Thursday, June 08, 2006

Maybe Blogaholic is More Accurate?

Ok, so maybe Blogaholic is a better description of me....I've spent so much time doing the rename, and the makeover, and coming up with fun posts for you awesome readers, that I've neglected my jewelry design a bit (read A LOT). Ooops! Not good for someone running a jewelry company. So, I'm vowing now that I will either tonight or this weekend lock myself in a room and spend hours making jewelry! Ok, not literally.....sounds kinda scary, but it's actually very relaxing for me.....oh, and no worries, I will continue to post, but there will be some jewelry design tonight...oh yea, there will be! Best part is, you guys get to hear about it first! I'll post some fun images of my new work when I'm done!


Shopaholic Blogaholic D


Designer Ella said...

Aww, you're cute.

Shopaholic D said...

heehee....i try! :)