Saturday, June 17, 2006

SA Poll - How Would You Blow an Entire Paycheck?

If you read the previous post, this may make more sense. But if you don't care to read it, then.......Say you were able to spend an entire paycheck on a shopping spree and buy whatever you wanted. How would you spend it? Go ahead and vote, then check the results to see what others would do!

How would you spend an entire paycheck on a shopping spree?
Buy one designer item (i.e. Louis purse, YSL dress, etc.)
A few expensive items (i.e. designer shoes & jeans, etc.)
A mixture of low and high priced items (designer & Gap/Target)
Buy lots of lower-priced items (Gap, Target, etc.)
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Anonymous "L" ;-) said...

I'm not sure how to vote ... or what to choose! I'll have to think.

My pay checks are different from most, too.

I could buy one really expensive COACH or one inexpensive LV for one paycheck. (I've been going Coach, it's truly my fave.)

But then most of the time, I'd buy either one expensive bag or a few less expensive bags, plus a couple pairs of shoes, plus maybe a couple clothing items.

Then again, I do that a lot of months, so it's not my whole "paycheck." I only get monthlies (I'm paid pretty much once a month from different sources), so it's quite different for me. Although, I just heard many regular jobs pay monthly, too.

I'm not one to blow a whole lot more than my usual budget. I'm not the BEST saver, so I can't do that.

But guess what? My income is rising, so hopefully, I'll save!

Shopaholic D said...

Anon "L",

I LOVE coach! I so wanted that poppy handbag, but it came out while I was mid-way w/ "Project Debt-Free" and, alas, could not buy it.

I'm kinda leaning towards the few expensive items, b/c I can get a LV speedy and still get a couple other things....I figure this may be the only time I can get away with buying the LV. I could get designer jeans any month, but a LV? not too often....hehe

Congrats on the rising income!

:) D

demondoll said...

I love Coach, too... *happy sigh*

Ayisse said...

hey D! Thanks for drobbing by my blogger:P

This is a really nice blog. I could never like write on and on about a certain fashion though I like reading articles like that :D

I'd buy a really good designer item then some "great finds" that aren't so expensive. But then, I would really only buy LV or YSL if I saw something I KNOW I can't live without. :)

Shopaholic D said...

Coach was my first love at the ritzy mall in town (most likely due to my being taunted by the store being directly across from J Crew, where I worked during my broke days of college)

:) D

Shopaholic D said...


They say you're supposed to write about what you know if you're to write "well." And one thing I def know is shopping and what I like as far as my personal style goes. :)

I totally agree with the "can't live without it" line! I mean, I want some designer shoes, but any ole shoes won't do - i have to really love them!


shopdiary said...

cool poll! i'm also on a "Project Debt Free" right now but if not, I would get a chanel 2.55 or a bottega veneta. i'll still have some left over to save.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks ShopDiary!

Good luck with your Project Debt-Free! The Chanel and Bottega would be great treats for paying off your debt!

;) D