Sunday, June 04, 2006

Charleston Shopping

Ok, I know you're probably sick of reading about Charleston, but this is my last post on the subject, I promise. Actually, I saved the best for last - SHOPPING!

Charleston has it's fair share of your standard stores, but when in Rome.....

If you're making a trip to Charleston, you really have to check out The Market. It's open almost 24/7, but the best sales and the majority of vendors will be out during the daylight hours. The Market reminds me a bit of a flea market, but in addition to random vendors, there are many local artists selling handmade goods. The variety of items for sale is endless and the vendors are almost always different. Here's a sneak peak:

The Market

Though it's a bit crowded, you can often find a great deal here. Some vendors are willing to bargain with you, but not all of them. Just be sure to not insult any artists by offering too low when it's clear they've actually made the product they're selling. As I was trying to be good on this particular day, I managed to keep myself down to one purchase:

My New Clutch! A steal at $24!

Now, I know I said avoid the standard stores, but I love checking out unique boutiques. I happened to pass Jo Jo's while walking around the market and had to stop in. Their clothes were trendy, fun, and pretty affordable. I needed a dress for one of the night's (forgot to pack one...oops!) so I picked up this cute number (see right). The oh-so-soft material and cut make this dress uber-comfy AND chic!


sunshinealways said...

Nice clutch! It will go with any summer outfit!

The outfit looks very comfortable and the color is so refreshing.

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks sunshinealways! I'm such a sucker for anything

:) D