Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Post: Casual Brunch

I've posted a new outfit, but over at my other lifestyle blog - The Chic Life. Click here to check it out!

Thanks for sticking around after so long!

:) D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Return of Shopaholics Anonymous

Hey friends!

I've missed you guys, and I've missed fashion blogging. I'm planning to bring fashion posts back...I'm just not sure where.

I'm either going to:
-incorporate fashion posts onto my other blog - The Chic Life *or*
-start blogging here on Shopaholics Anonymous again

What do you guys think?

Fashionably yours,
:) D

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Basic Brunch Ensemble

I went out to brunch with some friends, which seemed to warrant a bit of dressing up. I kept the color scheme simple with a pop of color. I think better accessories would have amped up the outfit, but who has money to buy accessories when you're trying to set up your first house?! lol

Skirt: Elie Tahari
Shoes: J Crew
White top: Gap
Melon cardigan: Gap

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Biker Chic Meets Ruffles

I went out to dinner with some friends the other night and decided to wear something girly with my biker jacket.

I rocked my peep-toe suede booties with my biker-esque jeans that Martin + Osa sent me as a free sample. LOVE these jeans - they are one of my fave pairs.

Looks like they're only available online in white now.

And I added a baby pink, ruffly tank.

biker jacket - bagatelle
biker jeans - Martin + Osa
booties - Joan + David
ruffle tank - J Crew
purse - Chanel

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring at Ann Taylor Loft

So, after months of turning my eyes from shopping, I let myself go back to pick up some essentials. I made sure to only stop in a few stores: Anthropologie, Gap, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor Loft.

I had a coupon for 30% off at Gap/BR, but when I spotted a sign for 30% off tees at ATL and tees were what I was shopping for, I took a looksie. I shopping specifically for tees for work and ATL has a more professional feel to it than Gap and is more affordable than BR.

As for Anthro, I only wanted to shop there for some plateware. :)

Anywho, Ann Taylor Loft had such cute stuff today! It reminded me a bit of J Crew from last year, but I don't care...I loved it! I wanted to buy a couple dresses, some cardigans, some scarves, but I kept myself to what I had gone there for - tees.

I need tees so I can layer them for work. Here's what I got:

Pink tee ~$20, white long sleeve T on sale $12.99, gray sweater (machine washable!) $20

Gray decorative T ~$24, white T ~$20

I liked how this pink (and the white) Ts have a ruffly neckline - decorative edges look nice under layers of cardigans and sweaters.

This decorative tee has a neat necklace and fun pattern down the front, plus it's machine washable/dryable.

Even this tie-neck sweater is machine washable. I love the muted gray. It goes with the pale pink/nude look that seems to be popular now.

Anywho, don't think I'll be shopping much any time soon, but here are some basics to keep me going. Meanwhile, the rest of my money will go towards our new house, renovations, and all that jazz.

What have you purchased lately?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Work Chic - Winter Skirt

Wish I had a better picture of this outfit but it will have to do. I rarely wear this skirt because the top of it is itchy. Ick! But, but the easy solution is wearing an undershirt to tuck into the top of the skirt so the itchy top doesn't touch my skin.

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Gap
Sweater: Banana Republic
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gap - Early Spring 2010

As I blog in front of my space heater for extra warmth on this extra cold day, Gap reveals it's early Spring 2010 collection. While I don't have any intentions of actually wearing these clothes yet in these frigid conditions, I don't mind shopping them online.

Here are my faves:

Chambray drawstring shirt dress - $59.50
Ahh...the classic shirtdress. This one seems to have a nice, roomy cut with a flirty edge.

Hip slung easy flare denim pants - $54.50
A nice pair of denim is a must in my wardrobe. If I didn't already have a pair, I may scope these out.

Floral cardigan - $44.50
I love cardigans, but this floral number will add a punch of fun with the pattern and colors. The blue-green one is really nice, too.

Double-breasted shawl cardigan - $69.50
I don't love the colors of this (for my skin tone), but I do love the cut. Also available in navy.

Button cuff roll-up T - $19.50
I need t-shirts. I NEED them. I can't find any I like. Gap typically has nice ones. I like the cuff details on this number.

The ultimate cardigan - $49.50
I'm a cardigan-olic. You can't have enough, really, and this number is available in a plethora of colors.

Button detail boatneck T - $22.50
Like I said...I NEED t-shirts. I love the boatneck cut and button details on this one. I have a couple from a few years ago with long sleeves and those little shoulder buttons and they are some of my faves.

What are you shopping for this Spring 2010?

NOTE: images via

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Dress for Any Occasion

So...I haven't been shopping. Not. At. All. Not really in stores and not really online, save an occasional browse or pass-through. I'm trying to save money for other things (like our new house) and can't really put money towards clothes - ESPECIALLY not when I already have so much I can barely contain it all!

