Saturday, June 10, 2006

Folk Art Festival - Huntersville, NC

I work in a shopping center....very dangerous for a shopaholic like me...but getting to the point....

There is a Folk Art Festival, sponsored by Maddi's Gallery (who sells my jewelry), going on at Birkdale Village in Huntersville, NC. Since I work in that shopping center, I took a quick trip over to see what was going on. I met a bunch of very talented, and very nice, artists. Since I'm an artist myself, I thought I'd highlight some of my favorites, along with their contact information in case any of you shopaholics out there see something you want to here we go!

Kimberly Dawn
Gorgeous and unique paintings with some mixed media

Check her out at the arts festival at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC June 23-25th, 2006!

Kimberly Dawn's Booth

Painting by Kimberly Dawn

Painted Window by Kimberly Dawn

Inside of Kimberly's Booth

Close-up of My Favorite Kimberly Dawn Painting

MDS Designs
Super-cute stationery

Fun Notebooks & Wall Art by MDS Designs

More Fun Wall Art & Cards

Close-up of My Favorite - Love that Quote!

Fine Folk
Lovely paintings & pottery

Penny Dobson Painting with Beads - Yes, beads! So Clever!

Inside Penny Dobson's Booth

Driftwood Art by Philip Simmons
Nifty creations made from driftwood

Meet Philip Simmons's pet, Damian

Inside the Driftwood Art Booth

Close-up of Some of the Driftwood Art Creations

Noel Mays
Lovely, Bright, Colorful Glass Art

Gorgeous Noel Mays Design - the inner section is painted!

Awesome Mirror by Noel Mays - I want this! :)

Noel Mays's Booth is really quite refreshing!

Up-close with Noel Mays Designs

St. Peter's Farm
Artwork that makes you feel happy

Inside the St. Peter's Farm Booth

Outside shot of St. Peter's Farm's Booth

Close-up of my favorite painting by St. Peter's Farm

If you saw anything you like, be sure to check out the artists' web sites or email them! Many designs may sell during this show, but artists as talented as these will have new stuff for you to check out!

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