Thursday, June 22, 2006

SA Obsession - Christian Louboutin Shoes

Hello Shopaholic Girlies!

Hope you're all enjoying the summer weather. I just wanted to share my thoughts on my latest obsession. I'm pretty picky about my shoes, so I usually don't obsess over one style or brand, but I'm currently drooling over Christian Louboutin's shoes. Yes, I realize they've been out for some time now, but sometimes a style doesn't catch your eye right away. If you're lucky, a style this expensive doesn't catch your eye too often so you don't have to worry about breaking your bank, but sometimes you just can't help it.

I love Nicole Richie's style, and she wears her CL's so well*!

Stuart Weitzman makes a similar style shoe that is much more affordable - still expensive, but half the price of CL*.

I actually tried on these CL-esque shoes at Aldo* last week. They were relatively comfortable, and much more affordable at just under $100. I dunno though, I'm just not a big knock-off person. I'd rather have the real thing or just not have it at all, usually. However, since this style seems to be so trendy, it may be worth caving in and getting the aldos.....though the SW's would be a nice compromise! Hmmmm....what would you do?

* First picture from the Glam Network -; Second picture from Nordstrom's -; Third picture from Aldo -


Style Girl said...

i would go for the CL's! i LOVE them and have been obsessed ever since i walked into Bergdorf Goodman for the first jessica simpson has a style our just like CL's Bruge, hers is Barb. a girl on ebay even went as far as painting the bottom of the shoe one would ever know...

ShopaholicsDaily said...

I can see why you are drooling... they are gorgeous!


demondoll said...

Nicole almost always looks so crisp and elegant.
I think I'd go w/ Weitzman as a happy compromise.

sunshinealways said...

Love to see all the styles every season but I'm not that crazy about them (any designer shoes) to shell out so much money for a designer pair!

Shopaholic D said...

style girl - i'm too lazy to paint the bottoms of my shoes, plus i'd worry the paint would chip off and look tacky...oh, and i heard the heels on the JS knockoffs break off! that's just a rumor, so take it as you will...hehe

shopaholicsdaily - aren't they? *drooling away....still*

demondoll - that's kinda what im thinking...i doubt i'll get the real ones - id love to have them, but theres lots of other sstuff i can get for $600+. I mean, i make pretty good money, but im not exactly filthy rich (ok, no really anywhere close to

sunshinealways - kinda like what i said to demondoll - there's lots of stuff i could get for $600 - especially w/ my latest shopping revelation and budget shopping...heehee

thanks for all the comments guys!

:) D

thedailyobsession said...

Hmm, I'd wait for the real thing! :) Have you looked on eBay?

Shopaholic D said...


I haven't tried...I'm so paranoid that I'd get a fake, and knowing my luck, i probably would! :(

maybe i'll just take a peek, though...just in case

:) D

Girlfriend said...

Hate to tempt you, but I found CLs on SALE at They're fabulous, aren't they?

Shopaholic D said...

Hey Shopgirl!

we are so on the save wavelength...i was just shopping those yesterday! there were quite a few nice ones on there, but I really really want the black patent peep-toe sling-backs....a girl can dream... *sigh*

:) D