Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Yummy Burberry Strappy Shoes

Update on Those MK Pumps - remember how I was drooling over these before?

I found something better (and of course more expensive):

Burberry Perforated Platform

I think one of the Olsen twins have the studded version:

Burberry Studded Platform

Now we're talkin! Style, that is...price is...out of my reach, unfortunately.

NOTE: Images/items (non-studded version is only available via UK web site)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the studded version, they look so biker-ish! But, I could not afford those NOR walk in a heel that high. Boo-hoo!

Shopaholic D said...

lol, anonymous - agreed!

:) D

Elaine said...

I was just in the Burberry's store on 57th the other day, studying all the new studded items. The shoes and bags were very nicely made. I was totally surprised by the punky young style. Quite a switch from their previous aesthetic.

Shopaholic D said...

ooh...lucky you, elaine! i wish i could see these babies in person! i checked the burberry store in town, but it's on the smaller side, so they don't get all the goodies...oh well.

:) D

Anonymous said...

I found some just like it at