Thursday, June 22, 2006

SA on a Budget

Hello Fellow Shopaholics!

If you haven't read my "Shopping Revelation" post, then you may not understand what my recent deal with budget shopping is...not that that's really important, but I've been on missions lately to get super cute clothes for not so much cash.

A week or so ago, I decided to scope out Forever 21 (notorious for having cheap, but pretty trendy and pretty cute clothes). Forever 21 is similar to H&M, but I don't think it's as hip. Of course, I don't have an H&M in town, so I guess I'm stuck.

I put a couple outfits together, just for fun, using some of the new clothes I got. Quick warning - some of these are pretty "funky" and I don't know if I'd actually wear them in public...but I had fun playing with the clothes.

Gray tank with metallic foil - Forever 21 - $13.80
Leggings - Nordstrom
Belt - Kors by Michael Kors
Shoes - Nine West

Red/White Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21 - $29.80
Shoes - Banana Republic
*I did get a wide, white belt from bebe that would be awesome with this!

Gray/Silver Dress - Forever 21 - $27.80
Belt - Aldo Accessories
Shoes - bebe

Star Tank - Forever 21 (hmm...threw away the tag already...but I'm guessing it was less than $20)
Belt - Kors by Michael Kors
Skinny Jeans - Guess
Shoes - Nine West

Black/White Polka Dot Dress - Forever 21 - $27.80
Belt - Forever 21 - $5
Shoes - Vintage Ferragamos from
*I also got a wide red belt from bebe that would be fab with this!

All in all, pretty good for just under $150, eh?!


Anonymous said...

Do you ever get a sinking feeling that we're all going to look back on the summer when we put random belts over EVERYTHING and say "why the hell did we do that?"

I do.

sunshinealways said...

Love the Polka Dot dresses!

Shopaholic D said...

anon - not really....people wear a lot of silly things in the name of fashion, but it's about doing whatever makes you happy at the time...who cares if people think you look silly now or later ;)

Sunshinealways - thanks! Ive been hunting for polka dot stuff another black and white polka dot dress to post about shopaholicism is coming back full force! lol

regularreader said...

Nice outfits. I've never been able to buy anything for F21. Everytime I add the item to the cart, I get the message that it's sold out in my size/colour. I have never ever chosen anything that turns out to be available!

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks RegularReader!

I never buy clothes online, unless I've already tried them on, so I bought all this stuff from the store. Traffic was conveniently bad the other day and I just happened to be passing the mall and thought I'd stop....heehee.

:) D

Shopaholics Daily said...

Well seeing that the World Cup is taking over our life this weekemd, I just might give this a try. I can't remember the last time I came home and didn't feel just a wee bit guilty about how much I had spent. I'm going to spend Saturday seeing how many sales I can find! Thanks for the idea. This just might turn out to be a fun day!


Shopaholic D said...

Shopaholics Daily,

Has soccer taken over your house too? My SO played soccer in high school and college, so he's all about it!

There are some great sales going on right now! Not that I would know since I'm trying to pay off my debt and all...hehe *guilty chuckle*

Good luck w/ the sales!

:) D

Andrea said...

It was love at the first sight with that last white dress...I love that dress!
see ya!

Shopaholic D said...


Thanks for the sweet compliment!

:) D

Maria Palma said...

All very cute outfits, I must say! I see that we have the same taste in clothing. I've always loved wearing belts over tops and dresses, so I'm having no problem adjusting to this new "trend".

I love shopping for bargains -- call me the queen ;)

Shopaholic D said...


Yay for bargain shopping! Glad to have found another "belt-lover"!

:) D

LotionBarBunny said...

Please don't tell me leggings are back! I'm not as thin I used to be to wear them!

I am in the middle of writing my retro-beauty post for later this week and I keep seeing all my 80's and 90's closet all over again!

Shopaholic D said...


Depends on how you wear them...fear not..I really love how people are pairing leggings with loose-fitting dresses - the only part that is tight and shows is your calves (depending on how long the dress is of course). I love how the whole loose-fitting dress/tank/everything is in - it's so much more comfy too!

:) D