Friday, June 09, 2006

Cute, Right?

Isn't this bag and shoe combo cute? Best part of this girl's outfit was that she had an awesome green eye shadow with turquoise eye liner....ok, sounds kinda funky, right? It IS, and she can pull off the look because she's a hair stylist...they practically have to be edgy!


Designer Ella said...

Love the shoes, but I don't dig most home-made bags. I also hate the idea of matching makeup to accessories.

My hair stylist has a fashionista style. She rocks. For me personally, I prefer that for styling me over the edgy or punky that we often see, because I want to look feminine, and don't we want to see similar style on our stylists?

Then there's the gay man stylist.

Shopaholic D said...

the home-made bag look is so big in the south for some reason. i'd rather have a louis, but sometimes they're just so hard to resist! lol

the girl in the picture actually had her makeup done really classy-like - it wasn't over the top like someone at mac would wear, it was like conservative in the style, but flashy in the color...i shoulda taken a picture...doh!