Monday, November 26, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Holiday Party Invites in Style

Are you gearing up for that perfect holiday fiesta that you're hosting all by your little-self? If you're like me, you love to get all the details worked out and add lots of pizazz with accessories, decor, and of course, fabulous food. With all of these details to consider, why not think about having some nifty, personalized stationery created to make your guests feel extra special? Nothing says, "This party is going to be sweet, so don't miss it!" than these beautiful cards.

Cupcakes & Cocktails features hand-drawn stationery designs in all shapes and sizes, but for this time of year, you'll especially love her holiday designs - here's a peek:

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These cards are available in multiple sizes and styles, which you can choose to fit your fancy. Let Cupcakes & Cocktails personalize your cards or have lines left empty so you can hand-write the details, yourself.

Don't stop with just cards. Cupcakes & Cocktails features all sorts of other goodies, like gift enclosures, bag tags, and even fun stickers you can put on your wrapping for those yummy holiday baked goods or presents.

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