Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dog Walking Outfit

Dog walking outfit? Just kidding. I wore this today b/c the weather turned out warmer today than normal for this time of year. Nothing is easier than putting on a comfy jersey dress and some relatively comfy heels (can heels be comfy?) Anywho, I took Bailey to a canine cafe today and got him a special puppy tart - it looks like a dessert, but it's for doggies - so cute! And he just loved it!

Dress - local boutique
Cami - bebe
Linen Peep-Toe Pumps - banana republic


Vintage Bunny said...

Your doggy is so cute!!!
I wish we had places which have speciality dog cookies and stuff!!
The weather was warm on saturday and Sunday in GA too

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Vintage Bunny!

:) D

Candid Cool said...

cute dress & heels