Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Love Bob & Sheri

Anyone else out there listen to the Bob & Sheri show in the morning? For those who don't know, it's a hilarious radio show that is broadcast nation-wide featuring two radio personalities: Bob and Sheri. They come up with a new topic every day and have listeners call in with related stories (usually the first half is just the two of them chatting and the second half is the listeners calling in). They always have the most random stories, and they always get the most random people calling in. I find their show so amusing and it definitely helps the drive to work in the morning go by smoother.

Today.....while talking about the new flat screen TV that turns into a mirror with the flick of a switch, Bob says, "Now I can watch my two favorite things: The Sopranos and ME!"
(you're a riot, Bob)

Note to critical readers (because I've seen your posts on Style Bubble and some other fashion blogs) - I do not promote vanity, I just thought what he said was funny.

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