it and it makes you feel fabulous!)

NOTE: Images/items -