However, I think some window shopping here or there would be healthy and help me see how people are styling clothes so I can style what I already have. I will be making purchases once in awhile, but not like I used to.

Lately, I've been craving dresses. I've decided I need a single red statement dress for holiday parties. I browsed online today in search of dresses and though I didn't find any red ones, I did find lots of other pretty ones.

A Dress for Any Occasion:

New Year's Eve Party

J Crew - Silk taffeta Karyn dress - $295
This metallic number will help you be the life of the party. So festive!

Classy Night Out

Banana Republic - Colorblock Dress Waist Dress - $130
The classic lines of this dress help you look sexy and appropriate.

Daytime Dress-Up

Modcloth - So Chic in Batik dress - $54.99
Pair this with tights and slouchy boots for a fab daytime look - shopping with the girls, getting groceries (what? some people dress up even for grocery shopping!), or running errands

Date Night

Anthropologie - Abstract Adornment Dress - $248
The deep winter hues of this fun pattern paired with the simple lines and fun jeweled necklace of this dress make you sophisticated-sexy.

What types of dresses are you shopping for (if any)?

NOTE: images from respective web sites

Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Black (Asymmetrical) Dress

Went on a date w/ hubby awhile back and wore my fave Little Black (Asymmetrical) Dress

We were swinging by the mall and I had some socks I was considering returning, so please pardon the randomness in my hands. Hubby told me all the stuff I was holding would ruin the photo...he was right! I should have listened! lol

Dress: BCBGirls
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tailored Teal

Gah! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. Some of you who read my other blog know that I recently moved from an apartment to our first house...yippee! Things have been pretty crazy since the move.

Here's an outfit I wore (before moving) to work one day:

This outfit was surprisingly comfortable and a slightly more casual business look for the work week.

Skirt: Banana Republic
Top: Banana Republic Outlet (a major deal at $7)
Corduroy blazer: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Necklace: J Crew

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Appropriate-ness Over Balance for Work

Decided to wear jeans again for a casual work day. I thought about doing my new skinnies, which have a dark wash and aren't too-too tight, but decided best to leave those for after hours. I think this top would look better with slimmer pants, but my desire to be work-appropriate outweighed my desire to balance my ensemble.

Simple look - I let the accessories be the stars. My long crystal J Crew necklace has become quite the outfit staple for me.

My new J Crew Parsley Metallic Mary Janes. I first saw these in an old J Crew catalog and thought they were gorge. I decided to not buy them, but when I found a new pair on ebay for a decent price, I jumped!

The shoes are more green than they looked in the ebay photo. I think my pictures is more true to color, but it's still a nice, toned-down green. I like them a lot and they're surprisingly comfortable. My only (minor) complaints are the rounded toe is narrower than other round-toe shoes I've worn and the straps are rather tight. I do like how they're adjustable, though, since most shoe straps seem to stretch at least a little bit.

Dark Wash Wide-Leg Jeans: Banana Republic
Cami & Flowy top: The Limited
Parsley Metallic Mary Jane Shoes: J Crew
Long Gold Necklace: J Crew

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunny End-of-Summer Festival Attire

I went out to a local, outdoor festival with hubby recently. In honor of the last days of summer, I picked a bright yellow top and white cropped pants for style and comfort

(nice and breezy for that hot-hot sun!)
I haven't worn these pants in a couple years...mostly because I outgrew them. Thanks to getting back into working out, they fit again! I should have tried them out earlier in the summer for maximum wearage. Still, it was a great feeling when they slipped on perfectly.

I wore a simple golden chain with clear, faceted crystals. Isn't the seahorse pattern fun? I got this top awhile ago during a J Crew final sale.

Cropped White pants: Express
Yellow Seahorse top: J Crew
Long necklace: J Crew
Purse: Chanel
Gold flip flops: J Crew

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Channeling Carrie Bradshaw: J Crew Ruffled Skirt

I've been stalking items on ebay lately in hopes of finding some good deals. My fave so far - the J Crew tiered ruffle skirt in barely gray. chic! I took a risk getting a size too small, but found a nice review over at Goldenmeans saying the skirt ran big. At one size smaller than what I normally take, I took her advice and she was sooo right! The skirt fits perfectly!

Since there was already a lot going on with the skirt, I decided to pair the skirt with a simple cardigan.

My new gold, J Crew skinny belt helped cinch in the waist to add definition

Pearls keep it classy and the tank underneath helps with layering and adds a wee touch of lace

Love the ruffles!

This is my new fave skirt. I felt a little risque wearing this number to the office and though I think the look may not be the easiest to pull off, it is certainly fun to try!

My co-worker gave me the sweetest compliment when she said my outfit looked like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear and that it was very Sex and the City. Suh-weet!

