Monday, November 05, 2007

Neiman Marcus: Last Call Time!

It's Last Call time, ladies! Neiman Marcus' Last Call sale that is (click here to shop). Pre-sale started this weekend, so shop now to get the best finds. Additional mark-downs will be added either Wednesday or Thursday and that will be the same day cards are charged. Although I'm not supposed to be shopping, I decided to just take a look at what they had on sale. Big mistake...I mean, "just to look" or "just to try on" are dangerous words for a shopaholic, no? Well, needless to say, I ended up putting three black dresses up for my pre-sale items. I couldn't put them back...all great purchases...I literally could not put the clothes back. I had to have them. They were pretty decently priced, though. Actually, I had been looking for a black jersey dress to be my personal "It" look for fall/winter this season, and what do you know...they had the perfect Vince dress on the sale rack. I can't wait to pick up my finds later this week!

Oh, and I definitely suggest shopping in the store. I browsed the web site today and it didn't have nearly the same collection or options. Still, here are my picks for the online sale:

A breezy trapeze style dress:

Diane VonFurstenberg Minidress - $104 (down from $298)

Gorgeous back-cut-out jersey dress:

Christopher Deane Brocade Jersey Dress - $136 (down from $388)

Skinny Gray Jeans:

J Brand Peg Leg Jeans, Gray - $72 (down from $160)

Beautiful, classic, knee-high boots:

Cole Haan Leather Knee Boot - "Special Price" $299

Classy chic white leather tote:

Cole Haan Village Drawstring Tote, White - $244 (down from $325)

Happy shopping! Let me know if you find any good deals! I'll post pictures of my buys as soon as I pick them up later this week.

Oh, and remember, unless you can easily afford it, buy trendy cheap, buy classy expensive. Now is a great time to stock up on your classic styles (unless you find an amazing deal and your trendy item is now on sale and cheap, of if you simply have to have it and can afford it and it makes you feel fabulous!)

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