Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sponsor Chic: Lip-Lusciousness

Every day (besides those random fluctuations in temperature) the weather gets colder and colder, which means that for us fashionistas, we need to stock up on good moisturizing goodies to keep us looking refreshed and healthy all year long. Besides lotions and maybe even new shampoos/conditioners, one thing you'll definitely want to stock up on this season is a good lip gloss. Well, good news, ladies! Beauty Looking Glass, an online boutique of handmade awesomeness, has the perfect solution!

Check out their Lip Dews by Rosie Jane:

These delicious glosses are specially created to moisturize and make you look fab. Available in three colors, these lip dews are infused with moisturizing goodness, including shea butter and beeswax. Pick your color: Tara Totterglass (clear), Apple Blossom (hot pink), or Elderberry (bronze) - each made with super yummy scents: vanilla, apple/raspberry, or berry, respectively.

Heck, with a special discount code, you have the perfect excuse to get all three! Or, get one for yourself and one for your picky-beauty-supply friend as a stocking stuff. Use discount code 15OFF to save 15% on your order through 12/31/07. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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NOTE: Images/items by Beauty Looking Glass


What's Haute said...

mmm, i love new lip glosses!

Shopaholic D said...

me too!

:) D

Anonymous said...

Me 3\

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