Thursday, January 31, 2008

Laser Hair Removal: Yay or Nay?

I was watching that TV show Kimora Lee Simons: Life in the Fab Lane tonight and on the show Kimora was getting laser hair removal. What-d-ya-know but my SO tells me that I have a message about winning something from that bridal show I went to this past weekend. I check the message to find out that I won a $300 gift certificate to get a laser hair removal treatment. Wow! Cool, right!? It would be except the thought of laser hair removal kinda scares me. Just what do they do to your skin anywho to make it hairless? Doesn't the whole process sound like something could so easily go wrong? I know...I'm paranoid.

As you know, I value your opinions, so please vote on my poll, and if you have a moment, leave me a story about you or a friend who's gotten the treatment or heard one way or the other if they're safe. I'd love to hear about your personal opinions and/or experiences. Thanks so much! :)

Laser Hair Removal? Yay or Nay?
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chic & Sweet: Dior Ruffly Red Purse

I'm not sure if it's the fact that Valentine's Day is coming up or just that I have a thing for super girly things, but I am loving this super-cute, chic & sweet tote:

Dior Gipsy Ruffled Medium Hobo - $1755.00


Monday, January 28, 2008

Navy & Black: Faux Pas or No Prob?

In response to my navy post the other day, shopaholic sweetie bitterbabe, asked:

"I have a question for you - one of my coworkers don't think that Navy and Black can be worn together... I think otherwise... I don't think there are any fashion rules! What do you think?"

Well, bitterbabe, I always thought that you weren't supposed to wear the two together, but after a very quick google search, I found a couple sites saying that navy & black worn together in some instances is ok. The gist of what I gathered was that if you wore black shoes with navy clothing it was ok, but you shouldn't wear black pants and a navy top b/c it looks like you accidentally wore the two together rather than purposefully doing so (i.e. maybe you thought that navy top was actually black). Now, this is just research talking. For me, personally, I have a thing against wearing the two together, although I have seen many people at the bank wearing black shoes with navy pants, and I have done so on occasion. I'm up in the air on this one, though, and would like to get additional feedback from some more people.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Help us out and vote below. Leave a comment with extra feedback if you have more to say about this topic...we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Is it ok to wear navy & black together?
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Long Layers for Leggings

I love leggings. I hope they never go out of style, but I know they will...and probably soon, too. I don't know why people don't like them so much...they're comfortable and cute. At least they are to me. I think, perhaps, that my love for leggings stems from my many years spent figure basically...leggings. Whatever the case, I wear them every opportunity I have. I've even worn them to work, but only because we have a very relaxed dress code at my consulting office. We can wear flip flops and shorts! Anywho, I think leggings can look super cute as long as they're worn right and the key is layers!

I just bought this "grandpa" sweater from the Gap. It's so comfortable! It comes in gray, navy and off-white. It's especially great if you like to layer, which I do because I'm always cold! I wore it to scope out a wedding fair in town today with one of my bridesmaids. If you're engaged or just getting ready early for your wedding, I highly recommend going to one of these events. Heck, if you know someone who's getting married, see if you can go with will get all the cake samples you can eat! Oh, and you learn some useful information about local vendors, too.

Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Banana Republic
Tank Top: To the Max
Sweater: Gap
Necklace: D Celestine

Friday, January 25, 2008

Navy for Every Budget: Spring 2008

It seems like navy has been showing up as a popular spring color for at least a year or so now, yet it can be a hard color to find in stores. This season, shops have picked up the pace by offering a lot more options for every price range. Personally, I love the navy look - paired with bright melon or green, or just white for a nautical look - it's a great alternative to black when worn right. Here are some of my picks from the web:

Old Navy - Women's Braided Trim Keyhole Tanks - $14.50

Forever 21 - 3Q Cotton Jacket - $29.50

J Crew - Chino 3" Shorts - $39.50

Gap - Belted 3/4-sleeve dress - $49.50

Anthropologie - Scalloped Linen Skirt - $68

Banana Republic - Silk-blend pleated dress - $108

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Ace of Spades Bikini - $158

Alberta Ferretti - Satin Platform Sandal - $575.00

Stella McCartney - Soft Patent Saddle Bag - $845

Note: Images/items by respective web sites/companies

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Are You a "Mean Girl?"

Take all this pink showing up in stores everywhere with the fact that a certain movie has been on perma-re-run for the last couple weeks and I've got "Mean Girls" on the brain big time. I think I've seen "Mean Girls" three times in the last week?!

"Mean Girls" is actually one of my favorite movies. I don't know what it is about it. Sure, it's won a couple awards, but I think I just like it because it's entertaining. Anywho, watching this movie had me wondering if anyone out there has been or is a "mean girl." For me, I've been on every side of the "popularity" world. Throughout middle and high school, I was a bit of a "home school jungle freak" like early-movie-Cady. I'm not from Africa, and I've never been home-schooled, but I was definitely, completely clueless and a bit sheltered. I was by no means popular and I really didn't fit in with any of the cliques in my school. I wasn't into fashion and didn't really care about shopping (can you believe it?). I was quiet and shy and introverted. I was known as the "smart girl who ice skates." I wanted to be "popular" but I didn't know how.

