Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beadalicious! Hot New Beads!

I love shopping bead stores whenever I'm in a new city. I really like to see what the local bead shop has on hand, because each bead store always has a unique selection. Here are my latest finds:

In this group, I have: glass stars, red coral pendants, brownish/goldish shells, amazonite nuggets, white jade, and turquoise dyed jade. I'll be sure to post the fun jewelry I make with these!


Designer Ella said...

The bead shop I used to go to in Boston's Quincy Market closed. :-(

I was really interested in making some jewelry at the point I discovered it, too.

Shopaholic D said...

Awww...that stinks! It's so hard to find a good bead store...luckily the ones around town seem to be doing pretty good....at least the one I go to...hehe :)

Maria Palma said...

Oh, very exciting! I love bead shopping and my clients have fallen in love with all the Russian Amazonite pieces that I've made in the past.

Have fun at the craft fair in July ;) Wish I could be there... summer is a great time to sell jewelry. Everyone is so excited about their new summer outfits and need accessories to match!

Shopaholic D said...


I LOVE amazonite - it's one of my favorite gemstones to work with!

Thanks for the well-wishing! Hopefully, the show goes well!

:) D