Thursday, June 01, 2006

Charleston Purse

Don't get me wrong, southern girls LOVE a good designer purse, but contrary to what all the fashion magazines say about monograms being out, they LOVE their preppy monogram purses. I saw them everywhere in Charleston! In addition to the monogram, southern girls truly love their Vera Bradley purses. It's hard to walk around Charleston, and not see a woman with either a monogram purse or Vera Bradley - both of which I still think are super cute!

Pink and Green monogram purses by The Pink Monogram are so fun and cute for day time outfits - remember the brightly colored dresses I mentioned in a previous post?

The black monogram purse, also by The Pink Monogram, can go day or night - usually worn with a slightly more dressy outfit, though for formal events, and fancier clutch is usually used instead.

Ah...the classic Vera Bradley purses. This pattern is my fave! I have this pattern in one of the larger bag sizes, which I use to tote goods around at my art/craft/trunk shows. Total prepiness guaranteed!

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BabsieD said...

My favoritest monogrammed item in the whole world are my monogrammed Jack Rogers. The only place I've seen them are at C. Orrico in Palm Beach, but you can order them online at their store (