Skirt: J Crew
Shoes: J Crew
Tank top: Abercrombie + Fitch
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: J Crew

NOTE: I got my skirt from ebay seller WestieGirl4me - she has 2 more ruffle skirts left if you want one, too! WestieGirl4me was an awesome ebay seller for me - she had great communication and was very helpful. Many of her items ship for free, too, which is a nice bonus.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trend Love: One Shoulder Style

I'm seeing trend alerts everywhere for one shoulder top and dress styles, but seriously...the one shoulder look is a personal that I've rocked since high school (maybe even middle school?).

Here are some of my current faves:

Old Navy - Women's Ruffled One Shoulder Top - $9.99 (on sale from $22.50)

ModCloth - High Tide Dress - $74.99

Maggy London One Shoulder Dress - $128 (via

Foley + Corinna Zigzag Jersey Asymmetrical Dress - $212.50 (on sale from $425 via

What do you think of the one shoulder look?

NOTE: images from,,, and

Catch Me While You Can...

I'm trying to catch the last warm bits of summer while I still can. I'm pulling out my fave summer/warm-weather pieces and rocking them out as much as possible.

This casual sleeveless dress is a personal fave because it's so easy to throw on and wear with metallic flip flops. The material breathes well in the heat and it's pretty darn comfy, too.

I was meeting friends for brunch at a local fave spot, so I went a little dressier than norm by wearing summary heels instead of flat flip flops. I brought a cardi in case things were cool inside but totally didn't need it. The internal temps were just fine and the food was just as good as usual.

Dress: Banana Republic
Shoes: Banana Republic
Bracelet: J Crew
Necklace: D Celestine
Purse: Chanel

Monday, September 07, 2009

Music on the Patio

Hubby and I met up with some friends for dinner followed by music on the patio of a local shopping center. The weather is taking a turn towards fall, but the air is still warm. I decided to wear something breezy but bring a cardigan in case things got colder than expected.

I started with the skirt because it's one of my faves.

I added the bright yellow tank top for a little extra color and because the yellow reminded me of sunny summers that will soon be over.

The cardigan is a light yellow knit to help me stay warm as the night cooled things down. I ended up only needing it when we hung out with the boys who were watching games at the restaurant bar. The weather outdoors was phenomenal!

Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Yellow tank: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Wedges: Banana Republic
Purse: Chanel
Necklace: D Celestine

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Martin + Osa: Labor Day Specials

Martin + Osa is offering some awesome Labor Day deals now through Labor Day: FREE SHIPPING (that's always nice, no?) on all orders and a free gift with purchase of regular price denim.

For the ladies:

With purchase of reg. price denim, you'll receive a M+O beautiful "Love Shop scarf (retails for $69.50).

For the men:

With purchase of reg. price denim, you'll receive a M+O awesome Two-color cotton web belt (retails for $39.50).

My pick for ladies:

If you're looking to update your wardrobe for fall, check out the Supercross jean in "Charcoal" ($120). This jean will help you rock out that tough-chic look that will be so popular. Pair with sky-high heels and a leather jacket to get the look.

My pick for the men:

I love these Vintage Slim Fit jeans ($99.50) in Black Resin Rinse Wash for Fall 2009. Same idea as above for the ladies but in a masculine way, of course. Pair with a simple light-tone, gray-wash tee and boots.

How the deal works:
- In store customers will have their choice of color for both the scarf and belt. Online orders color will be random.
- Max one men’s and one women’s gift per order (one men’s jean and one women’s jean = one belt and one scarf…. Two women’s jeans = one scarf)

Don't forget: FREE SHIPPING too on all orders!

Go to to get shopping!

NOTE: Please check out for full special details. Images courtesy Martin + Osa and from

Working Woman - Girly Layers

I love wearing my super girly ensembles to work now and again. The short-sleeve button down paired with a simple skirt is a fave...add on a cardi and it's extra girly. I wore warm neutrals in honor of the incoming fall weather.

Outfit with cardigan...rocking out my new J Crew final sale heels!

Outfit without cardi - love this style for work!

Outfit re-worked for the cooler evening weather and my desire for comfort. I really need to teach hubby how to style my better...I'm not liking the way this outfit looks in this photo.

Anywho, for the last outfit, I kept the shirt and cardi and replaced the skirt with skinny jeans, the heels for flip flops, and added a scarf for warmth. Had to lose the belt, too.

Leather peep-toe heels: J Crew
Button down top: Banana Republic
Brown cardigan: Banana Republic
Skirt: Banana Republic
Belt: Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans: Guess
Flip flops: Rainbows
Scarf: ?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pop of Color-icious

I've been paring down on the shopping, but I have managed a couple good buys here and there. One such buy was this long cardigan from Banana Republic, on sale for under $30...score!

I love wearing black and white combos with pops of color. A simple green tee did the trick on this outfit and got dressed up with a patent leather belt to cinch the waist.

Green Tee: Target
White pants: Banana Republic
Black Cardigan: Banana Republic
Patent Leather belt: Nordstrom
Black flats: Juicy Couture