When I got to college, I decided I wanted to be more extroverted, so I went through rush and joined a sorority. The sorority I joined has a pretty good rep in the south and was supposedly one of the ones that was harder to get into. I know it sounds stupid, but joining that sorority was like finally being accepted by the "popular girls" - I couldn't believe it. They were so pretty and outgoing and confident - everything I thought I wasn't. I guess I felt like if these girls liked me enough that maybe I could like myself enough. Joining the sorority helped give me more confidence and helped me realize that I wasn't such a bad person after all. Now, everyone has their own stereotype of a sorority girl, and some are probably true and a lot are probably false, but it was a fun time in my life. I'm not going to say that I was BFF with everyone in the sorority because I wasn't, but it was nice seeing people you knew almost everywhere you went. Joining a sorority was like joining a clique, except in college, you don't only talk to the people in your clique. I joined a lot of organizations, like Student Alumni Council, and I met a lot of people in college and made lots of good friends - both inside and outside of the sorority. I learned that it didn't matter so much what other people thought of you, but what you thought of yourself.

Still, sorority girls have lots of stereotypes - sorority girls are fake, mean, superficial, snobby...whatever. Was I ever a "mean girl?" Probably so. I don't think I was a complete b*tch, but, hey, who hasn't had a bad day? I'll have to think more about my potential "mean girl" moments and post them later...If I can think of any, of course.

So, what about you, dear readers? Have you ever been a "mean girl?" What did you do? Tell me your "mean girl" story.

NOTE: Photo source unknown - if you are the owner and object to its use, please email me at shopaholicd at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Miss America: Reality Check - Black Dress Challenge

Did anyone else watch the runway portion of that TV show Miss America: Reality Check? The girls had to take plain black dresses and add their own style to them using tips they received earlier in the show from a style expert. Then, they had to use tips they learned for how to walk the catwalk to showcase their dresses on the runway:

I thought it was a pretty interesting show, and I liked watching how the girls made-over their dresses. I most liked seeing their final works on the runway - some were really chic and some were...not so much. The judges really hated the dress that Miss Tennessee did (not shown in the video - I searched all over the web for it, but couldn't even find a photo), so you can imaging how interesting I thought it was to see this online today. I actually like the red dress, but without the branch thingy.

Did anyone else watch this show? What did you think?

If anyone finds a photo of the dress Miss Tennessee did, please leave a comment. :) Much thanks!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Crisp or Casual: Get White Hot for Spring '08

It seems like white has been an "it" color for several years in a row now and really, what's not to like? Perhaps white will be the new black? Whatever the case, I love it, especially for spring/summer months, so designers, bring it on!

Here are my favorite white finds online:

Long Volley Blouse - $88

Kimchi & Blue Goin' To Acapulco Dress - $78

Contour jackson stretch cotton-blend wide-leg pant - $78

Prada Cervo Folding Frame Bag - $1950

Stuart Weitzman 'Daniella' Leather Sandal - $285

Which do you prefer in the realm of fashion - white or black?

NOTE: Images/items from respective sites

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Flair has a How-To for small-chested ladies

Couture in the City has tips on how to accessorize your pouch in celebrity style

The Glam Guide has the scoop on Isaac Mizrahi's move from Target to Liz Clairborne

ShopDiary blogs about the latest Project Runway episode, En Garde!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lindsay Lohan Out and About for Cloverfield

After a long stint in rehab, Lindsay Lohan has finally stepped out again to see and be seen with her fellow celebutantes. The young starlette went to the Cloverfield movie premier looking a bit old for her years??? At least...that's what commenters had to say over at Just Jared.

What do you think about her red carpet look?

Photo: justjared dot com

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Must Shop: Blazers for Spring 2008

If you're on a budget or maybe just picky and want to only get a couple "it" pieces for spring, then definitely pick out the chicest blazer you can find, b/c afterall, no matter your style, you can find one to suit your tastes and...

...with a blazer, you can...

Go minimal:

Back East Blazer (Online Only!) $58.00

Go Maximal:

Iisli Tiffany Sequined Blazer $498

Dress it up:

Lightweight wool peplum blazer $198

Or, dress it down:

Three-button shrunken blazer $69.50

The possibilities are nearly endless. Which one is your fave?

Notes: images/items by repsective sites

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nanette Lepore Spring Trunkshow

Nanette Lepore is a designer I think I could really get into. I got a jacket from the NP collection at the Neiman's Last Call sale a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Neiman's recently featured a spring trunk show with some really chic ensembles:

Plaid Halter Top & Studio Satin Skirt

Brocade Sheath Dress

Tie The Knot Jacket & Mistress Tank

Man Hunter Top & Ring My Bell Trousers

Which look is your fave? The first two are mine.

