Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can You Say Preppaholic?

There's a store in the shopping center where I work called Miss Priss....oh yea.....and it's closing. They sell primarily Lilly Pulitzer, but they also have some clothes by other designers. Anywho, since they're closing, the entire store is 75% off - yes, 75% OFF! I decided that before they fully closed to take advantage of this sweet deal. I've always liked the look of Lilly Pulitzer, and it's especially popular here in the south (some of you may remember my posts about the Charleston Dress). I've never actually owned any Lilly Pulitzer, but that's most likely because it was always too expensive for me....well, not anymore....not with polos that are normally $70 - now $17.50, skirts that are normally $130 - now $32.50, etc. Thanks to this super sale, I've taken my wardrobe to a whole new level of preppiness.

I love how lightweight the skirts are - no wonder it's so popular down here in the hot & humid south! Also in this picture are cable-knit sweaters - so comfy! Unfortunately, you can't see the scalloping on the collar of this pink polo - it's super cute!

Love these lightweight pants! Also in the picture - cable-knit cotton sweaters, polo, and fun green and turquoise V-neck sweater - the white sections have little hole details - so fun!

In this picture - lightweight pant and skirt, polo, and pink and green argyle sweater (my FAVORITE!) What's more preppy than pink and green? Umm.....not much!

Super comfy terry-cloth sweatpants, polos, and a kelly green polar fleece round up this preppy collection.

I've never seen such bright colors in my wardrobe before, but I feel really good about the stuff I got. Sure, the skirts and pants are super bright and the patterns are a bit busy, but you only live once, right? I think they're pretty! Plus, it's fun to dress preppy!

PS Designer Ella....did I say 50/50 to #5 on your lil quiz? Perhaps I'm not always as good as I'd like to be....maybe I should change that one to!


sunshinealways said...

I love the butterfly skirt!! The bright colors are perfect for the summer. The pink and green argyle sweater is the preppiest of the lot...And yes...I've been waiting to say..they're all preppaliciously cute!!

Shopaholic D said...

Awwwwwwwwww.....sunshinealways, that is the cutest comment! I love that - "preppaliciously cute"! :) D

demondoll said...

I love all of the skirts, just perfect for summer!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Demondoll....they're soooo comfy too!

Pink Cupcakes said...

This is so my favourite post from you so far I am totally a Prep and I love Lilly!

Shopaholic D said...

I think I'm getting addicted to Lilly....I think I've got enough for now, but I really, really, really wanted a dress! Guess I may have to splurge for a full price one, though I can tell from what I got at the sale that it would be worth it! Great quality of clothes by LP!

:) D

Ayisse said...

Wow I want that kind of sale too!! You bought a lot! :D I love pink and green...hmm as a matter of fact I have a hot pink shirt and light green Bermudas on right now :D :D

this is goldengutgirl btw :)

Shopaholic D said...


cute outfit! yea, I'm jsut starting to get into Pink and green....couldn't wear it for the longest time...but that's another story and another!

:) D

teenfashionista said...


As a fellow preppaholic, I am insanely jealous. It looks to me like you got some incredible deals. The polos, the argyle, the cable knit... my, my, sales like that are once in a lifetime.


Shopaholic D said...

Thanks TeenFashionista!

I really shouldn't have gotten anything since I'm supposed to be paying off my debt still, but I simple couldn't understand, right? ;)