Friday, November 02, 2007

Nicole Richie is Pregnant in Style

I hope that when I'm pregnant (you know, in a few years), that I can be as fashionable as Nicole Richie. I think it's awesome to see pregnant woman rocking cute outfits. Not that pregnant women shouldn't wear comfortable, casual, and relaxed outfits, but it's nice to see that they can still dress it up a bit and still look just as chic. Here's Nicole Richie showing how it's done:

NOTE: Photo source - just jared dot com


LML said...

she is. she is. and i think this pregnancy makes her look so much healthier:)

i want to be that stylish when im preggers lol

Soi said...

1. i think she looks so much better- not skeletal. :-D

2. I'm sorry to keep bothering u about this...but...I couldn't find the link to my blog on ur site. i would appreciate it soooo much if you could add it ;-) or maybe i'm blind. i have a feeling we've been through this before and I'm just too daft to find the link on ur

please check it out and leave a comment! :-D