NOTE: Images/items by

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Love at First Sight: D&G Patent Strappy Sandal

Oh my goodness, guys! I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love!!! Do you remember those strappy Michael Kors I blogged about awhile back? Well, I was browsing the Neiman Marcus web site the other day when I happened to notice these fabulous shoes in the Dolce & Gabbana Trunk Show photos:

As soon as I saw them, I scavenged the web only to be disappointed by nothing even close to the style of the ones in the trunk show photos. Why aren't there tons of strappy shoes on the web? Not thin-strappy, but chunky-strappy. Why?!

Dolce & Gabbana Patent Strappy Sandal

Finally, tonight, I found them! I simply must go try these on as soon as possible! I'm not saying that I'm going to run out and buy them, because they are quite expensive, but I do have some spending money I could put towards getting these. See, I allotted myself a small portion of my annual bonus to go shopping and I've been wondering for weeks what I should get. It makes me kind of nervous to think that I may spend that entire amount on a single pair of shoes that will most likely only be in for one season but just look at them! If you can't tell from my MK post (linked above), I've been searching for a pair of shoes in this style for what seems like forever! I think super strappy shoes are going to be really big for Spring '08.

What should I do, ladies!?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pink Pumps for Spring 2008

Looks like the color pink is coming out in full force for spring 2008. Here are some of my fave pink pumps I found online today:

Oh Deer! Ella - $78.95

Betsey Johnson 'Cayden' Pump - $190

Marc by Marc Jacobs 673913 - $311.95

Christian Louboutin Covered Platform Peep-Toe Pump - $760

Christian Louboutin Glitter Patent Slingback - $760

Images/items by respective web sites

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And speaking of Hayden, The Glam Guide has some of the first photos of the now public couple, Halo

Get the best of blogger, Lady N, with her yearly wrap-up of her fave posts over at Flair - check it out for some great tips and articles

Image: Mel Melcon / L.A. Times and Zoya

Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Going to Disneyworld!

ShopaholicD here signing off for a bit to take a vacay to Disneyworld. Be back soon!


:) D

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Little Shoulder - A Lotta Sexy

I'm such a huge fan of one-shoulder tops, whether they be on dresses or just tops-I think they're fab. Most importantly (for me), I think they accentuate my shoulders nicely, which is good for me, b/c I find my shoulders wide and awkward at times...maybe the one-shoulder strappy thing hides the fact that my shouldesr are wide? Stupid gymnastics! I dunno...what I do know is that I am so happy the one shoulder look is "in" again! I've seen a few on the runways, but not too many in the stores yet...maybe they'll come out in full force when we get closer to spring? I'll cross my fingers. In the meantime, here are some I found online:

As U Wish Juniors Gold Metallic One Shoulder Dress - $34.99 (from $58)

Red by Marc Ecko One-Shoulder Print Dress - $59

Maggy London One Shoulder Silk Dress - $138

bebe Sexy One Shoulder Dress - $149

LaROK Cleo One Shoulder Dress - $198

YAYA AFLALO black jersey 'Noir' one-shoulder dress $198 (from $330)

Carmen Marc Valvo One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress $565

Of course, you guys know me and my unlucky skill of always picking out the most expensive item of a rack...the Carmen Marc Valvo is my fave. Just look at the back of this!

Sexy and classy all in one chic doesn't get much better than this. Hmm...maybe I should get this one for my rehearsal dinner?

NOTE: Images/items by respective web sites


When I think of Chanel, I think of classy business suits, costume jewelry, and yummy, uber-chic, classic-styled purses. I think the key word here is "classic"...or "classy" and when I think of Chanel, I think "classy." I don't think "skanky." In fact, I didn't think Chanel clothing and accessories could look "skanky", but Pamela Anderson has proved me wrong:

Maybe they should take that piece of fabric around her neck and use it to cover her bosom a tad more? A little boobage is ok with me, but I think one is about to pop out! And, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Pamela Anderson is "skanky"...I don't think it's fair to judge someone you don't actually "know" (and even when you know someone, it's not really my thing to judge) but let's just say that this outfit is not my favorite. What do you think?

Photo: just jared dot com

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Casual Shopping

In my continued effort to not dress like a complete slob, even when I'm just going out to run errands, I decided to wear a shirt I got from a super cool indie designer (couple), Ahpeele. They actually handscreened this "Art Tee"...can you believe it? I've been dying to wear this shirt since I got it a few months back, but either the weather or my business casual dress code wasn't cooperating.

(this is the Royal Vase Tee...looks like it's only available in XL now, but if you don't wear that size, try shooting them an email to see if they may be able to pull some strings for you...the worst they can say is, "No," right?)

Anywho, today I had to run out for some errands, so I decided that today would be the perfect day to wear my "new" top...fiiiiinally. I have to say, this is one of the most comfortable T-Shirts I've EVER worn! It's an organic cotton T-shirt...not sure if that has anything to do with the comfort of this shirt, but whatever it is...I'm kinda wanting another one. Click here to check out their Etsy shop.

Oh, and I totally realize that hip belts are "out", but I really love them still...what can I say? :)

Handscreened Art Tee: Ahpeele
Jeans: Banana Republic
Black Leather Boots: Banana Republic
Black Leather Belt: Vince